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El Cabrón


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
El Cabrón

RING NAME: El Cabrón
A.K.A.: The Goat Bastard, the Escape Artist, Ol' Dopesmoker
REAL NAME: Erik Black
D.O.B.: 4/1/84
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 224 lbs.
APPEARANCE: White guy, once built lean and mean many years ago, now looking slightly paunchy and succumbing to age. Body is a mosaic of tattoos, scars, and patches of hair. Head is accentuated by a stringy mane of medium-length brown hair, a hobo beard, and big, wild brown eyes. Wrestles in black baggy karate pants, black wrist bands -- wrestles barefoot. Comes to the ring wearing an open yukata robe and geti sandals. Covers his face beneath an iconic goat-themed luchador mask, made of red latex and black leather trim and straps, and marked with two foam “goat horns”. Eyes and mouth are left open to show his expression, and enough is open in the back to let his hair hang out.
PERSONALITY: Moonsaultin’, karate kickin’, dopesmokin’, Satan-worshippin’, oversellin’, spot stealin’, trouble-brewin’ rudo luchador. A preacher of chaos and ruin, sweetly coated in comical wit. Stuck somewhere between free-spirited philosopher on the canvas and a drug-addled has-been with nothing to live for...
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Erik Black was born in a small town in the heart of Indiana, had a mostly troublesome and neglected childhood, from which he escaped through copious marijuana use and backyard wrestling with the local Juggalos. Wandered the states for about a year beneath the El Cabrón mask, earning a living by jobbing through the indie leagues… eventually ended up in Japan where he crossed paths with fellow wrestler Ivan Dalkichev and manager Nathan Fear. Fear, a wealthy entrepreneur with political savvy, repackaged the duo as “The Crimson Calling” and brought them back stateside. They became significant for being the first team to win the EPW Tag Team Championship in 2004. When the team dissolved, Black continued solo on the professional level under various aliases ranging from Dopesmoker to Rezin. During a stint in New ERA of Wrestling, he wrestled as "The Druid" Erik Black, where he was the last man to bear the title of NEW Television Champion. Ever since, he's continued to make appearances in the indie leagues as El Cabrón, establishing himself as something of an underground legend and developing almost mythic reputation for being able to make ANYBODY look good in the ring.
HOMETOWN: Indianapolis, IN
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Holy Mountain" by Sleep
RING ENTRANCE: Monsterous riffs of stoner DOOM belch from the PA as El Cabrón comes twirling out onto the stage from a cloud of smoke… stops… glances briefly over his shoulder in bewilderment once he realizes he’s facing the curtain with his back to the audience… spins him around the right way and struts to the ring, playing off the gaffe. Walks slow, at the pace of a Deadman’s funeral march, but with a slight juke in time to the music. Plays up being the usual nasty bastard he’s known to be, but can’t help to return a high-five from any hipster that knows he’s too cool for school.
WRESTLING STYLE: Hybrid of Martial Arts Striker and Daredevil Aerial

1. Cabrósault (moonsault)
2. Cabrórana (dragonrana)
3. Cloven Hoof Kick (spinning heel kick)
4. Facebuster DDT
5. Somersault Cutter
6. Hurricanrana
7. Scoopslam Piledriver
8. Enziguri
9. Missile Dropkick
10. Skin the Goat (hilariously botched version of Skin the Cat, where he gets his head stuck between the ropes)

SETUP MANEUVER: Cloven Hoof Kick out of nowhere, following by a long and dramatic pause while he stands with his back to the opponent, waiting for them to get to their feet to take the killshot...
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