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Jan 1, 2000
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[FADE IN: Tom Holzerman stands in front of the Big Screen in the EPICENTER studios, a shot of the Merritt Trophy, humongous and gleaming, standing out on the screen.]

TH: The action was wild in Dallas ... and nobody even hit the giant video board! There was plenty of kicking at SuperShow XI, however, not to mention punching, stomping, chopping, slamming and suplexing as four men vied for the two spots in the 2009 TEAM Invitational Tournament Finals. It's Dan Ryan versus Doc Silver and Nova versus Impulse to determine just who will do battle for the Merritt Trophy. It's EPICENTER ... NOW!

[Cue up "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots.
Cut to JASON PAYNE, shouting out in primal fury with a man's blood as his war paint.
Cut to ROCKO DAYMON whipping ULYSIS SOLIAN off the ropes.
Cut to RAVAGER rolling out of the way of a ROB FRANKLIN top rope headbutt.
Cut to MUNSON MONSOON tossing HIGH FLYER out of the FREE FOR ALL~! ring.

Cut to MIKE RANDALLS hoisting the Merritt Trophy, then flash cut to TYLER RAYNE with the Harvard Avalon Memorial Trophy held by his side, then flash cut to The A-List hoisting the Dupree Cup, and finally to FUSENSHOFF holding the Championship of Champions.

Cut to: The Epicenter logo once more, fading into Tom Holzerman and Steve Murray at the EPICENTER desk.]

SM: Good evening everyone, alongside Tom Holzerman, I'm Steve Murray.

TH: Through production delays and financial woes our valiant TEAM troopers kept on going, and an incredible night of action inside the brand spanking new Dallas Cowboys Stadium has just wrapped up.

SM: And what a night it was, Tom. The Final Four of the TEAM Invitational, not to mention a bullrope match for the Challenge Championship and a never-before-seen dream tag team match.

TH: But, we start with the Merritt Trophy semifinals, as the only of our remaining four to hoist that cup before, "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan, took on Doc Silver.

[CUT TO: A Dan Ryan/Doc Silver graphic, which fades away to reveal the two in the ring, Ryan already bearing down on Silver.]

TH: And the legendary Ryan came out with a bang, dominating the much smaller Silver in the early going, here with the BIG clothesline in the corner, following that right up with this COLOSSAL belly-to-belly suplex!

[CUT TO: Ryan backing Silver against the ropes, then whipping him to the other side of the ring.]

TH: The early assault just kept going, Ryan shooting Doc off the ropes here and absolutely blasting Silver with this big boot! That one will knock out a few fillings.

SM: That's a stupid joke.

TH: Then why did you write it for me?

SM: ...

[CUT TO: Ryan pounding on Silver in the corner.]

TH: A little later on, but Doc just could not stop the Ryan freight train, unleashing a hellacious beating in the corner. Doc gets a break with a rake to the eyes, but even that's no relief, because as soon as he comes out of the corner, he walks right into this tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that damn near split him in two!

[CUT TO: Ryan pulling a dazed Silver off the mat into a full nelson.]

TH: But, one can never underestimate the wily veteran Doc Silver.


TH: Quiet you.

SM: Duly noted.

TH: Ryan has him hooked for the Dragon Suplex, but Doc digs his heels in and finally fights his way free with elbows, then whirls and hits this desperation enziguiri out of nowhere! With Ryan stumbling, Doc finally takes advantage, picking out a weak point and attacking it with a sharp dropkick to the left ankle!

[CUT TO: Silver placing Ryan's ankle on the bottom rope.]

TH: Once that ankle was isolated, Doc went right to work, here driving his knee down onto the exposed limb over and over before he's finally forced to break. Ryan would get back up, but Doc goes right back to the ankle with a low dropkick, then hits this BRUTAL running knee kick to the face that'll take away any size advantage ... not to mention score a two-count.

[CUT TO: Ryan crawling up from the canvas.]

TH: Ryan would try to fight back to his feet, but Doc would hook the ankle, sweep Ryan's other leg and cinch in the ankle lock, only for Ryan to finally get to the ropes after a tremendous struggle.

