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Duluth, Minnesota Wired


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: To darkness. There are brief flashes of dim light showing the letters "G," "L," "C." and then "W." The sound of a modem connecting to the Internet, a few seconds later, the scene is covered with film reels, rapidly running down either side, each with a GLCW highlight. The reels begin to slow down, and then burn up from the bottom up the sides of the screen, as flames course upward, and leave us with a dark screen momentarily. Then a framing of a online media player fades onto the perimeter of the screen, as backstage and match clips from previous GLCW shows cycle on the screen. The camera zooms out to show a computer monitor playing the clips on a media player. This all fades to static, and the GLCW logo projects itself center screen, until the word "Wired" bumps the logo off the screen. The screen then blurs, and when it clears we are getting what appears to be an online feed of a studio, revealing Rick Wiseman and Tony Ross sitting a table.)

TONY ROSS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another edition of GLCW’s online program, Wired! This week we come to you from Duluth, Minnesota. We are one show out from Ringlords1: Minnesota Mayhem, coming at you LIVE next week!”

RICK WISEMAN: “That’s right Tony, we’re recapping the show from Duluth, including both GLCW singles titles being on the line when “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan takes on GLCW Champ, MAELSTROM!

T.R.: “Last week, Maelstrom beat Morgan’s running buddy Nikolai Ash, and now it looks as though Morgan wants to pick up where Ash left off. In another match tonight, Jarod Poe will have to put his TV title on the line against the newcomer in Nemesis!”

R.W.: “Nemesis won the Six-Man Gauntlet match in Flint, Michigan a few weeks ago on Wired, and now he’s claiming his spot as the number one contender. We also have Jean Rabesque, Nikolai Ash, Michael Manson, Jared Wells, and Anarky in action!”

T.R.: “Stephen Morgan got the night started, in his evening-long search for Anarky and Michael Manson.”

(CUT-TO: "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan in the back walking down a hallway. He walks by a stagehand, then stops, and turns around.)

STEPHEN MORGAN: "Hey you. Have you seen Anarky or Manson anywhere?"

STAGEHAND: "I assume they're in their dressing room."

STEPHEN MORGAN: "You ASSUME? Look kid, I've got a crisp new TWENTY dollar bill waiting for you if you find them and tell them I'm looking for them. Deal?"

STAGEHAND: "Give me the money first."

STEPHEN MORGAN: "You don't think I'm good for it? (The stagehand just stares at him) OK, OK."

(Morgan pulls out a twenty from his pants pocket and hands it to the stagehand who walks off)

STEPHEN MORGAN: "QUICKER huh? I've got BUSINESS to discuss! (shakes his head) Geeze, twenty bucks buys nothing good these days."

(CUT-TO: Rick and Tony back at the studio.)


T.R.: “More to come from Mr. Morgan, don’t worry about that. The first match of the night pitted newcomer, Golden Hawk against the "Twisted Prodigy" Ryan Roberts.”

R.W.: “Roberts came into the GLCW with a bang, but has been having some trouble finding his niche here in the GLCW. Golden Hawk however, is making his debut here in Duluth, and I’m sure he’s looking for the victory.

T.R.: “The big Texan certainly has the means, but we’ve seen Roberts do some damage in the past. Let’s see what went down in Duluth.”

(CUT-TO: Golden Hawk making his debut to a mixed reaction, as the crowd isn’t really sure what to think of Golden Hawk yet. CUT-TO: Ryan Roberts coming down to mixed reaction himself. The two circle each other in the ring, and Roberts strikes first with a shot to the mouth out of nowhere. GH grins, and blocks the next shot from Roberts, answering back with a fury of rights. Roberts staggers back, and GH nails him with a hard shoulder block that sends Roberts over the rope. GH stands around in the ring, waiting for Roberts to get to his feet. Roberts however, isn’t moving much. GH goes to the outside, and rolls Roberts in. GH hoists Roberts up, and hits a huge powerslam. He goes up to the top rope, but then changes his mind and jumps down to the mat. He throws Roberts to the corner, and Roberts goes in headfirst. Roberts staggers back, and GH picks him up in a reverse suplex, before dropping him down hard in a reverse DDT. Again GH mounts the ropes, this time he leaps and nails the Lone Star Jam legdrop. The crowd gives a huge pop as Golden Hawk leaves up the aisle. Time of match: 3:56.)

T.R.: “Golden Hawk with a huge win on his debut. Rick, what do you say we give a run-down of matches to come?

R.W.: “Well, next up we’ve got Martial Law versus Major Impact. Major Impact Jon Savage bringing in his twin brother Ric to join the tag ranks under the guidance of Johnny Wildside. Martial Law, composed of Ryan Youngblood and Steve Slayer currently ranked as the Number One contenders for the GLCW Tag titles. Major Impact would certainly love to make a splash on the number two seed of the GLCW Tag Division.”

