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EPICENTER: Midwest and South 2nd Round


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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
[FADE IN: Tom Holzerman stands in front of the Big Screen in the EPICENTER studios, a shot of the Merritt Trophy, humongous and gleaming, standing out on the screen.]

TH: We’re slowly whittling down the numbers in the TEAM Invitational. Tonight, the Challenge champion faces his stiffest challenge in the Midwest, the Risen Star gets a full dose of a TEAM veteran in the South, plus two-seeds Rocko Daymon and Jared Wells try to keep their trains rolling towards the Final Four. The Elite Eight is set, find out who’ll head to the regional finals on EPICENTER … NOW!

[Cue up "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots.
Cut to JASON PAYNE, shouting out in primal fury with a man's blood as his war paint.
Cut to ROCKO DAYMON whipping ULYSIS SOLIAN off the ropes.
Cut to RAVAGER rolling out of the way of a ROB FRANKLIN top rope headbutt.
Cut to MUNSON MONSOON tossing HIGH FLYER out of the FREE FOR ALL~! ring.

Cut to MIKE RANDALLS hoisting the Merritt Trophy, then flash cut to TYLER RAYNE with the Harvard Avalon Memorial Trophy held by his side, then flash cut to The A-List hoisting the Dupree Cup, and finally to FUSENSHOFF holding the Championship of Champions.

Cut to: The Epicenter logo once more, fading into Tom Holzerman and Steve Murray at the EPICENTER desk.]

SM: Welcome everyone to EPICENTER live on the Alternative Sports Network, with Tom Holzerman, I’m Steve Murray. Action’s just wrapped up in the Sweet 16 down South and in the Midwest as we complete the second half of our bracket, so let’s not waste any time in getting to the highlights.

[Cut to a close-up of Holzerman with a Ravager/Impulse inset.]

TH: And we start with a doozy. Impulse provided the match of the tournament to date in the first round, while Midwest top seed and 2008 TIT runner-up Ravager faced a stiff test in Cassidy McKenzie before advancing. Let’s head to the Hoosier State for the highlights!

[Cut to Ravager and Impulse locking up.]

TH V/O: This one was fast-paced from the start, including this blinding series of holds, counters and reversals. Round and round and round they go, where they stop … is when Ravager decides he’s had enough and elbows Impulse right in the jaw. Blunt, but effective.

[Cut to Ravager whipping Impulse off the ropes.]

TH V/O: Not for long, however, as Impulse ducks under this clothesline attempt and springboards off the ropes into a gorgeous twisting crossbody! Ravager comes right back up, but eats a flying back heel kick to the temple, and with the height Impulse got on THAT vertical leap, it’s a shame he didn’t declare himself eligible for the NBA Draft.

[Cut to Impulse bouncing off the ropes.]

TH V/O: Impulse would try and keep an absolutely frenetic pace up in the early going, and when he got some speed built up, there was no stopping him. Watch this combo right here; running kneelift, flying leg lariat, and a spectacular three-rotation headscissors that sends the top seed flying to the outside!

[Cut to Impulse clapping his hands in the air, imploring the crowd.]

TH V/O: Once Ravager was outside, it was time for Impulse to put on a show. Getting a full head of steam, here comes the DOUBLE JUMP SPRINGBOARD TWISTING MOONSAULT to the outside! We watched that one a half-dozen times in the editing room here, folks, and Steve’s jaw is STILL on the floor.

SM V/O: I told you, that’s a MEDICAL CONDITION!

TH V/O: My highlight, pal.

[Cut to Ravager back in the ring, face-up on the mat.]

TH V/O: With Ravager off his game, Impulse would take to the skies again, this time with an absolutely SICK springboard double stomp that SOMEHOW doesn’t put Ravager away.

[Cut to Impulse hooking Ravager in a front facelock.]

TH V/O: And not putting Ravager away? Bad idea, kiddies. He blocks this suplex, then turns it into a snap suplex of his own, and when Impulse gets back up, he eats a spinning backhand chop TO THE FACE! Gonna need some dental reconstruction after that one, or at least a nice ice pack.

[Cut to Impulse staggering backwards.]

TH V/O: That gave Rav a chance to get to work, and work he did. Roundhouse kick to the side of the head stuns Impulse, and this side suplex nearly drives him through the mat and straight through to the Earth’s molten core. Not quite, though, but it is good for a near fall.

[Cut to Ravager cranking on a dragon sleeper.]

TH V/O: The neck became a bulls-eye for Ravager after that, here cranking away with this dragon sleeper. Impulse managed to get to his feet, but Ravager quickly brought an end to that, snapping the smaller man to the canvas with this Inverted DDT!