[CUT TO: Dan Ryan staggering to his feet.]

TH: Doc would try to follow up immediately with Aces Full, but he telegraphs it a bit too much, and the Ego Buster backdrops Silver out to the floor! Ryan, however, couldn't go out after him, and when Doc climbs back to the apron, he snaps Ryan's throat down over the top rope! Right after that, Silver heads up top ... and NAILS the flying crossbody for a two-count!

[CUT TO: Silver waiting in the corner, measuring Ryan up.]

TH: A little later on, Doc trying for the kill ... but Ryan counters the shining wizard into a military press, dropping Doc straight into a devastating forearm strike, but Silver manages to kick out!

[CUT TO: Ryan catching Silver with a boot to the stomach.]

TH: Now it's Ryan's turn to go for the gusto, hauling Doc up for the Humility Bomb, but Silver rolls through into a sunset flip for another near fall!

[CUT TO: Silver waiting as Ryan gets to his feet.]

TH: But, Doc finally went to the well one too many times. Going for that low dropkick again, but this time, Ryan catches him a second earlier with a vicious knee to the side of the head, followed up by a PUNT OF DOOOOOOOOOOM~!

[CUT TO: Ryan with Silver in a standing headscissors.]

TH: And you all know where this leads ... HUMILITY BOMB for the one-two-three, and Dan Ryan walks out of the ring favoring that ankle, but with a shot at a second Merritt Trophy sewn up. The Ego Buster is back in the TEAM Invitational Finals, and he has looked incredible in this tournament.

[CUT TO: A one-shot of Steve Murray at the desk with a Nova/Impulse inset.]

SM: Speaking of incredible, nobody's impressed more in this tournament than Impulse, who's upset a litany of stars on his way to the semis. But, he had his biggest mountain to conquer yet in Nova, who ran through the South without breaking a sweat and is looking to be the first man to complete the TEAM Triple Crown of winning the Tournament of Champions, the Championship of Champions and the TEAM Invitational. He most assuredly got his most stringent test so far tonight in front of 97,000 strong in Dallas.

[CUT TO: Nova and Impulse locking up.]

SM: Very early on, Impulse showing why he was able to stun the big names in the Midwest, blitzing Nova with some dazzling chain wrestling, finishing up with this beautiful roll into an amateur style pinning predicament and an early nearfall!

[CUT TO: Impulse hitting the ropes.]

SM: And he'd show off his versatility as well, ducking under the clothesline to hit this springboard back elbow, then following it right up with a headscissors and finishing off the series with this rolling heel kick right to Nova's temple.

[CUT TO: Impulse perched on the top rope.]

SM: You want more? Here's some more. As Nova recuperates, Impulse takes to the top rope, then takes to the sky ... GORGEOUS MOONSAULT BLOCK!

[CUT TO: Nova down in the corner, with Impulse across the ring measuring him up.]

SM: Impulse would try for the early knockout, firing off the Sudden Impact, but Nova's got it scouted, catches the leg, sweeps Impulse to the mat and slingshots him into the corner ... only for Impulse to catch himself and balance on the top rope. He'd fly from there, but this time, it's no dice with the flying bodypress as Nova gets out of the way and the high flyer splats on the canvas, his left arm absorbing all the impact!

[CUT TO: Nova hovering over Impulse.]

SM: Nova would take that as his cue to go to work on the arm, hooking it in a hammerlock here and driving Impulse to the mat with a Divorce Court -- ya know, because it's even worse than getting separated!

TH: And I tell bad jokes.

SM: Not listening. And neither is Nova, because he holds on to the hammerlock and pulls Impulse right back up, only to drive him right back down to the mat with a DDT for a two-count!

[CUT TO: Nova driving his knee into Impulse's left arm.]

SM: Nova's focused attack would only continue, as he attempts to tear that shoulder apart with these knee strikes, and follows it up by clamping on the Fujiwara armbar. Impulse would get to the ropes and break the hold, but not before plenty of damage was done by the Risen Star.

[CUT TO: Nova with Impulse in the corner.]

