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EPICENTER: East and West 1st Rounds


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
[FADE IN: Steve Murray stands in front of the Big Screen in the EPICENTER studios, a shot of the Merritt Trophy, humongous and gleaming, standing out on the screen.]

SM: The field is set, and now, the quest to turn 32 wrestlers into one Merritt Trophy winner begins in earnest. Tonight, the East and West regions begin their journey to Dallas. Would the favorites stand? Would newcomers rise up to take their places in history? Find out, as EPICENTER starts … NOW.

[Cue up "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots.
Cut to JASON PAYNE, shouting out in primal fury with a man's blood as his war paint.
Cut to ROCKO DAYMON whipping ULYSIS SOLIAN off the ropes.
Cut to RAVAGER rolling out of the way of a ROB FRANKLIN top rope headbutt.
Cut to MUNSON MONSOON tossing HIGH FLYER out of the FREE FOR ALL~! ring.

Cut to MIKE RANDALLS hoisting the Merritt Trophy, then flash cut to TYLER RAYNE with the Harvard Avalon Memorial Trophy held by his side, then flash cut to The A-List hoisting the Dupree Cup, and finally to FUSENSHOFF holding the Championship of Champions.

Cut to: The Epicenter logo once more, fading into Tom Holzerman and Steve Murray at the EPICENTER desk.]

TH: A hello and welcome to all those who dare enter the mayhem known as EPICENTER, alongside Steve Murray, I’m Tom Holzerman. We’ve had a fantastic night of action in the East and West regions, so let’s not waste any time by getting into the action.

[Cut to a close-up of Steve Murray with a Doc Silver/Christian Daniels upset.]

SM: We begin in Albany, the 3/6 matchup in the East, and this one was a doozy between Doc Silver and Christian Daniels. To the highlights we go!

[Cut to Daniels backing Silver down.]

SM: Early on it’s the six seed asserting his aggressiveness, as the big biker Daniels stalks Doc down and tosses him like a rag doll into the corner before laying in a bit of a pounding.

[Cut to Daniels pulling Doc out of the corner and military pressing Silver into the air.]

SM: If that’s not enough, the seven-footer elevates Doc Silver, presses him high overhead and sends him flopping to the mat like a fish out of water.

[Cut to Doc ducking underneath a clothesline.]

SM: But, Doc’s not one of the best in the game for nothing. Underneath the clothesline he goes, and right to the knee with a chop block that would make the dirtiest offensive lineman proud.

[Cut to Doc stomping on Daniels’ left knee.]

SM: And Doc might not have been able to overpower Daniels, but with the big man down, Silver took full advantage, dissecting that knee joint with stomps before clamping on an Indian Deathlock that only served to do more damage.

[Cut to Daniels back on his feet, but limping noticeably.]

SM: Daniels would recover, but the limp would last and Doc played that to his favor, pinpointing the knee with a dropkick and spiking the big man to the mat with a DDT … but just for a two count.

[Cut to Doc setting up for a figure four.]

SM: A little later on Doc trying to finish with the figure four, but the upkick from Christian Daniels catches him flush on the temple. Christian Daniels taught Devin Shakur how to fight, ladies and gentlemen, so you know that one’s gotta hurt.

[Cut to Daniels with both hands around Doc’s throat.]

SM: And once the big man took control, the Christian Daniels Air Mail Service went into business, here with a neck-hanging overhead suplex that sends Doc all the way across the ring.

[Cut to Daniels with Doc in a standing headscissors.]

SM: We know Doc’s only happy when it rains … and this won’t make his mood any better … BRUTAL turnbuckle powerbomb nearly collapses his lungs, but Doc can take punishment with the best of them, and that one only scores two for Daniels.

[Cut to Daniels charging at Doc with a big boot.]

SM: Doc’s resilience frustrated Daniels, and here it gets the best of him. The big man fans on the big boot attempt, and when he turns around … there’s the Aces Full, and it must be raining, because Doc’s certainly happy after he scores the pin and heads on to Montreal.

[A Cameron Cruise/Sean Robinson graphic flashes on the screen, and we cut to the two men circling each other.]

TH: Staying in Albany, Doc Silver needs an opponent. Would it be the two seed Cameron Cruise, or the upstart seven seed Sean Robinson?

[Cut to Cruise controlling Robinson with a headlock.]

TH: Early on its Cruise taking the advantage, controlling Robinson with the headlock. The Bostonian shoves him off the ropes, but he’s not prepared for what comes next, as Cruise FLATTENS him with a tackle.

[Cut to Cruise whipping Robinson into the corner.]

TH: And Cruise would keep it up, here with the BIG running forearm in the corner, straight into a hard snap suple for a two count.

[Cut to Cruise setting up for an Irish whip.]

TH: Robinson would regain a little momentum here, reversing the whip off the ropes before hitting this sweet little kneelift/neckbreaker combo.

[Cut to Robinson with Cruise in a rear waistlock.]

TH: That neck would quickly become Robinson’s focus, tossing Cruise overhead with a German suplex. And if one’s good, why wouldn’t two more be better? A trio of nasty suplexes, but it’s still not enough to put Cruise away.

[Cut to Robinson locking Cruise in a double underhook.]

TH: Not putting Cameron Cruise away? That’ll come back to haunt you, Sean. Robinson can’t quite complete the Boston Car Bomb, and Cruise turns it into a modified version of the Shipwreck! Didn’t quite get all of it, though, and Robinson keeps himself alive.

