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[EAST PLAY-IN] The Spaniard vs. Masked Violator 2

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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
East Region Play-In Match

To be held at the Breslin Events Center, East Lansing, Mich.

RP Deadline: Sunday, April 5 @ 11:59:59 p.m. EST


League Member
Mar 23, 2009
"De Spaniard must wrestle where?"

(FADEIN: An LVW newcomer, The SPANIARD, stands before the cameras, unaware. He stares off screen as he stands before a black and red TEAM Invitational Tournament backdrop. He is wearing his routine attire of a bronze and crimson smoking jacket and his wrestling trunks and, of course, his red and white leather mask. A frown can be seen through the mouthhole.)

SPANIARD: Nononono. Everybody knows the first rule of wrestling is this - you come to de Spaniard. You bring your silly little butt over to my side of de hemisphere and you take whatever I leave you with back. Mmkay? So now that we're clear... Did you say Michigan?

(The SPANIARD shudders at the thought of the American province's foul stench. He scowls at the gournd and shakes his head. Waving his hand around he nods in a positive manner.)

SPANIARD: No matter. I have come to TEAM wrestling with one intent and one goal; to prove that us Spaniard's are not the minority anymore! For years we have been overlooked as great athletes and mighty men, being type-cast as doctors and suave lady-killers. For years its' been the Swedes or the Ruskies taking flight in this sport, where people with class and grace are painfully forgotten...

(The SPANIARD glares directly into the camera with all seriousness.)

SPANIARD: People like me! Spaniards like me! People like Spaniards!

(The SPANIARD paces back and forth in front of the backdrop. He rubs his fingers over his red and white mask. Stopping on cue, he flicks it toward the camera.)

SPANIARD: Now, it seems TEAM mangement has pit de Masked Magician, me, de Spaniard, up against yet another masked wrestler. Whoever de Masked Violator 2 thinks he may be or pretends to be in the daylight, I can assure you both of us being brothers of the mask has no effect on me or the way in which I rearrange his facial figure come our match in... (shudders) Michigan.

(The SPANIARD grins. Putting his hands together, he bows forward and nods.)

SPANIARD: Now if you'll excuse me, my Hot Pockets are ready.

(FADEOUT: The SPANIARD walks off camera. The sound of a microwave door popping open is heard.)

"Ohohoh! Dat's caliente!"

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