T.R.: “Very true Rick. These two teams already have no love loss between them, and this match should certainly go the extra mile. We also have newcomer Suicide taking on GLCW staple, “Showtime” Steven James. Suicide having a bit of a bumpy entrance in the GLCW, he certainly has the energy and potential in the ring to be something special for this federation.

R.W.: “James, on the other hand, opted for spending time with Lady V going into this match. Let’s hope his priorities are in the right place.

T.R.: “Steven James has shown us before that he can perform in the ring, and I don’t think tonight will be any different. Upcoming, we also have a match between Nikolai Ash and Jean Rabesque. A large portion of the animosity in this one comes from Nikolai poking fun at Jean for being French, when Rabesque isn’t even from France!

R.W.: “An honest mistake. French-Canadians, freedom fries… if Jake was here, I’m sure he’s have a lot to say about the whole thing.

T.R.: “I’m sure he would. Michael Manson too, is in action against the “Rage ‘O Fire” Jared Wells. These two had a war of words leading up the match about which one of them really is a “People’s Champion?” Maybe their match will sort out some of their argument.

R.W.: “Let’s hope so, as it seems as both are as eager to get the win tonight as they are to prove to each other which one of them was right in the days leading up to the match itself. Jonathan Marx is set to square off against Anarky. Marx basically admitted defeat when these two first spoke, but has since resorted that it’s up to him to get Anarky to lead some sort of rebellion.

T.R.: “Sounds a bit like the Cannonball Kidd to me. Well ladies and gentlemen, we have another clip of Stephen Morgans.

(CUT-TO: "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan standing outside a dressing room door with the stagehand he gave the money to before. Morgan is now holding a silver steel Halliburton)

STEPHEN MORGAN: "So you say that Anarky's in THERE huh?"

(The stagehand shakes his head yes as Morgan knocks. The door opens
and Anarky stands there as big as life. Morgan looks rather nervous as he takes a step back)

STEPHEN MORGAN: "Anarky, Anarky...how you doing man? (Anarky just stares back) THAT good huh? Listen, I know you're a busy man, and that's probably why you didn't return any of my phone calls, but look...I've got a little "proposition" for you regarding tonight’s WORLD TITLE match.

(Anarky still just stares at him)

STEPHEN MORGAN: Uh...so, is MANSON in there too? (still nothing from Anarky) Yeah ... uh ... well... can I come in or what? I don't want to talk business out here. "

(Anarky steps aside and lets Morgan enter. CUT-TO: Rick and Tony.)

R.W.: “What is Morgan doing with Anarky and Manson exactly? Trying to get them involved in his match with Maelstrom?


T.R.: “One can only assume so. We’ll find out if all goes as planned later on. Now, we’ve got the match between Martial Law and Major Impact. These two teams really didn’t take kindly to each other in the days before the match. Let’s see if they could settle their differences in the ring.

(CUT-TO: Martial Law coming out to a decent pop from the fans. CUT-TO: Major Impact making their way down to a pretty good reaction from the crowd. Ryan Youngblood and Ric Savage starting off. Youngblood motioning for a test of strength, and Ric takes a hand, and whips it around into a hammerlock. Youngblood tries to elbow Ric, but Ric ducks, and pull Youngblood down with a drop-toe hold. Youngblood going for a form of the ankle lock, but Ric gets up and hits Youngblood with a double axe to the neck. CUT-TO: Jon and Ric keeping Youngblood isolated in the corner, working Youngblood over. Jon hitting a neckbreaker on Youngblood. Jon tagging back out to Ric. Youngblood hitting a desperation boot to the face as Ric telegraphs a back body drop. Youngblood making the tag to Slayer, and Slayer comes in with a head of steam, taking out Ric and Jon with clotheslines. Slayer off the top rope with a cross body on Ric, and Jon pulling Ric through for a pin attempt. Ric and Slayer hitting each other with clotheslines. Ric and Slayer trying to get back to their corners, Slayer tagging out to Youngblood, and Youngblood cutting Ric off at the pass, and Jon going crazy reaching for Ric, but to no avail. Youngblood working over Ric. Youngblood hitting a tilt-a-whirl on Ric, and Jon making the blind tag to Ric’s foot in mid-move. Youngblood doesn’t see it as Jon mounts the rope, and comes off with a huge missile dropkick from the top. Slayer comes in for the save, and Referee Al Marinaro intercepts. Meanwhile, Jon and Ric hit an incredible double flapjack on Youngblood. Jon hits a tornado DDT on Youngblood. Jon locks Youngblood in a Boston crab, and Youngblood looks very out of it. Somehow, Youngblood manages to keep his presence of mind, and refuses to tap. Jon eventually lets go of the hold, and picks Youngblood up. He whips Youngblood to the ropes, and Ric pulls down the ropes as Youngblood tumbles to the floor. Slayer comes in once again, and Jon pulls Marinaro over to Slayer, Johnny Wildside distracting Marinaro long enough to allow Ric to do a number on Youngblood on the outside. CUT-TO: Youngblood again being caught in a Boston crab, and making it to the ropes, only to tag out to Slayer. Slayer comes in with a mini-plancha on Jon, breaking the crab. Slayer back body drops Ric as he comes in, and once again turns his attention towards Jon. Jon decks him in the head, and then slams his head into the top turnbuckle. Jon removes the turnbuckle pad, and slams Slayer’s head into once more. Jon tagging out to Ric, and once again Ric works on the back, putting Slayer in an abdominal stretch, wrenching back on the bleeding head of Slayer and lifting the knee into his back. Slayer reverses into a headlock, and Ric bounces him off the ropes into a headlock of his own. Slayer looks out of it as Youngblood starts stomping the canvas on the apron, the crowd getting behind Martial Law. Slayer’s hand goes down once… twice… and is up on the third one. Jon tags in as Ric still holds Slayer. Jon goes up for a missile dropkick again, but Slayer ducks it and Jon hits Ric with the dropkick. Youngblood comes in to even the numbers, taking out Jon with a hard clothesline. Youngblood then goes to head off Ric on the outside as Slayer mounts the top rope. Slayer leaps, and hits the Slayer Spring Splash. Time of match: 10:13.)

