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EPICENTER: Midwest and South 1st Rounds


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
[FADE IN: Steve Murray stands in front of the Big Screen in the EPICENTER studios, a shot of the Merritt Trophy, humongous and gleaming, standing out on the screen.]

SM: Eight matches down, eight to go in the first round, and we have an absolute CLASSIC on our hands in the opening round. Also, can a one seed escape a serious threat to his tournament hopes. All that and more are on tap as EPICENTER starts … right now!

[Cue up "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots.
Cut to JASON PAYNE, shouting out in primal fury with a man's blood as his war paint.
Cut to ROCKO DAYMON whipping ULYSIS SOLIAN off the ropes.
Cut to RAVAGER rolling out of the way of a ROB FRANKLIN top rope headbutt.
Cut to MUNSON MONSOON tossing HIGH FLYER out of the FREE FOR ALL~! ring.

Cut to MIKE RANDALLS hoisting the Merritt Trophy, then flash cut to TYLER RAYNE with the Harvard Avalon Memorial Trophy held by his side, then flash cut to The A-List hoisting the Dupree Cup, and finally to FUSENSHOFF holding the Championship of Champions.

Cut to: The Epicenter logo once more, fading into Tom Holzerman and Steve Murray at the EPICENTER desk.]

TH: Good evening everyone, alongside Steve Murray, I’m Tom Holzerman, welcome to EPICENTER. Production difficulties caused a delay between the two waves of the first round, but we’re back on track and boy, do we have something special for you out of the Midwest.

[Cut to a one-shot of Steve Murray with an Impulse/DC Stark inset.]

SM: Assembly Hall in Bloomington’s been witness to a lot of historic moments, but maybe nothing since Bobby Knight’s chair throwing escapades can compare to what the Hoosier State saw in the 4/5 matchup in the Midwest as the fearless Impulse took on fifth-seeded D.C. Stark.

[Cut to Impulse and Stark circling each other.]

SM V/O: And we had fast and furious action from the start courtesy of Impulse, showing off some gorgeous chain wrestling transitioning from hold to hold before a nifty armdrag sends Stark to the mat.

[Cut to Impulse hitting the ropes.]

SM V/O: Impulse wouldn’t stop there, though, following up with yet another beautiful series that finishes up with this flying headscissors to fling Stark across the canvas.

[Cut to Stark wobbling backwards.]

SM V/O: Of course, the best way to avoid speed is to stop it dead in it’s tracks, and that’s exactly what D.C. Stark does with a perfectly anticipated spinning backfist.

[Cut to Stark grabbing one of Impulse’s legs]

SM V/O: The legs quickly became Stark’s favorite target, here with one of a series of dragon screws that damn near left Impulse’s left leg dangling like a wet noodle, and D.C. follows that right up by slapping on an Indian Deathlock that only serves to do more damage to that leg.

[Cut to Stark pulling Impulse off the mat.]

SM V/O: Impulse would reach the ropes, but that wouldn’t stop Stark, here with a pair of kneebreakers transitioned perfectly into a hard back suplex for a nearfall.

[Cut to Stark in dragon screw position once again.]

SM V/O: Later on, though, Stark goes to the well one two many times with the dragon screw as Impulse anticipates and drills him with a vicious enziguiri that causes Stark to stumble through the ropes and outside the ring

[Cut to Impulse climbing to the top rope.]

SM V/O: And bad wheel or not, when Impulse gets the chance, he’s gonna fly. INSANE corkscrew moonsault off the post to the floor, and I don’t think an Indiana crowd’s been this excited since Jimmy Chitwood hit the winning shot for Hickory High!

[Cut to Impulse on one side of the ringpost and Stark on the other.]

SM V/O: The excitement wouldn’t end there, watch here as Impulse dives THROUGH THE ROPES into a Tornado DDT! That one’s gonna be one highlight tapes for years to come, and I should know, working at the place that produces the highlight tapes and all.

[Cut to Impulse rolling Stark into the ring.]

SM V/O: Back inside the ring, Impulse trying for the springboard frankensteiner, but Stark sandbags before he flips over. Still, when Stark goes for the powerbomb, Impulse rolls right over into a sunset flip to score a two count!

[Cut to Impulse running the ropes.]

SM V/O: A couple minutes later, Impulse still rolling despite the bad wheel, hits this textbook flying leg lariat, lands right on his feet and transitions immediately into a standing double knee moonsault! Impulse was putting on a show, ladies and gentlemen.

[Cut to Impulse perched on the top rope.]

SM V/O: But, Stark was intent on putting that show to an end. Off the top comes Impulse with the 450 splash, but Stark rolls out of the way and Impulse eats canvas!

[Cut to Stark with Impulse in a front facelock.]

SM V/O: And right afterwards, Stark stops the focus on the knee and goes right to the head with the brainbuster for two!

[Cut to Stark locking in a figure four.]