[Cut to Ravager whipping Impulse into the corner.]

TH V/O: A little later on, Impulse takes a ride into the corner … and gets SQUASHED with this running knee to the neck. He slumps down face-first into the buckles, and that gives Ravager the chance to do a little cosmetic reconstruction with the Silencer! But, showing plenty of guts, Impulse STILL manages to kick out!

[Cut to Ravager with Impulse in a full nelson.]

TH V/O: Ravager would try to finish with the dragon suplex, but look at this display of agility from Impulse, flipping free, landing on his feet and transitioning into the DREADED REVERSE ROLLING PRAWN HOLD O’ DOOM~! but only for a two-count.

[Cut to Impulse waiting to strike.]

TH V/O: That gave Impulse the chance to pick up a little speed, though, and he would not stop attacking. Vicious series of strikes here, slaps, knees, punches, kicks, chops … and finally THIS spinning backfist wobbles Ravager, leaving him prone for the Shining Wizard!

SM V/O: I’m a 13th level shining wizard.

TH V/O: Nobody cares.

[Cut to Impulse poised in the corner.]

TH V/O: Impulse then looking to finish it off with the Sudden Impact … but Ravager catches his foot and spins right into the Garotte … only for Impulse to roll free. Back up comes Ravager … and this time Impulse catches him with the Sudden Impact for the 1 … 2 … 3! Last year’s runner-up is gone as Impulse’s inspired run continues!

[Cut back to Steve Murray at the desk with a Nova/Ace Mason inset.]

SM: That’s one top seed gone, how about another one of TEAM’s most decorated stars? Neither Nova nor Ace Mason had much of a test in round one … how about round two?

[Cut to Mason charging at Nova.]

SM V/O: Mason tried to make a statement right off the bat … and a big boot right to the jaw’ll do just that, as Nova’s stunned from the outset.

[Cut to Mason with Nova in a double underhook.]

SM V/O: And Mason follows that right up with the TIGAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! DRIVAAAAAAAHH!!! But, fortunately for the Risen Star, he rolls out of the ring on impact, or he wouldn’t have been long for this tournament.

[Cut to Mason whipping Nova off the ropes.]

SM V/O: Mason would collect his prey and try to go in for the kill, but there’s nobody home on this lariat attempt! Mason turns around, and Nova scores with the rolling elbow, followed right up by a swinging neckbreaker!

[Cut to Nova stalking with Mason on his knees.]

SM V/O: Nova would take control with strikes, like these vicious kicks to the left shoulder, tenderizing that limb like a country-fried steak.

TH V/O: Dude. Trans-fats. Not cool.

SM V/O: Quiet you.

[Cut to Nova grabbing Mason’s left arm.]

SM V/O: Nova keeping up the work on that shoulder, leaping into this uma plata with a beautiful display of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but Mason wriggles free to the point where he can flip over into a jackknife pin that only gets a count of two, but still breaks the hold.

[Cut to Mason catching his breath.]

SM V/O: Mason would take a moment to recover, and it pays off for him, as he’s able to duck a kick from Nova, flow right into a DDT and hold right on in a guillotine choke!

[Cut to Mason cranking on the guillotine.]

SM V/O: Ace would crank on this choke, but unbelievably, Nova powers all the way to his feet with Mason still hanging on to turn this into an incredible bridging Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall!

[Cut to Mason crawling to his feet.]

SM V/O: Mason would get up … but not for long. Nova cracks him with the flying enziguiri, then serves up a little Bourbon for Breakfast and it’s on to the Elite Eight!

[Cut to Tom Holzerman at the desk.]

TH: So that leaves just two spots in the regional finals, and those … well, they weren’t nearly as dramatic to decide.

[Cut to Rocko Daymon pounding on Horace Tully.]

TH V/O: We start in the Midwest, where Rocko Daymon had no problem with six seed Horace Tully. A couple of nasty lariats turn Horace inside out, then it’s just a matter of the Phantom Train, the Brain Rocker and the Tacoma Cloverleaf to send the Undying into the Elite Eight.

[Cut to Jared Wells stomping away at the Phantom Republican.]

TH V/O: In the South, Jared Wells taking care of the Phantom Republican, finishing it off with a brainbuster, a Death Valley Driver, and finally a wrist-clutch Emerald Flowsion to secure a matchup with Nova!

[Cut to a two-shot at the desk.]

SM: That’s all for tonight, folks. The Elite Eight is set, we’ll be back once we’ve got a Final Four. For Tom Holzerman, I’m Steve Murray … GOODNIGHT!

[Fade to the TEAM logo.]

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