T.R.: “A fast paced match that showed just why Martial Law is the number one contender to the tag team titles.”

R.W.: “That spot in the rankings will be on the line next week, however, at Ringlords 1! Where Martial Law will take on Major Impact, Oak Street Beach Patrol and the Dogs of War in a Fatal Fourway Tag Team match for the #1 Contendership!

T.R.: “Before we get to our next match, we’ve got another clip of Stephen Morgan on his mission to enlist the services of Manson and Anarky.”

(CUT-TO: "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan standing outside an open door to marked "BOILER ROOM" with the same stagehand. Morgan is still holding the silver steel Halliburton)

STEPHEN MORGAN: "Uh ... can you get somebody to turn the lights on in there? (the stagehand just shakes his head no) OK. ... Well, you SURE he's in here? (the stagehand shakes his head yes, then walks off) Man, the things I do for this business are UNREAL."

(Morgan walks into the boiler room. It's dark but his image can still be seen somewhat. He hears a noise in the corner and walks in that direction)

STEPHEN MORGAN: "Hey ... Mike ... uh, NICE place man. Look, I just talked to your buddy Anarky and well ... I think we can do a little BUSINESS here tonight. Are you interested? (no response) OK, I understand you need time to think about it. So I'm just going to leave this here. (Morgan sets the Halliburton on the floor) If you want to talk, I'll be in my dressing room. "



M.M.: "What's in the briefcase?"

S.M.: "Um, a lot of money."

M.M.: "And I assume that is for Anarky and I to provide 'security' for your match with Maelstrom."

S.M.: "More or less."

M.M.: "Tell you what, I don't need money. I'm the highest paid man in GLCW, you know that. But there is something that you could give me."

S.M.: "I don't swing that way, Mikey."

M.M.: "Not that, you cretin, something else. I have a desire.....a desire for cheese. I want you to get me a statue of myself made of cheese. Then I will help you."

S.M.: "Where the hell am I supposed to get a statue of you made of
cheese?? We're not even in Wisconsin!"

M.M.: "Adapt, improvise and overcome."

S.M.: "Damnit!"

(Morgans grabs his Haliburton and storms out of the boiler room as Manson just shakes his head. The camera pans around to follow Stephen Morgan, and as they do, they come across Lady V interviewing Steven James. Lady V looks up surprised, and motions for the camera to come over to her.)

LADY VERONICA: “Thanks guys I'm here with the one and only Showtime
Steven James and...”

(James holds up a hand to cut her off)

STEVEN JAMES: “Veronica, my desire has been questioned which is something I can't stand...and on that note, we've been friends for a while now, so I have to ask you, what does this look in my eyes tell you?”

LADY V: “It says for me to end this interview so you can take out your frustration on Suicide.”

SJ: “Sorry for my rudeness but...”

LADY V: “Don't worry, Good Luck.”

SJ: “Thanks...and Veronica?”

LV: “Yeah?”

SJ: “Call 911, Suicides leaving on a stretcher.”

(James walks off leaving Lady V with a concerned look on her face)


T.R.: “Some very harsh words from Steven James. Looks like he’s looking to hurt Suicide tonight.”