SM: A little later in the match, Nova sending Impulse across the ring, but gets reversed. When Impulse charges in, though, he's met with an elbow right to the temple, and Nova goes back to the shoulder in the simplest way possible, by pitching Impulse shoulder-first into the steel ringpost like a battering ram!

[CUT TO: Nova hooking in a front facelock.]

SM: That wouldn't stop the plucky Impulse, however. Nova pulling him up for a brainbuster, but Impulse slips free and transitions into this beautiful rolling reverse cradle! Nova kicks out, but Impulse follows it right up with a NASTY execution kick to the side of the head, then hits the standing moonsault for ANOTHER two-count!

[CUT TO: Nova pulling himself up in the corner.]

SM:Then, this one stepped it up a notch, folks. Impulse would try to finish AGAIN with the Sudden Impact, but once again, Nova gets out of the way, causing Impulse's foot to get caught on the top rope and giving the Risen Star a chance to hit this INSANE bridging German Suplex, but Impulse STILL manages to kick out!

[CUT TO: Nova signaling to a roaring Dallas crowd.]

SM: And if you thought that was impressive, watch this. Impulse staggers right into Nova's clutches, leaving him wide open for the BOURBON FOR BREAKFAST! And that's one ... that's two ... and that's Impulse's foot on the ropes! Unbelievable willpower from this young man to get that foot on the ropes and break the count!

[CUT TO: Nova hooking Impulse for the Bourbon For Breakfast once again.]

SM: Nova would try to repeat the feat without last-second bailout, but this time, it's Impulse who slips free, lands on his feet, and the third time's a charm, because he NAILS the Sudden Impact, but can't make the cover!

[CUT TO: Impulse crawling towards Nova's limp body.]

SM: He'd finally drag himself over to Nova for a cover, but the Risen Star stuns the entire crowd when HE kicks out at the last possible moment! Impulse can't believe it ... and the moment of hesitation costs him, because Nova snaps right into a Kimura! He wrenches on that damaged left shoulder, but Impulse still fights towards the ropes! Just as he's about to break, however, Nova rolls back towards the center of the ring, switching right to a textbook uma plata! This man's been watching his Gracie Jiu Jitsu tapes, and with nowhere to go and his arm about to be detached, Impulse is FINALLY forced to give in after spending nearly five minutes trapped in this hold! An absolutely incredible contest, ladies and gentlemen, but in the end it is NOVA who moves on to face Dan Ryan in the finals as their legendary rivalry is rekindled ONE. MORE. TIME!

[CUT TO: A Ravager/Olvir Arsvinnar graphic, then two the two tied together in the ring.]

TH: We're running out of time, but we very quickly want to get to this highlight before we leave you. Ravager has owned the TEAM Challenge Championship since it's inception, but tonight, NO MORE! Olvir Arsvinnar took home the gold in a grueling dog collar match, and here's how it finished off!

[CUT TO: Ravager hooking the chain around Olvir's neck.]

TH: Ravager used that rope to his advantage throughout the match, including hooking it around Olvir's neck to add a little punch to this DDT, but when he tries to lock in a chain-assisted Garotte, Arsvinnar's able to use the chain to fling Ravager away. When the champion gets up, the Pornographic Viking does his best Mortal Kombat impression, yanking Ravager to him with the chain and connecting with the BRUTAL chain-aided Mjolnir Blow! After that's the three-count is elementary and we've got a new champion!

[CUT TO: Steve Murray and Tom Holzerman back at the desk.]

SM: Before we leave, we'd like to recognize Ravager's incredible title reign. Also, we'd like to note that Jonathan Marx and Shawn Hart were victorious over Cameron Cruise and Jared Wells in the night's opening contest when Marx tapped Wells to the Marxism.

TH: Thanks for joining us on EPICENTER, join us live in two weeks when Dan Ryan takes on Nova in the 2009 TEAM Invitational Tournament Finals as TEAM presents SuperShow XII: The Merritt Trophy live from Dallas Cowboys Stadium! For Steve Murray, I'm Tom Holzerman, thanks for joining us.

[The shot dips to still photos of Dan Ryan and Nova staring each other down before with fade to the TEAM logo.]

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