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Entertainment v Cane


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the match between MR. ENTERTAINMENT and TREVOR CANE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

(3/31: Cane has been substituted in for Corvin as Corvin's handler is in the middle of moving/hasn't gotten internet service yet.)

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, April 4, 2010. Angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ..
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New member
Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
(((FADE IN to a shoot of a full moon against a star-filled backing. A couple of small clouds scuttle past in the bottom right corner, but there is nothing spectacular except how clear the night sky is.

PAN ROUND and ZOOM OUT. We see that, in keeping with the night-time setting, we’re in a graveyard. As we continue to PAN ROUND we find Mr. Entertainment sitting on a gravestone, arms folded across his chest, looking rather disappointed)))

ME: Yer probably wonderin’ why I’m sittin’ in a graveyard this time o’ year. Am I becomin’ a gothic freak, tha’s the first think ya might think. Am I disappointed with my lot in New ERA? Am I still morose over havin’ lost ta Jeff Jorgenson, AGAIN?

Nah. Jeff’s so infuriatin’ I’ll be glad when Erik Black embarrasses him fer ME

Mister Entertainment

At RAUCOUS. No, the reason I’m here, is because I’m in mourning. I’m mourning the courage of the rest of the locker-room, because the way things’re goin’ – if things keep goin’ this way – then I’m gonna end up havin’ a match once in a blue moon because nobody has the guts ta face the greatest entertainer an’ professional wrestler on the PLANET!


Mister Entertainment.

Ya know, includin’ this match, only one guy had the testicular fortitude ta keep his commitment. I don’t mean HAL, who got replaced by Jorgenson an’ Burke. I don’t mean Ashe Corvin, who got soooo terrified by Chaos tha’ the mere thought o’ facin’ someone like Mister Entertainment so soon afterwards has him rockin’ back an’ forth in his mommy’s basement. Nah, only the Dragon from Empire Pro Wrestling had the guts ta show up an’ take his beatin’ like a man.

But let’s not speak o’ the cowards who’ve run like rats from a sinkin’ ship as soon as they see my name across from theirs. Because he’s been replaced by a guy tha’ New ERA fans recognise as the guy who got taken out by Chaos before a vicious Prodigy title match on Raucous twenty four. The man who at Raucous thirty two beat Adam Benjamin. A man I applaud fer stepping up to the plate an’ agreein’ ta face ME

Mister Entertainment.

I’m talking about Trevor Cane, mister Total lack of Carnage.

But don’t misunderstand, Trev. Ya’ll get a big ol’ thumbs up fer takin’ this match. But, seriously? You think you have a zombie’s chance in Hollywood o’ beatin’ ME?

Mister Entertainment?

NOT because ya’ll lost ta Corvin a’ Destrucity, because hey, everybody has an off night. I had one when I lost one on one ta Jorgenson. An’ no, ya ain’t gonna lose this match because of past loses or because ya’ve put on twenty stone o’ muscle an’ still have only an ounce o’ brain. You, Total Wimper, are gonna lose because of one simple irrefutable FACT.

You suck more than a buck-ninety hooker on the Vegas strip.

I mean, pu-LEASE! What kind o’ guy takes anything John Doe says, seriously? An’ yet before Destrucity ya’ll spent more time talkin’ abou’ him than John Doe himself! You may’ve had an off night when Ashe pinned ya but you made it sooooo easy for him by focusin’ on Doe tha’ it was ta be expected.

An’ what kind o’ guy thinks success is all abou’ putting on some extra muscle, stoppin’ talkin’ about savin’ the world, an’ becoming an arrogant prick? Trust it when I say, arrogance only works if ya’ll can back it up, Trev Trev, an’ from what I’ve seen of YOU?

You can’t carry it off without startin’ ta sound needy.

Your career, Trev, should be in here with the courage o’ HAL an’ Corvin. An’ the minds o’ the people who think yer gonna be somebody in the reborn an’ revitalised New ERA! Sadly ya’ll haven’t got the enough non-ability ta realise yer career died long ago. I ain’t gonna say I’m gonna put you outta the fans misery an’ totally end you, Trev, but I am gonna say tha’ ya’ll have one last good match before ya decide ta go out ta the glue factory.

After all, ya’ll’ll be in the ring with ME

Mister Entertainment

The man who can shine like the SUN at the drop o’ a hat, an’ ain’t so selfish he’ll deny others the chance ta bask in the reflected glory. The man who can have a great match with a hunk o’ steak. The guy who will climb the heights of New ERA and take back what is mine, the TV title.

And the man who’s gonna congratulate Trevor Cane’s moxie by showin’ the world tha’ it ain’t about him. It ain’t about cowards runnin’ away. It ain’t about Shawn Hart, Erik Black, Chaos or even God himself! It’s all about ME.

Mister. Entertainment.

(((FADE OUT)))


League Member
Jan 11, 2006
Cape Cod
(The bus pulls away from stop leaving a plume of black smoke. As it clears, and as a group of high school students walk away, a figure pushes himself off the bench. The black smoke begins to clear as Trevor Cane stands with his hands in his pockets.)

CANE: Destrucity came and went, and so did my chance at walking away with the title. I’m not deterred. Disappointment rains down upon everyone now and then, something I’m sure you’re well aware of, Mr. Entertainment. I was at home when Juliet Marceau called me in for this match. Turns out that once more I played second fiddle to Corvin, the understudy you could say. I take what I can get these days and a paycheck is a paycheck. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not looking forward to RAUCOUS. I’m looking forward to it very much indeed.

(He looks down the sidewalk at the high schoolers monkeying around.)

CANE: Let’s get one thing straight, Mr. Entertainment. I may have lost to Ashe Corvin, and I may be taking his place in this match at RAUCOUS, but Corvin proved his worth out in that ring. I would say he matched wits with Chaos before the unfortunate end, but that wouldn’t be saying much, now would it? But what about you? You had your chance to finally step up to the plate and get back into the Television title picture and you fumbled it. It slipped through your legs like a grounder to Bill Buckner. You can make your jokes and give me a noogie for pointing out John Doe’s stupidity leading up to the tournament, but make sure that you take a long hard look in the mirror afterwards. After all was said and done at Destrucity, you managed to take the fall to a guy who weighs a buck seventy soaking wet with dumbbells attached to his ankles.

(The black smoke is completely gone by now. Trevor Cane takes his hands out of his pockets and begins to fiddle with a quarter.)

CANE: You talk about how people are terrified to step into the ring with you, aside from a dirty Red Coat, and expect this to elevate you back into the spotlight? Two losses to Jorgenson and a win over someone who spent the majority of his time preparing for your match at Sin City Showdown anally probing a sheep hardly strikes fear into any man, Mr. Entertainment. This RAUCOUS you’re going to step into that lone spotlight on the stage and expect the crowds to pass out in utter awe of you, but your time is over. The lights will bear down on you as you look out into the darkness. You will be completely alone.

(Cane flips the coin in the air and catches it. He doesn’t look to see whether it was heads or tails, but merely scoops it back up and places it back in his pocket.)

CANE: You want to play games with Total Carnage, so be it. Gamble with your shot at ever laying a finger on the Television title. Every show you’re knocked a few steps down. The only person in this match who will continue on the path to redemption is ME.

(In the distance we see another bus pulling into the bus lane.)

CANE: Just me.

(The bus pulls in front of Cane as the camera fades out.)

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