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Jun 18, 2004
[Fade into the EPICENTER studios in West Chester, PA. Steve Murray sits at the desk.]

SM: Welcome everyone to this special EPICENTER bulletin. Showtyme won the special Emergency FREE FOR ALL~! match last night amid some controversy for the spot vacated by Jason Payne and Superstar. Let's take you to the end of that match.

[Cut to the ring at the Moody Coliseum in Dallas.]

SM V/O: As you see, Evil James Varga is charging the ropes going for a clothesline on Showtyme. The momentum sends both of them over. They seem to hit the floor simultaneously, but if you look at this instant replay...

[Cut to a slo-mo replay of them crashing to the floor.]

SM V/O: Varga's foot touches the mat first. This was evidence enough to give Showtyme the victory. He will take on Bryan Storms at the same Moody Coliseum in round 2.

[Cut back to the studio.]

SM: Thanks for watching, catch all the second round TiT action on Alternative Sports Network, and be sure to catch all the highlights on EPICENTER. Until then, I'm Steve Murray.

[Fade to the TEAM logo.]

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