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Efed Guerillas 37 - Elite Eightball + New Mailing List!


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Jan 6, 2005
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Efed Guerillas returns for the second week in a row at the SAME TIME SLOT! Consistency!

Join us every Thursday at 6:00 pm EST for updates and news from all of the e-wrestling world. We'll have live on air discussions with handlers and Fed Heads as we bring the e-fed communities together!

This show is only as good as it's listeners and callers, so we truly appreciate all the support!


Please e-mail ford@efedguerillas.com and I will add you to our mailing list! We'll only send you ONE e-mail for every scheduled show!

And if you don't want to be apart of our show but still want to submit content, news pieces, audio commercials, we'll be happy to screen it and place it on our show! No guarantees, but this is a show by the people for the people.

Thanks to your support, episode 36 has over 900 listens. Our latest episode, in a single weeks time, has over 500. Thank you all for listening, and enjoy the show.

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