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Jun 18, 2004
[Fade into a shot of Tom Holzerman standing in front of the Big Screen, showing all four Final Four competitors each in their own quarter screen.]

TH: Four men remain in the TEAM Invitational Tournament. Only two can make it to the final ring for the fight of their lives. Plus, would Nova retain his Championship of Champions? And which PTC fed's Futures looked brightest? All those answers and more as we recap SuperShow VIII next, on EPICENTER!

[Cue up "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots.
Cut to JASON PAYNE, shouting out in primal fury with a man's blood as his war paint.
Cut to ROCKO DAYMON whipping ULYSIS SOLIAN off the ropes.
Cut to RAVAGER rolling out of the way of a ROB FRANKLIN top rope headbutt.
Cut to MUNSON MONSOON tossing HIGH FLYER out of the FREE FOR ALL~! ring.

Cut to DAN RYAN hoisting the Merrit Trophy, then flash cut to NOVA with the Harvard Avalon Memorial Trophy held by his side, then flash cut to The A-List hoisting the Dupree Cup.

Cut to: The Epicenter logo once more, fading into Tom Holzerman and Steve Murray at the EPICENTER desk.]

TH: Hello everybody, and welcome to TEAM EPICENTER. I'm Tom Holzerman...

SM: And I’m Steve Murray. Our main event in Atlanta was the Championship of Champions match, but it was the semifinal matchups in the 2008 TEAM Invitational Tournament that stole the show, and thus, they get preferred billing.

TH: That's right, and the one that kept the crowd most excited was the contest between Orlando Champion Mike "The Wolf" Randalls and Minneapolis winner Troy Douglas.

[Cut to a close up of Holzerman in front of a Douglas/Randalls inset.]

TH: Although most Vegas books had Randalls as the favorite going into this one, Douglas wasn't about to lay down. A Greensboro native, he's seen plenty of the Wolf's greatest hits in person at the CSDub Coliseum. Knowledge is power, folks.

[Cut to the ring at the Phillips Center.]

TH V/O: And very early in the match, Douglas starts off taking a page out of Randalls' book, firing away at his scarred chest with some knife-edge chops.

[Cut to Randalls whipping Douglas off the ropes.]

TH V/O: Randalls gets his turn in the driver seat early on after capitalizing on a Douglas miscue. Here he is whipping Douglas of the ropes and taking him down with a leg lariat.

[Cut to Randalls whipping Douglas again.]

TH V/O: The Wolf not finished his whipping spree yet, takes Douglas and sends him face-first into the canvas with a drop toehold that he follows up with a swift elbow drop to the back of the neck.

[Cut to Douglas behind Randalls.]

TH V/O: Douglas bounces back, and here he is delivering a spinning back suplex to Randalls.

[Cut to Douglas with Randalls in a front headlock.]

TH V/O: Randalls, showing a bit of the counterwrestling there, somehow turns this neckbreaker attempt by Douglas into a DDT. A bit of trickery there, I suppose.

[Cut to Douglas with Randalls in another front headlock.]

TH V/O: OF course, if you don't succeed, try, try again, and Douglas does just that, hitting Randalls with a guillotine neckbreaker. Randalls has been hit with more than a few of those in his career, but that don't mean they don't hurt no more.

[Cut to Douglas running the ropes.]

TH V/O: Another move Randalls has probably seen in spades over the years is the lariat, and boy, does Douglas ring his bell with this one.

[Cut to Douglas kicking Randalls in the legs.]

TH V/O: Here's a combo, though, that the Wolf probably hasn't seen since he was last in tSC... kicks to the leg followed up by an STO. Douglas solidly in control of the match at this point.

[Cut to Randalls behind Douglas.]

TH V/O: You can't keep a good Wolf down, and much like he's seen a bunch of moves over the years, Randalls has dealt more than a few himself. Like this German suplex.

[Cut to Randalls running the ropes with Douglas flat on his back.]