R.W.: “Appears that way Rick. Let’s see how these two did once they stopped talking to the camera and let their skills in the ring speak for themselves…”

(CUT-TO: Steven James making his way down into the ring to a decent pop. CUT-TO: Suicide also coming down to the ring, diving underneath the ropes, also getting a good pop. Steven James gets hit Suicide off at the pass, and lays into him with boots in the head. James whipping Suicide to the ropes, and Suicide coming off with a flying lariat. Suicide going for a crab of some sort, but James getting to the ropes and breaking the hold before it is fully applied. James unloading on Suicide with rights and lefts, and throwing Suicide to the ropes. He hits a body splash in the corner, and back up for another. The second splash is blocked with Suicide vaulting James up and over, and James landing on the second turnbuckle. James turns around, and Suicide catches him with a hiptoss. James, hits Suicide in the gut from a three-point stance, and Suicide staggers back. James whips Suicide off the rope again, and hits a huge spinebuster. James lays two elbows down on Suicide, and picks him up again. He goes for a suplex, but Suicide flips through and goes for a suplex on James. James reverses it into a reverse DDT, and lays Suicide out. CUT-TO: Suicide tying James up with a standing armbar, and hitting James with a headbutt. Suicide hitting a swinging DDT on James, and continuing to work the arm of James on the mat. James coming out of the armbar with a triangle hold on Suicide, and Suicide getting to the ropes. James with a scoop suplex, and he goes to the second rope. He goes for a flying forearm from the second rope, but Suicide brings him around with a reverse armbar. James barely getting the ropes, and Suicide cleanly breaking the hold. James kicking Suicide in the gut, and motioning for a DDT, Suicide counters with a Northern Lights. Suicide picks James up, and keeps James in the gut. Suicide hitting a snap suplex on the groggy James, but hangs on. Suicide, still holding the arm and head of James, hoists him up and hits a jumping Suicidedriver. CUT-TO: A no-nonsense Suicide leaving the ring calmly. Time of match: 7:34.)

R.W.: “Suicide certainly put the exclamation point on that discussion with the Suicidedriver for the win.”

T.R.: “A good match, with Steven James perhaps underestimating Suicide going into this one. Suicide again, doing his job and leaving the building. Seems like he is all about the sport and not much else.

R.W.: “And big surprise here, we’ve got some more Stephen Morgan to look forward to.

T.R.: “Oh great, let’s see if it involves more cheese.”

(CUT-TO: Stephen Morgan is shown talking on a cell phone)

STEPHEN MORGAN: "FINALLY! You're like the fifth bakery I've called! You can do it?? Oh great, that is great! Do you need a picture? No, you're a fan and you know what he looks like? That's GREAT! You're a lifesaver, how fast can you get here? You're over in Superior, right? OK well, hurry, we don't have much time, I will pay you handsomely for this. Thanks!"

(Morgan slaps his cell phone shut and laughs giddily. CUT-TO: Rick and Tony.)

R.W.: “Morgan really is trying to get that statue of Manson made out of cheese. He must have some incredible plan for the main event with Maelstrom involving Anarky and Manson.”


T.R.: “Or he’s just off his rocker. Morgan has some issues, but I am certainly in no position to presume what they are. Up next, we’ve got a match featuring someone else off his rocker.”

R.W.: “Yes, turns out Madonna Wayne, or M.W. Grossard decided to pay Jonathan Marx a vist during the match. Let’s just go to the footage.

(CUT-TO: Anarky making his way to a HUGE mixed reaction. CUT-TO: Jonathan Marx, coming down to a small chorus of boos. CUT-TO: Marx taking Anarky down with an arm drag. Marx working the armbar, but Anarky powers out of it. Anarky whips Marx to the turnbuckle, and puts Marx up for a superplex. Marx pushes Anarky off the turnbuckle, and attacks the arm of Anarky once more. Anarky whipping Marx to the ropes, and rebounds off the opposite end. Marx ducks it, and comes back with a reverse armbar. Anarky in the middle of the ring, writhing in pain. Marx sees something unusual in the crowd, and breaks the hold. CUT-TO: M.W. Grossard in the front row, wearing dress pants, a classy work shirt, a black tie, suspenders, and a lot of make up, drinking from a bottle in a paper bag. CUT-TO: Anarky coming up from behind Marx, and knocking him out of the ring. Anarky begins to brawl on the floor, but Marx shoves him off and rolls back into the ring. Marx calling for Anarky to come into the ring. Marx moving to the opposite end of the ring, showing Anarky he’s not going to attack Anarky on the way in. Marx running and dropping a big elbow on the back of Anarky’s head as Anarky slides into the ring. Marx locking in a Buffalo sleeper, and wrenching back on the arm of Anarky. Anarky flips Marx over his head, and Marx gets up and looks at him, nodding. Marx charges at Anarky, but Anarky ducks down and pulls the top rope, sending Marx sprawling to the outside. Anarky drops an elbow from the apron and picks Marx up. Anarky throws Marx into the safety barrier. Anarky kicking Marx in the gut and goes for a DDT. Marx countering with a forward leg sweep, and locking on a leg-scissors hold. Almost as if realizes just then he was out of the ring, Marx breaks the hold and rolls Anarky into the ring. He tries to reapply the leghold, but Anarky shoves him to the turnbuckle. Anarky picking Marx up in a big back body drop. Marx flipping out of it, landing on his feet, and hitting Anarky with a roll up. Anarky kicks out, and is up quickly. He throws Marx to the turnbuckle, and begins unloading an array of fists unto Marx’s upper body. Anarky picking Marx up for the Chaos Breaker, but Marx reversing into a small package. Anarky up again, furious. Anarky charging at Marx. Marx with a drop-toe hold, and mounts Anarky, pulling back on the arm. Marx then locks on the STF submission. Anarky about to tap, but reaching for the ropes. Anarky seeming to tap out, and Marx calls for Marinaro to ring the bell. Marinaro shaking his head, telling Marx to break the hold, as Anarky has reached the other corner rope with his foot. Marx arguing with Al Marinaro over the tap out. Anarky rolling to the outside, and Marx yelling at Anarky to get back in the ring. Anarky pulling Marx’s head across the top rope, and pulling Marx out of the ring by the legs. Anarky with a short-arm clothesline to Marx. Not letting go, Anarky send Marx reeling into the ringpost. Anarky pulling back the padding around the ring. Marinaro warning Anarky not to pull the matting back. Anarky in the ring, arguing with Marinaro. CUT-TO: M.W. Grossard jumping the safety barrier, kicking Marx in the gut, and hitting a devastating DDT on the concrete while Anarky distracts Marinaro. Anarky rolling out of the ring, throwing Marx into the ring. Anarky hitting the Chaos Breaker on Marx and getting the three count while M.W. Grossard exits through the crowd.)

