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EPICENTER: East and West 2nd Rounds


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
[FADE IN: Tom Holzerman stands in front of the Big Screen in the EPICENTER studios, a shot of the Merritt Trophy, humongous and gleaming, standing out on the screen.]

TH: Half the field’s gone, but 15 still have to go before one man can hoist the Merritt Trophy. Eight in the East and West were back in action, and nobody is safe from elimination. It’s win or go home as the TEAM Invitational rolls on … right here on EPICENTER!

[Cue up "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots.
Cut to JASON PAYNE, shouting out in primal fury with a man's blood as his war paint.
Cut to ROCKO DAYMON whipping ULYSIS SOLIAN off the ropes.
Cut to RAVAGER rolling out of the way of a ROB FRANKLIN top rope headbutt.
Cut to MUNSON MONSOON tossing HIGH FLYER out of the FREE FOR ALL~! ring.

Cut to MIKE RANDALLS hoisting the Merritt Trophy, then flash cut to TYLER RAYNE with the Harvard Avalon Memorial Trophy held by his side, then flash cut to The A-List hoisting the Dupree Cup, and finally to FUSENSHOFF holding the Championship of Champions.

Cut to: The Epicenter logo once more, fading into Tom Holzerman and Steve Murray at the EPICENTER desk.]

TH: Welcome everyone to EPICENTER, live on the Alternative Sports Network, alongside Steve Murray, I’m Tom Holzerman. We’ve got highlights from the regional semis in the East and West, so let’s cut the talk and get straight to the montages!


TH: No singing!

SM: Jerk.

[Cut to a close up of Steve Murray with a Duke Williams/Tyler Rayne inset.]

SM: We start tonight in the East, because that’s where the first major pillar of this tournament would fall. In 2008, Tyler Rayne put on a stunning, one-night performance in the Tournament of Champions to go along with his near-legendary run in PRIME, but maybe it was his issues in PRIME that made Duke Williams a little too much to handle in the second round. To College Park we go!

[Cut to Rayne and Williams locking up.]

SM: Twas the night before UltraViolence and all through the house, Rayne and Duke were … screw the rhyme scheme, because these two tore into each other from the start. Rayne tried to keep the big man off balance with some strikes early on, but it was just a matter of time before the big man got his paws on the Underground Pimp, scoring here with a shoulder tackle that’d make the ’85 Bears proud.

[Cut to Williams beating on Rayne in the corner.]

SM: And the pounding would continue, a barrage of forearms in the corner by the Malice Man before Rayne takes a ride corner-to-corner and comes right across with this GIGANTIC avalanche! I think I saw spleen with the impact of that one.

[Cut to Williams with Rayne in a gutwrench.]

SM: Williams continuing the assault, air-mailing the Underground Pimp all the way across the ring with this huge gutwrench suplex for a two-count!

[Cut to Williams charging at a dazed Rayne.]

SM: But, Tyler Rayne’s nothing if not a fighter, and he knows his way out of a disadvantageous situation. Swing and a miss on the big boot as Rayne rolls out of the way, then follows right up by connecting with this flying enziguiri!

[Cut to Rayne sprinting towards the corner.]

SM: Rayne obviously knows how to pick his spots, because when he got an opening, he exploded with fury. Dropsault in the corner, and when Duke staggers from the corner, there’s the DDT! And, if that’s not enough, Rayne follows with a BEAUTIFUL standing double-knee moonsault that nearly gets the job done!

[Cut to Rayne putting the Malice Man in a double underhook.]

SM: But, trying to finish the job would be the Underground Pimp’s undoing. Williams sandbags the Deathscythe, rams Rayne into the corner and from there he’s Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound with the Oklahoma Stampede, and that puts the exclamation point on the first major upset of the tournament as the Malice Man upsets the top seed in the East!

[Cut to a one-shot of Tom Holzerman with a Cameron Cruise/Doc Silver inset.]

TH: So, the top seed in the East is gone, but who would move on to face the Malice Man in Montreal? For that, we go to Albany as second-seeded Cameron Cruise takes on third-seeded Doc Silver in a highly anticipated clash.

[Cut to Cruise taking Doc to the mat.]

TH: Fresh off his A1E World Championship win and Cameron Cruise came out firing, dumping Doc to his back and laying in some fierce ground and pound before Silver gets a toe underneath the ropes.

[Cut to Cruise whipping Silver off the ropes.]