TH V/O: Or some simpler but just as deadly fare like this knee to the grill. I hope Megatron has the number of a good plastic or reconstructive surgeon after that.

[Cut to Douglas with Randalls in a front facelock.]

TH V/O: But a little face-smashy-smashy doesn't stop Douglas from drilling Randalls into the mat with a textbook implant DDT.

[Cut to Douglas whipping Randalls into the ropes.]

TH V/O: But take a look at this turn of events. Douglas whips Randalls into the corner, but Randalls, instead of reversing it or sliding away from the impact skids and blunts the impact of the turnbuckles against his back. Douglas, not seeing this charges in and is a sitting duck for Randalls as he catches him with a spinebuster... INTO THE TURNBUCKLE. Sick. Just sick.

[Cut to Douglas with Randalls dazed.]

TH V/O: Despite that crazy move, Douglas again has Randalls where he wants him. This time with the cradle piledriver... but somehow Randalls is not put away.

[Cut to Douglas whipping Randalls off the ropes.]

TH V/O: And then, Douglas with a spinebuster of his own. This one not into anything but the mat, but that doesn't dampen the impact of it all that much the way Douglas does it.

[Cut to Douglas prepping for a Scorpion Deathlock.]

TH V/O: Douglas going for the finish, but Randalls stiffens up his legs to prevent Douglas from applying the hold, and then kicks back. Douglas bounces into the ropes and Randalls counters with a scissor take down.

[Cut to Randalls with Douglas in line for a leg submission.]

TH V/O: And Randalls punches his ticket here with the Santa Fe Cloverleaf. Douglas has no option but to tap out or risk his career. Randalls with his arms raised, and after he leaves, a classy gesture by the Atlanta faithful, giving Douglas a standing ovation for his run in the tournament. He's certainly earned it.

[Cut to Ravager lining up a shot on Olvir Arsvinnar.]

SM V/O: Alright, the Wolf has his shot lined up, but whom will he face? London's Champion Ravager or the man who won the Battle of Los Angeles, Olvir Arsvinnar? Ravager up early on the bigger man, trying to chop him down with a low-bridge dropkick to the Viking's kneecap.

[Cut to Arsvinnar raising his clenched fist overtop a doubled-over Ravager.]

SM V/O: He didn't get the tree all the way logged, because Olvir just started pummeling on Ravager. Here he drives his fist into the exposed back of the Challenge Champion, sending him to the canvas like a pratfalling Chris Farley.

[Cut to Arsvinnar whipping Ravager off the ropes.]

SM V/O: Hopefully, Ravager didn't eat dinner before the match, because Olvir is delivering him fresh filet of sole. Big boot and a beaut.

[Cut to Arsvinnar with Ravager in the military press.]

SM V/O: Now the big man is just showing off. Gorilla press, and he's got the shooter up in that for an awful long time before having him crash down to earth. But like the big dumb lummox he is, Olvir goes to the well one time too many. Another gorilla press, but Ravager maneuvers midair and drills him with a reverse DDT on the fall. How he kicked out of the ensuing pin let alone didn't have his neck broken is beyond me.

[Cut to Ravager with Arsvinnar on the mat.]

SM V/O: Ravager finally succeeds at his attempt to get the Viking off his feet, and here, he's trying to ensure he stays off them by driving the knee into the canvas with a little help from the Challenge Champion's foot.

[Cut to Arsvinnar running the ropes.]

SM V/O: Olvir bounces back though, wheel fine, taking Ravager down with a big lariat.

[Cut to Ravager on the top rope, a staggered Arsvinnar back to him.]

SM V/O: But the Challenge Champion, as resourceful as he is, comes back. He doesn't take to the air that often, but here he goes taking the Viking down with that bulldog from the top rope.

[Cut to Arsvinnar with his hands around Ravager's throat.]

SM V/O: Arsvinnar keeps this match in see-saw mode, tossing Ravager across the ring like he was one of those rental midgets.

[Cut to Ravager running the ropes with Arsvinnar on the apron.]