T.R.: “An incredible match that saw Marx trying desperately to get Anarky to keep it in the ring, and Anarky just refusing. In the end, it would M.W. Grossard who would cost Marx the win. Marx was very close to putting Anarky away with the STF, but the interference from MWG sealed Marx’s fate.

R.W.: “That wasn’t the last we were to hear from M.W. Grossard either, as Lady V caught up to him shortly after the match.

(CUT-TO: Lady V rushing up to MWG as he’s buying a giant foam finger.

LADY V: "MWG!!! MWG!!! You haven't even made your GLCW
Debut yet, so what issue could you possibly have with Jonathan Marx?"


LADY V: "Jonathan Marx."

(MWG stares blankly)

LADY V: "You just attacked him in his match with Anarky for no apparent reason?"

MWG: "OH, right. That guy. What about him?"

LADY V: "Why did you attack him?"

MWG:..(surpresses laughter) "Are you serious? (hisses a little, then
starts laughing uproariously...and pats Lady V on the shoulder) Sweetums, you're too much."

(MWG then whispers something to Lady V, and walks off.)

T.R.: “Some … interesting comments from M.W. Grossard, to say the least.”

R.W.: “Right. Apparently, Grossard attacked Marx for … absolutely no reason at all. Grossard didn’t even seem to remember who he was attacking, much less WHY.”

T.R.: “And those parting words from Grossard to Lady V … could you make out what he was saying?”

R.W.: “I don’t have a clue. M.W. Grossard is certainly an odd one.”


T.R.: “And speaking of odd ones, up next we’ve got Michael Manson going one-on-one with “Rage of Fire” Jared Wells.

R.W.: “That’s right. Both men have been laying claim to the title of “the real People’s Champion”, and they were looking to settle the score tonight. Both men came out wrestling like they had something to prove.”

T.R.: “Let’s take a look at the action.”

(CUT-TO: Manson making his way to the ring amidst a chorus of boos. CUT-TO: The crowd cheering as Jared Wells makes his appearance. CUT-TO: Wells and Manson standing toe-to-toe, talking trash. CUT-TO: Wells and Manson locking up. Wells sends Manson into the ropes and meets him on the way back with a cross-chop. Manson goes down but is up in a heartbeat, glaring daggers at Wells. CUT-TO: Manson laying into Wells with a series of knife-edge chops, as the crowd “WHOOOOOS!” along. Manson follows up with a series of rolling vertical suplexes and a cover for two. CUT-TO: Wells battling back, hitting a high running dropkick and following up with an overhead pumphandle suplex. Manson slides out of the ring for a breather while Wells whips up the crowd. CUT-TO: Manson folding Wells up with a release German suplex. Manson follows up with a lightening fast ledrop and a series of fist drops before cinching in a reverse chinlock. Wells reaches the ropes and the ref forces Manson to break the hold. Wells gains his feet and charges Manson, but Manson takes him down with a drop toehold. Wells garrotes himself across the bottom rope, and Manson heads to the outside. CUT-TO: Manson standing on the apron. Wells’ throat is still draped across the bottom rope as Manson talks trash. CUT-TO: Manson dropping the leg, smashing Well’s face into the apron. Wells’ throat is lanced across the bottom rope and it snaps free from the turnbuckle, flopping loosley as Wells flails around on the mat . CUT-TO: Manson heading back into the ring and bringing Wells into position for a piledriver. Wells reverses into a back bodydrop, but Manson is back up in an instant and catches Wells with a low blow from behind while the ref’s back is turned. Manson goes quickly into the cover just as the ref turns back around, but Wells kicks out after two. Manson hooks the leg again, but Wells kicks out again. Manson brings Wells back up but is met with a boot to the gut for his trouble. Wells hits a quick scoop slam, and follows up with a legdrop quickly cinched into a triangle hold. CUT-TO: Manson reaching to ropes. The referee forces a break, and both men regain their feet. CUT-TO: Manson and wells trading right fists and knife-edge chops. CUT-TO: Wells hitting a brainbuster. Wells goes for a cover, but Manson kicks out after two. Wells brings Manson up and cinches in a rear waistlock. Wells plants Manson with a cradle suplex before putting the boots to Manson. Manson makes it back to his feet, but he looks a little unsteady. CUT-TO: Irish whip by Wells, Manson comes off the ropes and is met with a sidewalk slam. Wells pulls Manson up, and the crowd goes wild as Wells calls for the Rage Drop. CUT-TO: Wells planting Manson with the Rage Drop. Wells heads into the cover, hooks the leg, and gets the three count! The crowd goes ballistic. The ref goes to raise Wells’ hand, but notices that Manson had his foot on the rope that was broken! The crowd buzzes as the referee consults with GLCW officials. After some lengthy consideration the ref restarts the match, and the crowd is on their feet! Wells is furious, and comes with a flurry of stiff rights and lefts. Wells with an Irish whip, Manson into the ropes. Wells launches a big boot at the head of Michael Manson, but Manson ducks under. Wells spins around and is met with a boot to the gut. Manson hits the Sweet Dreams Stunner and drops into the cover, hooking the leg for the one-two-three. CUT-TO: The crowd showering Manson with derision as the ref raises his hand. Time of the match: 12:02)