SM V/O: That left knee would quickly become a focus again, though, as Stark wrenches on this figure four in excess of three minutes before Impulse finally gets the ropes. Not deterred, Stark goes right back at it … but this time, Impulse turns it into a small package for two!

[Cut to Impulse whipping Stark into the corner.]

SM V/O: Impulse trying to go in for the final blow, connects here with a flying knee in the corner, but when he tries for that Sudden Impact superkick, the leg gives out and Stark quickly hits a shining wizard for two!

[Cut to Stark with Impulse in a rear waistlock.]

SM V/O: Stark trying to finish things off with this half-nelson suplex, but even though he drops Impulse DIRECTLY on his head, the fearless one shows FIGHTING SPIRIT~! Right up he comes … and right on the button with the Sudden Impact! That’s good for the one, two, three and Impulse is into the second round after one of the most exciting first round matches in TIT history!

[A Ravager/Cassidy McKenzie graphic flashes on the screen, and we cut to the two wrestlers making their entrances.]

TH V/O: But, who would Impulse face in the second round? Ravager reached the finals last year, but Cassidy McKenzie was out to prove he was nothing to be laughed at as an eight seed.

[Cut to McKenzie unloading with right hands.]

TH V/O: And right from the start, “The Rage” found his way around Ravager’s technical prowess with good old fashioned brutality. Vicious straight rights rocking the two-year reigning Challenge Champion.

[Cut to McKenzie whipping Ravager off the ropes.]

TH V/O: McKenzie would keep up the assault, catching Ravager with a knee to the ribs and a big forearm to the back that sends the top seed down, followed up by a hard powerslam that scores an early two count.

[Cut to McKenzie pounding on Ravager in the corner.]

TH V/O: But, you can’t hold back the bona fide shooter for long, and as soon as McKenzie leaves an opening, Ravager connects with a forearm to the head and drops the Rage onto the second turnbuckle with a perfect drop toe hold.

[Cut to Ravager twisting McKenzie’s arm.]

TH V/O: And when Ravager gets in control, that’s bad news for the limbs of the man he’s facing. A SICK armbar variation here, and McKenzie’s left wrist is getting bent at an angle only a geometry major could love, and let’s face it, nobody loves geometry THAT much.

[Cut to Ravager with McKenzie in a rear waistlock.]

TH V/O: And the suplexes, did I mention the suplexes? Three big Germans in a row, and after a quick two count, Rav’s right back in control with another submission, this time an uma plata shoulderlock that McKenzie barely escapes by getting a foot under the ropes.

[Cut to Ravager measuring up McKenzie.]

TH V/O: Eventually, McKenzie’s toughness would pay off, as he absorbs not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE vicious kicks to the shoulder before Ravager telegraphs the sixth and McKenzie’s able to use his good arm to floor Ravager with an STO takedown for a nearfall.

[Cut to McKenzie putting Ravager on the top rope.]

TH V/O: And if you think that was close, this one’s even closer … DDT from the top rope, and the only thing that saves Ravager is a foot on the bottom rope getting spotted just in time!

[Cut to McKenzie with Ravager hooked for a Tombstone Piledriver.]

TH V/O: McKenzie would try to finish, but the Challenge Champion escapes this predicament and spins right into the Garotte! You don’t see many people withstand this for long, but as we learned tonight, Garotte over into a pinning predicament that Ravager barely escapes from!

[Cut to Ravager cinching the Garotte back up.]

TH V/O: And after a hell of a struggle, Ravager rolls back into the Garotte, and although McKenzie still doesn’t tap, eventually the pain’s too much and out he goes as Ravager collapses on top of him, relieved to move on after an incredible battle. With the resilient Impulse next, last year’s runner-up certainly has no easy path to the Elite Eight.

[Cut to a shot of Shawn Hart and Horace Tully in action.]

TH V/O: Plenty more to come on EPICENTER, when we return, a pair of three seeds are in danger against some upset-minded foes! Back in 90 seconds.

[Cut to commercial.]


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
[FADE IN to a close-up of Steve Murray with a Shawn Hart/Horace Tully inset.]

SM: Back on EPICENTER we stay in the Midwest but head eastward to Columbus, Ohio, where Shawn Hart and Horace Tully brought the Buckeye State to its feet.

[Cut to Hart tripping Tully to the mat.]

SM V/O: And the third-seeded Phenom using his veteran wiles early, tripping Tully after the go-behind and locking on a tight headlock.

[Cut to Hart wrenching on the headlock.]

SM V/O: Hart shouted to the crowd that he was going to beat Tully using ONLY headlocks, but Tully gets tired of it after a while and breaks up the party with a high-angle back suplex!

[Cut to Hart raking Tully’s eyes.]

SM V/O: Hart, though, takes any opening he can, goes right to Tully’s eyes and brings him down with another headlock, this one working into a takedown and a pinning combination for two.

