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Early Morning Beginings

Johnny Nash

League Member
Dec 8, 2006
The scene begins with a picture. It is not a tangable picture, well at least not yet. It shows Johnny Nash standing in the middle of a wrestling ring. He has his hand riased in victory, then the referee comes walking over to him with a belt, a championship belt that is. Johnny throws it over his shoulder. As we can now see another man laying flat on his back in the ring. We can clearly see a slight amount of blood trickle from his forhead. Johnny's music plays loud as he throws his hands up as to declare himself the winner. He walks out of the ring....CHAMPION.

We hear a short moan and the camera fast forwards through time and space to Johnny's bedroom where we see that Johnny Nash has just awoken from a dream. He rubs his eyes and gives a glance at the clock which reads 4:37. He climbs out of the bed and walks into the bathroom. We hear the toilet flush a moment later as Johnny comes out wearing a pair of jeans with a mesh tank top. He walks into the kitchen. Where he puts some water in the coffee pot and sits on a kitchen chair. He picks up a pack of cigarettes off the counter. he draws one out then walks over to the stover where he lights a small flame and bends to ignite his cigarette.

JN: Recurring dreams suck. Even when this is my dream. Thats me and my life. That is the point that I want to be, rather the point where I will be. I just have to learn some patience. Patience is a virtue. I must wait like a fish wating for that flake for my opportunity to come. I can feel it is getting close.

Johnny takes a drag off his cigarette as the coffe pot makes a breathing noise like it has finished.

JN: It doesn't matter where I go. It doesn't matter what I do my dream has remained the same for years. Now I can feel the time is almost upon me to go for it. No one will stand in my way. I have got the sheer determination to make it happen. First thing is first.

Johnny walks over to the coffee pot and pours himself a mug.

JN: This is just a warning to all you folks out there who are looking for exactly the same thing I am. For all you idiots who think you can stand in my way. Don't get in my way. If you do, you will be another casualty of my dream. No one can stand in my way because I am determination, heart and skill personified. Anyone who tries will be punnished by me. End of story!

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