R.W.: “And Michael Manson snatches victory from the jaws of defeat at the hands of Jared Wells.”

T.R.: “I guess that makes Manson now feels he is the real People’s Champion, huh?”

R.W.: "Not in their eyes. An incredible showing from both men, however, and I was surprised at the amount of restraint Manson showed throughout the match. I only saw him resort to … ‘less than ethical’ modes of attack once during the whole matchup, and he pulled off the win.”

T.R.: “It was a hard-fought victory for Michael Manson indeed. If the ref had been just a litte less astute, the win would have gone to Jared Wells. Wells has got to be frustrated with the outcome of tonight’s match.”

R.W.: “Coming up next, we’ve got some more exclusive footage of Stephen Morgan.”

T.R.: “You’re KIDDING!”

R.W.: “I only wish I were.”

(CUT-TO: Stephen Morgan is shown waiting at the back entrance of the DECC. A red Honda pulls up and a guy with a big white box jumps out. He carefully runs over to Morgan)

STEPHEN MORGAN: "OK, OK, let me see!"

(The guy opens the box and carefully pulls out a statue made of cheese that looks just like Michael Manson. Morgan stares wide-eyed at the craft involved and hands the guy a wad of cash)

S.M.: "Thanks! Don't spend it all in one place!"

(Morgan grabs the box and walks briskly away as the bakery guy counts his money)

BAKERY GUY: "Hey you're a little short here!"

(CUT-TO: Rick and Tony)

R.W.: “A cheese sculpture of Michael Manson. Could there possibly BE a bigger waste of time and effort?”

T.R.: “Well, Morgan had to secure that sculpture if he wanted Manson and Anarky in his corner tonight when he takes on Maelstrom for the Heavyweight Title later tonight.”

R.W.: “Stephen Morgan will stop at nothing to put that title strap around his waist, even if it means being Manson’s errand boy. We’ll see if Morgan got what he paid for later on tonight.”

T.R.: “But coming up next, Jean Rabesque takes on Nikolai Ash in a match that has ‘instant classic’ written all over it. These two masters of technical wrestling are set to square off tonight in a match that’s got to have pure wrestling fans salivating.”