SM V/O: And in true see-saw fashion, Ravager pulls out every trick in the book and here drives Olvir off the apron and into the steel guardrail.

[Cut to Arsvinnar whipping Ravager off the ropes.]

SM V/O: Olvir back in control a little later on, evidenced by this HUGE powerslam.

[Cut to Arsvinnar whipping Ravager again.]

SM V/O: But Ravager uses the element of surprise to his advantage. Off the ropes, Olvir goes for his Mjollnir Blow, but Ravager ducks, stops dead in his tracks and catches Arsvinnar off-balance enough to hook him with a backslide and catch the flash 1-2-3. Ravager wins, and he will meet Mike Randalls in the TEAM Invitational Final.

[Cut to Nova and Jonathan Rhine grappling.]

TH V/O: To the main event, Champion of Champions, Nova, battling the former SCCW Universal Champion Jonathan Rhine. Rhine in control early on, nailing Nova with a throat thrust outof the grapple.

[Cut to Rhine whipping Nova off the ropes.]

TH V/O: Rhine again showing off his martial arts prowess with the shotei to Nova's chest, stopping his running momentum cold.

[Cut to Nova in front of a staggered Rhine.]

TH V/O: The Champion comes right back, here with a picture-perfect dropkick.

[Cut to Nova with Rhine in a double underhook.]

TH V/O: And here he is continuing the assault with a double-arm DDT.

[Cut to Rhine running behind a doubled-over Nova.]

TH V/O: Rhine makes a small comeback with his Breathtaker [somersault bulldog], spiking the Champ's head to the canvas.

[Cut to Nova behind Rhine.]

TH V/O: But Nova goes right back to the offensive, here nailing Rhine with a triple of German suplexes.

[Cut to Rhine running towards the ropes.]

TH V/O: Rhine again back in control, here nailing Nova with his patented Corkscrew Dropkick.

[Cut to Nova behind Rhine.]

TH V/O: But Nova retains his Championship here, serving up some Bourbon for Breakfast to Rhine. Nova keeps his title and will fight another day at SuperShow IX.

[Cue up Led Zeppelin, "No Quarter." Cut to Jason Natas and Brad Jackson in the test of strength.]

SM V/O: Coming up after the break, the future of PTC wrestling is now. Who'd win the big elimination match between PRIME and GCW? Find out after the break.

[Cut to commercial.]


Active member
Jun 18, 2004
[Fade back to the Studio, Steve Murray with a PRIME/GCW Futures inset behind him.]

SM: For the longest time, GCW and PRIME have been the two feds at each others' throats, vying for the title of PTC's top fed. The tensions have boiled over several times, but until SuperShow VIII, never in the TEAM arena. Now, this match won't go very long in deciding supremacy, but the futures of each fed had a chance to stoke flames for years to come.

[Cut to the Philips Arena, Chris Bagwell behind Union Jack with a full nelson.]

SM V/O: GCW up early, Union Jack getting a taste of what Chris Bagwell can dish out. Dragon suplex and a beauty.

[Cut to Jimmy Bonafide running the ropes.]

SM V/O: Bagwell getting a taste of PRIME's firepower, with Jimmy Bonafide giving him a taste of his boot. Spinning heel kick.

[Cut to Brad Jackson with his fingers in Bonafide's mouth.]

SM V/O: Brad Jackson comes right in and tells Mr. Bonafide to Choke on This [mandible claw chokeslam].

[Cut to Jason Natas and Jackson in the test of strength.]

SM V/O: If there's one guy on the PRIME roster who can match strength with Jackson, it's Jason Natas. Test of strength, and Natas drives his knee into Jackson's gut and lifts him over with the big suplex.

[Cut Zacharia Taylor running the ropes.]

SM V/O: And if there's one way to get a roughneck off his feet, it's taking out the wheels. Zacharia Taylor drilling Natas' kneecap with a lowbridge dropkick.

[Cut to Simply Beautiful in front of Taylor.]

SM V/O: But here comes the Captain, Simply Beautiful nails Taylor with an STO that's... simply beautiful.