TH: That wouldn’t deter Cruise, though, as he scores with a kneelift off the Irish whip and follows that up with a HARD kick to the side of Doc’s head. Tack a swinging neckbreaker onto the end of that sequence and you’ve got the perfect recipe … for a two-count.

[Cut to Cruise with Silver in a rear waistlock.]

TH: The Crippler continuing to dish out the punishment … take a look at this NASTY German suplex, but Doc Silver takes punishment better than just about anyone as he kicks out at two, despite the fancy bridge from Cruise. This sliding dropkick doesn’t finish the job either, but it did send Doc on a one-way trip to the oral surgeon to get that tooth replaced.

[Cut to Doc staggering around the ring.]

TH: Doc was staying alive despite being rattled, but nobody plays possum better than Doc Silver, and when Cammy gets a TAD overzeaous coming in for a lariat, Doc spins under into a schoolboy, but it’s only good for a two-count.

[Cut to Doc waiting for Cruise to get up.]

TH: That reversal did allow Doc to turn the tide, however, and he tips it fully in his favor here as he drops Cruise directly on his skull with a DDT. That won’t put Cruise away, nor does the follow-up with a Saito suplex, but it does give Silver a chance to lock in this perfect crossface chickenwing!

[Cut to Cruise struggling to break the hold.]

TH: Cruise fought valiantly to escape the extreme discomfort of this hold, but just when it looked like Cameron would escape, Doc pulled yet ANOTHER out of the ol’ bag of tricks, turning the chickenwing into a DEVASTATING suplex, and I’m still not sure how Cameron Cruise kicked out of that one.

[Cut to Doc standing over Cruise.]

TH: A little later on, Doc trying to put it away with the Aces Full, but Cruise has just enough energy to shove him away, and when Doc gets up, he gets a rather unpleasant welcoming gift … WHAM! Perfectly placed superkick hits the button, and Cam follows it right up by dumping Silver on his head with this brutal EXPLODAAH~!, but Doc STILL finds a way to kick out!

[Cut to Cruise setting up the Shipwreck.]

TH: That did give Cruise a chance to go for the gusto, but Doc manages to turn the Shipwreck into a sunset flip! That can’t hold Cruise down, but when the two-seed gets up, he’s easy prey for a boot to the midsection before Aces Full gives Doc Silver the winning hand in this one! A brilliant back-and-forth contest, but ultimately, it’ll be a 3-4 matchup at the Bell Centre as Silver will take on Duke Williams!

[Cut to a close-up of Steve Murray with a Larry Tact/Jonathan Marx inset.]

SM: That’s it for the East, but it’s easy to head cross country when all you have to do is hit play on a tape deck. So, why don’t we do just that as we’ve got Larry Tact and Jonathan Marx in a West semi matchup of technical masters.

[Cut to Marx and Tact exchanging holds.]

SM: That’s exactly what we got in the early going as we get a fanastic display of counter-wrestling, Tact and Marx going hold for hold for nearly two minutes at the start of this one before we reach a stalemate.

[Cut to Marx and Tact locking up.]

SM: These two were completely even from the outset, but Marx was able to gain the advantage with a nifty armdrag and a dropkick, and Larry Tact needs a minute to pop outside the ring and regain his bearings.

[Cut to Tact sliding back into the ring.]

SM: But, that little sojourn to the outside only gave Marx a hole to exploit, as the Gentleman pounces as soon as Tact re-enters the ring, dropping a knee down onto his left shoulder. And immediately afterwards, Marx does his best to permanently damage that wing, FIRING Tact shoulder-first into the steel ringpost.

[Cut to Marx working over Tact’s arm.]

SM: From there, Jonathan Marx began conducting an anatomical seminar on disassembling a man’s shoulder. Stiff kicks to that damaged arm soften it up even further, and this Fujiwara armbar might’ve put things away early if Tact wasn’t too close to the ropes.

[Cut to Marx draping Tact’s left arm over the top rope.]

SM: The damage only continues … Marx YANKING that shoulder over the top rope and snapping it down, and while Tact is concerned with that injured arm, the Gentleman dives right back into the ring and NAILS this inverted DDT for a two count!

[Cut to Marx chickenwinging Tact’s left arm.]

SM: Marx would try to post that shoulder again, but this time around, Tact reverses the momentum and sends Marx face-first into the corner and follows right up with a bridging O’Connor Roll for a very close nearfall!

[Cut to Tact hooking Marx’s head.]

SM: With Tact in control, here come the crazy suplexes, including this nice Fisherman’s variation for two!