(CUT-TO: Rabesque and Ash facing off in the center of the ring, glaring daggers at each other. CUT-TO: Collar-and-elbow tieup. Both men jockey for position. Rabesque with a go-behind, plants Ash with a back side slam. Rabesque slides quickly into a side headlock, leaning heavily on Ash’s neck. Ash manages to counter with a butterfly lock on Rabesque’s neck, and Rabesque is forced to release the hold. Both men regain their feet, and Ash charges in with a double-leg takedown into a half-crab. Rabesque is struggling to reach the ropes, but Ash makes the transition into an STF. CUT-TO: The referee checking Rabesque, and Rabesque refusing to tap. CUT-TO: Rabesque making it to the ropes, and the referee forces Ash to break the hold and allow Rabesque some room to breathe. Rabesque regains his feet, and the two men lock up. Ash with a standing switch into a rear waistlock. Rabesque fires a couple of elbows back at the head of Ash, but Ash ducks them. Ash applies a half nelson, but Rabesque quickly ducks out and counters with a hammerlock. Ash reverses into a hammerlock of his own before shoving Rabesque into the ropes. Rabesque comes off the other side, and gets met with a sunset flip by Ash. One, two, but Rabesque rolls through into the cover on Ash. One, two, but Ash rolls through. One, two, but Rabesque rolls through and breaks free. Both men regain their feet, and the crowd shows some love for this exchange. CUT-TO: Rabesque charges Ash and brings him down with a Lou Thesz press. Rabesque goes for an ankle lock, but Ash kicks his legs out from under him. Ash locks in a triangle hold, and the referee quickly drops down to check on him. Ash really works the hold and Rabesque scrambles, trying to get ahold of some part of Ash’s body. CUT-TO: Rabesque finally manages to roll Ash over. He shifts his weight forward, and the referee drops into the count. One, two, but Ash releases the hold to avoid being pinned. Rabesque brings Ash up, Irish whip into the ropes, and Rabesque slaps on a Fujiwara armbar, dropping Ash to the mat. Ash rolls free, Rabesque charges, but Ash brings him down with a Japanese armdrag. Ash goes quickly into an armbar, but Rabesque makes it to the ropes and Ash is forced to break the hold. CUT-TO: Both men are back in the middle of the ring. Collar-and-elbow tieup, and Ash brings Rabesque down with a top wristlock throw. Rabesque makes it quickly back to his feet, and brings Ash down with a headlock takedown into a side headlock. Ash breaks free with a leg scissors and tries for a second triangle hold, but Rabesque slides out. CUT-TO: Rabesque applying a figure-four in the center of the ring. Ash tries in vain to reach the ropes, but he can’t get any leverage. CUT-TO: The referee checking Ash, but Ash isn’t ready to tap out. CUT-TO: Ash with a roll-over, reversing the figure-four. Rabesque has a bit more leverage and he starts inching to the ropes, pulling with his elbows. CUT-TO: Rabesque reaching the ropes, and the referee forces the break. Ash quickly applies a rear chinlock, but didn’t bring Rabesque out far enough, and Rabesque is able to reach the ropes again. Ash is clearly frustrated as the ref breaks the hold, and starts flailing away with rights and lefts. Rabesque battles back, getting to his feet and tackling Ash. The two men roll around on the mat, throwing punches when suddenly the bell sounds. The crowd is buzzing as Ash and Rabesque seperate, looking around in confusion. The ring announcer enters the ring, and the match is declared a time-limit draw. The crowd is on their feet, cheering the efforts of both men, but by the looks that Ash and Rabesque are exchanging, neither one is pleased with the decision. Time of the match: 30:00)

T.R.: “What a showing by both competitors. Neither man was able to maintain the clear upper hand. You don’t see actual wrestling matches too often these days.”

R.W.: “Right. Ash and Rabesque went hold-for-hold and counter-for-counter. The crowd really got behind this match, but you could tell that neither man was thrilled with the time-limit draw.”

T.R.: “After tonight, I expect things are just getting started between these two. Both men have obviously done their homework, and they put on an incredible match. Folks, our cameras were backstage earlier tonight, and guess what … so was “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan.”

R.W.: “Really? We haven’t seen him in AGES.”

T.R.: “ … let’s go to the footage.”

(CUT-TO: The backstage area, where Morgan finds Manson in the boiler room again. Manson looks a little beat up from his match with Wells)

STEPHEN MORGAN: "OK, here ya go Mike! Do I have your help with 'security' tonight??"

(Manson stares in amazement that Morgan actually went through with his inane request. He takes the cheese statue and looks it over, admiring it)

MICHAEL MANSON: "Pretty good work. All right, I'll help. Now get out, my head hurts."

(Morgan leaves smiling as we CUT-TO: Ross and Wiseman)

T.R: “And it looks like Stephen Morgan was successful in securing Manson and Anarky’s assistance in tonight’s main event. “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan will meet Maelstrom in a battle for the GLCW Heavyweight title, and Morgan’s got a huge advantage with Manson and Anarky in his corner.”

R.W.: “That’s right, Tony, but if anyone can beat the odds tonight, it’ll be Maelstrom. That man has cut a swath throuh Great Lakes Championship Wrestling, going toe-to-toe with the biggest names in our sport and coming out on top almost EVERY time.”

T.R.: “Ladies and gentlemen, coming up next we’ve got Jared Poe taking on Nemesis for the GLCW Television Title. Nemesis has been racking up quite a string of victories in recent weeks, and he’s got an impressive resume behind him. But we’ve all seen what Jared Poe is capable of, and he’s not going to give up his title belt without a fight.”

R.W.: “That’s for sure. Poe earned that belt in a hard-fought battle against the Jobber, but he maintains that this is more about inflicting pain than holding on to the ‘trinket’ around his waist.”

T.R.: “Let’s take a look at the action.”

