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Eddie Whisky v. Axion Jackson v. Leyenda de Ocho

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Aug 26, 2008
Scheduled for ONE fall

IWF Showcase!
Eddie Whisky v. Axion Jackson v. Leyenda de Ocho

RP Deadline: Midnight June 28th Los Angeles Time
RP Limit: 2 RP MAX


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Dec 30, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Eddie Whisky is not one you might call 'balanced.' Former IWF star, former UltraTitle hopeful, former WWA butt-monkey, former GCW also-ran, his pedigree speaks for itself. Eddie now has made his way towards the IGC title. As he heads that way, he first paces back and forth. His setting looks like an abandoned motel. Or something...

EW: Now I can't talking for my esteemed opponents, but I am not stupid. Therefore there is a conspiracy afoot. I don't have all the details. Originally I thought that they didn't want Eddie Whisky - me - advancing in the Ultratitle.

Eddie gets a look that some might call the "Thousand Mile Stare." He pauses, drools a bit, then shakes his head and comes back to our level of reality.

EW: And I understand, because I would ruin the Title for all others should I win it. After my win, subsequent Ultratitle tournaments in the years to come will be like mediocre sequels to beloved films. After me, every Ultratitle will be Matrix Revolutions. I mean, why the hell could he still use his powers? They never explained it! What, because he's Cyber Jesus? I HATE UNRESOLVED PLOTLINES!!

Eddie kicks a wall. A hole is now where that part of the wall was.

EW: So now not only did I somehow not win Ultratitle, I now have to start at the beginning again if I expect to win the Intergalactic Championship! And lo and behold, two of my old IWF changeroom buddies stand in my way.

Eddie paces some more. It's what he does. That and froth at the mouth a bit. He isn't doing that yet, mind you.

EW: I know exactly what brought you here too. Steve "Axion" Jackson and Leyenda de Ocho both know that in this industry you make money by working with money. And in the IWF, both of these mashed potatoes knew I was the reason bums were in seats, so they insisted they work where I work. Better to pull the curtain with Eddie Whisky in the main event than to headline an empty school gymnasium. I make the company rich, wherever I go. So to get a cut of that, to get a taste at the sort of crowds I have become accustomed too, I know Axion and Ocho both could not go back to working without Eddie Whisky.

Ah, there comes the frothing.

So that's it then? You both come toodling after Eddie and expect me to just carry you two to a great match and record box office again? I DON'T THINK SO!

And there he goes kicking the wall again. Poor wall never stood a chance.

EW: I am not here for you guys to coast behind like those birds that pick crap out of alligators teeth.

Plover birds. That's what they're called.

EW: Well guys, I am the alligator, but you can't have my teeth crap! That crap is mine! You cannot have my tooth crap, and you can't have the IGC title! They both belong to me!

Eddie lunges forward and makes for a very extreme and spittly close-up.

EW: OCHO! JACKSON! Stay away from my teeth!

And... fade.


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Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
(At Shorty's Bar in Seattle, Washington on another "Retro Game Night". Two machines have been pressed directly side-by-side; one is Space Invaders, one is Space Invaders II. Leyenda de Ocho stands, leaning forward in front of both machines, attempting to play both games simultaneously. He is wearing his "Little Mac" running gear - black shoes, basketball shorts, and a pastel pink hoodie, though no mask.

Kim, the short Shorty's waitress, brings Ocho a fresh glass of water with a confused+amused look on her face.)

Kim: "...Why? This? What is happening?"

Ocho: "Not now, I gotta focus!"

(Ocho frantically moves from one machine, back and forth, as wave upon wave of pixelated aliens flows down both screens. The first few levels aren't so bad...about 15 minutes in, Ocho soon finds himself overwhelmed.

Ocho slams his hands down on both machines as simultaneous "GAME OVER" messages taunt him.)

Kim: "Ok, crazy, now talk to me. What's going on?"

Ocho: "Well...ok, but this is going to sound silly."

Kim (laughing): "Right, THIS is going to be the silly part."

Ocho (grinning, slightly flushed): "Here's the thing. I've got this...thing...coming up. A sort of competition."

Kim: "A wrestling thing, right?"

(Ocho's mouth dropped, and his slightly flushed face turned beet red. He had never "outed" himself as a wrestler in a general-public scenario before.)

Kim (smiling): "It's actually pretty cool, what you do. You don't get to meet someone like that every day."

Ocho: "How did you know?"

(Kim pulls out a folded up piece of paper from her back pocket; opening it up, Ocho sees one word: Surge)

Kim: "I was going to go to this, you know. I saw you talking to that ticket broker that night, here at the bar...you're Leyenda de Ocho, right?"

Ocho: "...maybe."

Kim: "Real name?"

Ocho: "...maybe another time."

Kim: "Back on point. The two games?"

Ocho: "Right. Ok. Well, remember the guy I was supposed to face at Surge? He's a big, tough, mean guy named Steve 'Axion' Jackson. And you see that other name on the flyer, a few lines above us?" (Ocho points.)

"That's Eddie Whisky. And he's bigger, and meaner. And with more screws loose. I've got a match with them. Both of them. At the same time."

Kim: "You nervous?"

Ocho: "Nervous...not the right word. It's just...I gotta figure out how to take down two guys who are over half a foot taller than me at the same time. Imposing, you know?"

Kim (shaking her head): "You're forgetting something."

Ocho: "?"

(Kim pulls out a second flyer: Organised Chaos)

Ocho: "How many flyers do you have back there?"

(Kim points to a particular line on the flyer and hands it to Ocho: "!!TRIANGLE MATCH RULES!!" A lightbulb goes off in Ocho's mind.)

Ocho: "I only have to face one at a time..."

(Kim nods.)

Ocho (smiling widely): "I can do that!"

(Kim smiles and pats Ocho on the shoulder. Ocho turns around to just one of the machines: Space Invaders II [he always liked that one better].

Playing just the one game, he soon finds the hours slipping by as he cruises through level after level.)

Ocho: "One at a time...piece of cake."


League Member
Apr 11, 2012
Saint Paul, MN
The heat and dust of summer in central Idaho are unbearable, accentuated by Steve "Axion" Jackson's reluctantly purchased 1995 Buick LeSabre's struggle for survival. The lack of air conditioing is an after thought with a near-worthless piece of machinery like this; fumes fire out from the useless air vents, and the faux leather dashboard lets of a heat that would piss Lucifer off. None of this, however, compares to the blaze ignited in Axion. Bullets of sweat trickle down his brow, landing on his drenched tank top, as he bites his bloodstained and chapped lower lip for what must be the 600th time. Even for someone who missed out on a potential life-changing opportunity, his mood is beyond sour.

On top of the ripped passenger seat sits a decorated folder adorned with the IGC crest, opened up with an introductory letter and directions to the newly hired Axion's first event with the promotion. He's getting his chance for some redemption, against a man he was to debut against, and a man he certainly would've met down the line prior to the collapse of IWF. Axion glances over to the folder, losing his focus on the road for a moment, and the LeSabre drifts into the shoulder, shooting dust through the open windows. Axion coughs and shouts obscenities, and slams his fist into the dashboard several times, causing a few small dents.

AXION: ... these Ocho and Whisky bastards have no idea how unlucky they've just become! They thought they lost their job, and now their just happy to have another chance to move on with some continuity! ...

He takes a deep breathe... and refocuses on the road, stepping on the gas.

AXION: *chuckling* I've always thought it would be funny to go into a PG film and start a fire...

He's now laughing heartily... clearly deluded from the drive, the heat, the dust...

AXION: IGC... get the popcorn ready.
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