[Cut to Cruise waiting for Robinson to stand up.]

TH: Not for long, though, as Cruise goes right into the Reality Check, which Robinson most certainly does not like, and the three count is elementary as Cruise earns a second-round matchup with Doc Silver.

[Cut to a montage of the Chris Bagwell/Duke Williams match.]

SM: Two matches down, six spots in the second round still to go. Would our number one seeds stand up? And could the legendary Duke Williams shrug off the challenge of Chris Bagwell? Find out as Warfare continues.

[Cut to a commercial for FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONGS~!]


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
[Fade in to the EPICENTER set once again, before the shut cuts to Tom Holzerman in front of a Duke Williams/Chris Bagwell inset.]

TH: Back on EPICENTER we stay in the East, but move to Maryland as the four seed Duke Williams takes on five seed Chris Bagwell. Playback!

[Cut to Duke backing down Bagwell.]

TH: The Malice Man’s size playing well early, not even budging as Bagwell tries this dropkick, and when Chris gets up, he eats a whole lot of forearm to the face.

[Cut to Williams standing over Bagwell.]

TH: And while Duke might not have the same speed at 49 that he did some years ago, speed doesn’t matter when you’re laying a hellacious whooping like this one on someone with elbows and hammer fists that make Bagwell wish he was in the ring with drunk Terps fans after a win against Carolina instead.

[Cut to Williams shooting Bagwell off the ropes.]

TH: But, that lack of speed would come in to play, as Bagwell’s quick enough to duck under this clothesline attempt and drop the Malice Man with a high crossbody. Williams pops right back up, but when he charges at Bagwell, a drop toe-hold sends the big man face-first into the second turnbuckle. As Mike Neely might say … ouchie.

[Cut to Bagwell perched on the top rope.]

TH: And Bagwell’s not normally one for the high risk, but it pays off here with a missile dropkick right to the face, and while Bagwell only gets a two count, he quickly floats over and keeps Willias grounded with a dragon sleeper.

[Cut to Williams powering to his feet.]

TH: The Malice Man doesn’t stay down for long, working his way to his feet, but Bagwell holds on to that sleeper and turns it into an inverted DDT! Doesn’t quite get the job done, though, as Williams kicks out just before the three.

[Cut to Bagwell standing next to Williams.]

TH: A little later on, Bagwell trying to plant Duke with the Randomizer, but can’t get the big man up and eats a release Northern Lights Suplex for his troubles.

[Cut to Williams scooping Bagwell up.]

TH: And that … leads to this … Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound! The Oklahoma Stampede from the 300-pounder takes the air out of Chris Bagwell and sends Duke Williams into the second round.

[Wipe to a Tyler Rayne/Spaniard Spencer graphic, then cut to the two in the ring.]

TH: And the Malice Man will take on … well, who else but the one seed in the East? Tyler Rayne getting a challenge from the Spaniard here as the eight-seed shows off his matador skills by avoiding Rayne’s charge and sending him into the corner.

[Cut to Spaniard rolling up Rayne.]

TH: The Spaniard with the DREADED REVERSE ROLLING PRAWN HOLD to follow up, but Rayne kicks out, and that’d about do it for the Spaniard’s offensive threat in this one.

[Cut to Rayne laying into Spaniard with some kicks.]

TH: The Underground Pimp quickly softening his opponent up with some nasty kicks … but that’s just a prelude as pretty soon the Spaniard gets VARGA’D! with the small package driver and the 2008 Tournament of Champions winner is on to round two against Duke Williams.

[Cut to a close-up of Steve Murray with a Dan Ryan/Lance Spencer inset.]

SM: The West Region, unfortunately, not as much drama as in the East. We start, appropriately, with the one seed, Dan Ryan, trying to become the first two-time Invitational winner after taking the trophy in 2007.

[Cut to Lance Spencer charging at the Ego Buster.]

SM: And the Standard didn’t have much to say about this one. He charges at Ryan, runs SMACK DAB into the big boot, and right after that … HUMILITY BOMB! You don’t get up from that one, Lance, and Dan Ryan’s on to round two.

[Cut to Big Wreck circling Mittens T. Cat.]

SM: And the 2007 Merritt Trophy winner will take on the current TEAM Free For All~! Champion, as Mittens T. Cat couldn’t muster much against Big Wreck before DUCKY’S~! pal takes the cat-suited one’s head off with the Runaway Train and gets the elementary three count.

[Cut to Jonathan Marx nailing Eric Thompson with a kick to the face.]

SM: We round out the action in Los Angeles, where the Richest SOB on the Planet can’t measure up to the technical skills of Jonathan Marx. A quick Dragon suplex and a Russian legsweep set it up, and the Marxism STF forces the quick tapout out of Eric Thompson as the three seed advances.

[Cut to Larry Tact bearing down on CLAW.]

SM: Last, but not least, the two seed Larry Tact making quick work of CLAW with the GO-GO-GADGET BRAINBUSTAAAAAAAAAH! He clamps on the Tactful Surrender, but CLAW’s already out cold and the referee puts a stop to this one.

[Cut to a two-shot of Murray and Holzerman.]

TH: Next time, Gadget … NEXT TIME!!!!

SM: And we will see you next time on EPICENTER as we round out the first round and get you set for the Sweet 16! For Tom Holzerman, I’m Steve Murray … GOODNIGHT!

[Fade to the TEAM logo.]

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