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Emerald Warrior vs. Teko



Warren A. Nickolson:Here he is folks the soon to be household name EMERALD WARRIOR!
The Emerald Warrior:Thank you Mr. Nickolson sir! Now Teko or whoever you are. If you are thinking about insulting Seattle don't do it or it will be a Seattle Street Match for you punk! But If you think you got what it takes then bring it on!
Warren A. Nickolson:I don't think he doesn't know a wristlock to a wristwatch.
The Emerald Warrior:Now Warren let's not think that Teko is a pushover. He might be an interesting challenge to me. But I'll win because I have the best finisher in the TORTURE RACK!
Warren A. Nickolson:You are so right Emerald Warrior you are so right.
The Emerald Warrior:Also Teko you think you can outtech me. I don't think so because I learned all the tech moves at the Power Plant dude. You have to admit though Seattle is a very nice place to visit and live there.
Warren A. Nickolson:Emerald Warrior we are not here to make friends with Teko. We are here to take care of business!
The Emerald Warrior:You know Teko you are crazy to take me on but also remember I will break your back and then you will fear The Emerald Warrior.
This broadcast comes from the public access network on a show called The Emerald Warrior tells the truth!

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