[Cut to Tact putting Marx on the top rope.]

SM: Tact trying to follow up with the superplex, but check out Jon Marx’s reversal. A knee to the damaged shoulder … IN MIDAIR, MIND YOU … allows Marx to slip free and hit this Splash Mountain Bomb that NEARLY puts Tact away.

[Cut to Marx setting up the Marxism.]

SM: Marx would try and follow that up with his version of the STF, but a boot to the face knocks him away. That would give Tact a chance to hop to his feet, nail this BRUTAL brainbuster and spin right into the Tactful Surrender to finish off Marx via submission and escape from Los Angeles to reach the West final.

[Cut to Tom Holzerman with a Dan Ryan/Big Wreck inset.]

TH: And who would Tact draw in Phoenix? Well, we’d need the results of this big man slugfest in Texas to sort that out. Big Wreck and 2007 TIT winner Dan Ryan going at it for the fourth spot in the Elite Eight.

[Cut to Wreck charging at Ryan.]

TH: The Wreckster broke out of the gate with his trademark head of steam, taking the even bigger Ego Buster off his feet with this running tackle, and quickly following it up with another. They don’t call this guy’s finisher the Runaway Train for nothin’. When Wreck hits you, he brings the force.

[Cut to Wreck in a three-point stance.]

TH: Of course, ol’ Danny’s no slouch either. And he plays a little game of one-upsmanship here by blocking Wreck’s spear attempt, stopping the big man dead in his tracks and LAUNCHING him into the turnbuckles. Wreck will have that welt on his back for a LOOOOOONG time.

[Cut to Ryan pulling Big Wreck to his feet.]

TH: The unceremonious launching into orbit of Big Wreck continues here with the GIGANTIC overhead belly-to-belly. We’ve seen Dan Ryan do that to HUNDREDS of wrestlers over the years, but it never gets any less entertaining.

[Cut to Ryan waiting for Big Wreck to get up.]

TH: And neither does this, folks. Wreck doesn’t even have time to shake out the cobwebs before the Ego Buster scoops him up and sends shockwaves across the Frank Erwin Center with this running powerslam! It only scores a two-count, but I think Wreck might remember it no matter what.

[Cut to Ryan scooping up Wreck again.]

TH: If one’s good, two must be better, as Ryan goes for another slam … but Wreck obviously disagrees, as he slips behind and fires the Ego Buster overhead with a back suplex. Up comes Ryan, but Wreck’s right boot is right there to greet him as Ryan takes a tumble and Big Wreck comes close to scoring the upset before the big man kicks out.

[Cut to Wreck with Ryan in a standing headscissors.]

TH: Wreck was building up the energy, but this proved to be a little premature. Ryan sandbags the powerbomb before EXPLODING free and sending Big Wreck into outer space yet again with this back body drop! If that’s not enough, the 290-pounder gets military pressed WAY overhead by Ryan and dropped face first onto the canvas for a two count.

[Cut to Ryan with Big Wreck in a dragon sleeper.]

TH: Ryan would bring the pace to a screeching halt, using this dragon sleeper to slow Wreck’s momentum before he decides to punctuate it with a little extra damage … vis a vis this rev erse suplex! Two count only, though, as Big Wreck shows his resilience.

[Cut to Ryan whipping Wreck off the ropes.]

TH: And here, the FFA~! Champion shows his quickness and reflexes, ducking under this clothesline and catching Ryan with a European uppercut as the Ego Buster turns around. Right from there, a pair of WICKED knife edge chops back Ryan into the corner, and from there … WRECK SMASH! Or rather, WRECK SPLASH! Big splash in the corner from the Wreckster!

[Cut to Wreck charging at Ryan.]

TH: But, once again Wreck’s overzealousness gets the best of him. He’s a little TOO out of control on this Runaway Train, Ryan gets out of the way and when Wreck spins around … well, it’s just a matter of time before … yeah, you guessed it, HUMILITY BOMB, and I don’t care who you are, you’re not getting up from that. The Ego Buster moves on to yet another Elite Eight, this time to take on Larry Tact.

[Cut to a two-shot of Murray and Holzerman at the desk.]

SM: So, for spots in the Elite Eight are taken, and very shortly, we’ll complete the other half as action wraps up in the Midwest and South. We’ll be back later this week with four more matches as we round out the regional finals. That’s it for tonight, folks. I’m Steve Murray..

TH: And I’m Tom Holzerman.

SM: Thanks for watching, and goodnight!

[Fade to the TEAM logo.]

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