[Cut to Hart still clamping down on the headlock.]

SM V/O: Tully finds a way to get out of the headlock … FINALLY … this time drilling Hart with a few powerful elbow strikes to break the hold before spinning into a NASTY EXPLODAAAH~! That one gets close, but only scores two.

[Cut to Hart with another headlock.]

SM V/O: Hart was stubborn with that headlock, though, and it turns out he was only trying to lull Tully to sleep, because when Tully breaks this hold, Hart snaps right to the Hart On, but gets shoved away! Tully tries to follow right up with his patented lariat, but there’s nobody home and Hart scores with a roundhouse kick and an Implant DDT for two!

[Cut to Hart setting up a Fujiwara armbar.]

SM V/O: Hart would try to finish with the Fujiwara armbar, but Tully’s two quick for him, standing up with Hart on his back and turning it into the Emerald Flowsion … and THAT is enough to score him the upset and knock the 2007 semifinalist out of the tourney!

[A Rocko Daymon/Mikey Massacre graphic flashes on the screen.]

TH V/O: But, Tully will have to deal with another tournament favorite in the second round as Rocko Daymon showed us why he’s a two seed in this tournament.

[Cut to Daymon rushing at Mikey Massacre.]

TH V/O: Young Mikey Massacre, well, he put up a valiant fight, here scoring early with a dropkick and a snap suplex, but it’s hard to keep Rocko Daymon down for long.

[Cut to Daymon setting up a Russian Legsweep.]

TH V/O: And Daymon very quickly unleashed his trademark offense, this time punctuating a series off legsweeps with a little message for young Mr. Massacare.

[Cut to Daymon charging at Mikey in the corner.]

TH V/O: Short time later, and Rocko’s on the march … HYOOGE Phantom Train, right into the Brain Rocker, and for good measure he locks in the Tacoma Cloverleaf for the tapout victory.

[Cut to a one-shot of Holzerman with a Jared Wells/Problem Child inset.]

TH: The Midwest was thrilling, but the South had its say as well, and we go to Louisville as Jared Wells takes on the Problem Child in the 2/7 matchup.

[Cut to Wells stomping on Problem Child.]

TH V/O: Early on, Wells making Problem Child wish he was laying in front of the starting gate at Churchill Downs with these nasty boots to the body.

[Cut to Problem Child ducking a clothesline.]

TH V/O: But, the seven seed showed some plucking, going under the lariat and flying off the ropes with a spinning elbow! Right after that, a tornado kick right to the head puts Wells flat on his back, but only for a two count.

[Cut to Problem Child charging at Wells.]

TH V/O: But, you can only keep Jared Wells off-balance for so long, and when Problem Child tries the corner boot, Wells lifts him overhead and drops him on the turnbuckle with Snake Eyes!

[Cut to Wells waiting for Problem Child to turn around.]

TH V/O: Couple moments later, Wells waits for Problem Child to get into range before NAILING this rolling elbow, and that turns straight into a sheer-drop Death Valley Driver for the three count, and we’re lucky PC didn’t end up in the hospital after that one.

[A Phantom Republican/Biff Busey graphic flashes on the screen.]

SM V/O: Still in the Derby City, and Biff Busey makes a strong case to be the second sixth seed to advance early on, stunning the Phantom Republican out of the gate with a small package for two!

[Cut to Busey teeing off on GOP with punches.]

SM V/O: Maybe the Phantom Republican took some of Rush Limbaugh’s secret stash, because he was on Dream Street early on, and just like the Republican Party, GOP was in danger of being knocked out of power with this GIGANTIC running boot.

[Cut to Busey standing over the Phantom Republican, raining down punches from the corner.]

SM V/O: But, Busey would bite off a BIT more than he could chew, taking a little too long to posture for the crowd up top giving GOP a chance to clip the left knee, hit the MOAB and escape to the second round after being dominated for nearly seven minutes!

[Cut to a one-shot of Steve Murray with a Nova/Erik Mateo inset.]

SM: Just one site didn’t have the most compelling action, and that’s Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gym, where Nova and Ace Mason advanced with ease.

[Cut to Nova hooking Erik Mateo’s head.]

SM V/O: The top-seeded EAGLEstar made short work of LVW veteran and wild-card entry Mateo, here with the Bourbon for Breakfast, right into the Caesarian Section for the submission!

[Cut to Ace Mason tangling with Brock Alyas.]

SM V/O: And fifth seed Brock Alyas had a bad night, to say the least, as he’s beaten pillar to post straight from the bell by Ace Mason, who mercifully finishes this one off with a DEVASTATING sleeper suplex for the win.

[Cut to Holzerman and Murray at the desk.]

TH: That does it for the first round, we’ll be back later this week with the second round in the East and West as we wind closer to Dallas and the Final Four! For Steve Murray, I’m Tom Holzerman, goodnight!

[Fade to the TEAM logo.]

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