[Cut to Thom LeStrange with SB in a front waistlock.]

SM V/O: Leave it to Thom LeStrange to cool off SB though, tossing him overhead with that belly to belly suplex.

[Cut to Union Jack behind LeStrange.]

SM V/O: UJ makes a dent in this match though, giving LeStrange a real Royal Revolution [spinning delayed back suplex].

[Cut to Jackson with Bonafide wrapped up.]

SM V/O: Eliminations begin with Brad Jackson drilling Jimmy Bonafide with Something Wicked... really wicked. [Unprettier]

[Cut to Natas with LeStrange in a front facelock.]

SM V/O: Jason Natas evens the score by drilling LeStrange with that New York Minute [Evenflow DDT] and getting him out of the match.

[Cut to Taylor with Union Jack in the crucifix position.]

SM V/O: From there though, GCW took over. Zacharia Taylor here giving The Almighty Cross [crucifix bomb] to Union Jack and getting him out of the match.

[Cut to Jackson aside Natas.]

SM V/O: And here, Simply Beautiful is left without a partner. Natas eats an Ego Trip [inverted Russian leg sweep] and gets pinned.

[Cut to SB on the top rope.]

SM V/O: But SB is a house on fire. New York Nightmare [moonsault into frogsplash] on Brad Jackson and he's gone.

[Cut to SB with Taylor in a front facelock.]

SM V/O: And here he goes striking down Zacharia Taylor with an Implant DDT into a pinfall.

[Cut to SB lining up Bagwell for a kick.]

SM V/O: But Bagwell would prove to be too wily for a threepeat of eliminations. SB goes in for the SexyKick, but Bagwell catches, spins SB around 360 degress and clutches him for the Torn Identity [spinning sitout sambo suplex], scoring the pinfall victory over SB and for Team GCW.

[Cue up Led Zeppelin, "No Quarter." Cut to James Varga with a Lethal Lottery Championship belt.]

TH V/O: Coming up after the break, I'll give one result away. James Varga and Otaku won the Lethal Lottery Championships, but could he leave Atlanta with the FREE FOR ALL~! Championship too? Is TEAM ready for James Varga, double Champion? Stay tuned!

[Cut to commercial.]


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Jun 18, 2004
[Cut to the arena again, James Varga on the top rope.]

TH V/O: Well, the Lethal Lottery Champions didn't put up much of a fight. Black Scorpion here eats an elbow from the top from James Varga, and he and Otaku are the new Lethal Lottery Champions.

[Cut to Varga with Phil Atken by the neck.]

TH V/O: Varga got off to a fast start in the FREE FOR ALL~! Championship match by eliminating the Champion in record time.

[Cut to Menace whipping Jonathan Marx into the ropes.]

TH V/O: The Gentleman, Jonathan Marx, doesn't get much of a gentlemanly exit from this match as the man known as Menace drops him over the top with a back body drop.

[Cut to Varga stalking Legion near the ropes.]

TH V/O: Varga strikes again, hitting Legion with a dropkick that sends him over the top.

[Cut to Menace running the ropes.]

TH V/O: Mr. Entertainment is next, although he lasted a good 10 minutes in the affair, he got derailed by Menace, over the top with a lariat.

[Cut to Varga and Menace brawling near the ropes.]

TH V/O: Coming down to the wire, Varga and Menace trade punches. Menace delivers a left, a left and a big right that leaves the Violator almost punch drunk. Menace swings for the fences with the lariat, but Varga ducks, gets behind him and dumps him over the top rope. James Varga wins the FREE FOR ALL~! Championship and is a TEAM double Champion.

[Cut to the studio.]

SM: James Varga, double Champion... isn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?

TH: Don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure it's in Revelations. But that's enough of that. Thanks, and please join us for SuperShow IX, where we crown the next Merritt Trophy Champion. Thanks, and for Steve Murray, I'm Tom Holzerman. Goodnight, everyone.

[Fade to

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