(CUT-TO: Nemesis making his way to the ring. CUT-TO: Poe standing at the top of the ramp, the Television Title around his waist. CUT-TO: Poe and Nemesis in the middle of the ring as the referee holds the TV title high overhead. CUT-TO: Nemesis and Poe locking up. Poe nails a snap suplex and follws up quickly with a legdrop. Nemesis quickly gains his feet, and lands a couple of right fists before firing Poe into the ropes. Nemisis with a powerslam and a hook of the leg, but Poe kicks out at one. Nemesis brings Poe back to his feet and unloads with a few knife-edge chops as the crowd WHOOOOS! along. Nemesis nails a vertical suplex and tries to pop the hips and roll through for a second one, but Poe bears down and cinches in a front facelock. Peo brings Nemesis up and drills him with a DDT. Poe rolls into the cover and hooks the leg, but Nemesis kicks out after two. Poe brings Nemesis back up and delivers a pair of stiff rights before firing Nemesis into the ropes. Nemesis comes off the other side and gets taken down by a cross chop from Poe. Poe follows up with a fistdrop and a cover for two. CUT-TO: Both men on their feet. Collar-and-elbow tieup, and Nemesis with a go behind, cinching in a rear waistlock and folding Poe up with a German suplex. Nemesis follows up with an elbowdrop and the cover for two. Nemisis brings Poe back up and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip. Poe ducks under the clothesline and comes off the other side with a Lou Thesz press and a series of stiff right hands. Poe brings Nemesis back up and delivers a sidewalk slam, hooking the leg for a two count. Nemesis regains his feet, and the two men tie up. Nemesis applies an arm wringer into a short-arm clothesline, flooring Poe. Poe sweeps the legs, and both men are down. Poe rolls to the ropes and pulls himself up as Nemesis regains his feet. Poe comes in with a high running knee strike that spins Nemesis around and drops him to one knee. Poe goes with the momentum, coming off the other side with a running dropkick to the face that brings Nemesis down. Poe goes into the cover, and the crowd is on their feet as Nemesis gets the shoulder up again. CUT-TO: Poe applying a standing crossface. CUT-TO: Nemesis reaching the ropes and Poe breaking the hold. CUT-TO: Nemesis hitting a side Russian legsweep, and bringing Poe back up for a full nelson slam. Nemesis goes into the cover, but Poe gets the shoulder up after two. CUT-TO: Poe and Nemesis brawling in the center of the ring. CUT-TO: Poe whipping Nemesis into the corner, and following up with a big clothsline. Poe brings Nemesis up for a superplex, but Nemesis pushes Poe off and nails a flying fistdrop from the top rope. Nemesis brings Poe back up and goes for an Irish whip. Poe reverses, and Nemesis hits the ropes and gets tied up! Nemesis struggles to free himself, but Poe advances on him and starts hammering him rith right fists. CUT-TO: Minion sprinting down the aisle, steel chair in hand. CUT-TO: Minion sliding into the ring behind Poe, glaring at Nemesis. Poe is still pounding away at Nemesis, and after a moment’s hesitation Minion nails Poe from behind, flooring him with the chair. The referee sees it and disqualifies Nemesis, calling for the bell. Minion glares at Nemesis, sliding out of the ring as security arrives. Nemesis is freed from the ropes and heads over to check on Poe. Time of the match: 21:02)

T.R.: “What a back-and-forth match between Nemesis and Jared Poe. Rick, what was your take on Minion’s involvement?”

R.W.: “I’m not entirely sure. Minion may have been looking to cost Nemesis the match as payback for last week’s Wired. On the other hand, Minion may have been trying to help Nemesis. If Nemesis had secured the TV title, Minion may have had himself a shot at the belt at Ringlords 1.”

T.R.: “Either way, you’ve gotta believe that Nemesis is not going to take it lightly. Minion may have cost Nemesis the Television title, and Nemesis is going to be seeking revenge at Ringlords. And what a show of sportsmanship by Nemesis, going to check on the fallen Poe.”

R.W.: “That’s a refreshing change, Tony. All too often these days matches are tainted, and nobody has any respect for anyone else. It’s nice to see someone showing some compassion for a talented competitor like Jared Poe.”

T.R.: “Speaking of unsportsmanlike, folks, that brings us to our main event. “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan makes his bid for Maelstrom’s Heavyweight title.”


R.W.: “Stephen Morgan poses a serious threat to Maelstrom’s championship, especially since he purchased the services of Michael Manson and Anarky. You’ve gotta wonder how their involvement is going to affect this matchup.”

T.R.: “This is also a dangerous situation for Morgan, since any … “aid” by Manson and Anarky on his behalf might wind up costing him the prize he covets. Let’s go to the action.”

(CUT-TO: Morgan making his way to ringside, a sneer on his face. He struts and swaggers down to the ring. CUT-TO: Morgan standing in the ring, motioning back up the ramp for Manson and Anarky, but nothing happens. Morgan looks a little confused as Maelstrom’s music begins to play and Maelstrom stalks down to the ring with the World title slung over his shoulder to a huge reaction. CUT-TO: Maelstrom and Morgan in the ring as the bell rings. Morgan looks around for Manson and Anarky, but they’re nowhere to be seen. CUT-TO: Mealstrom trying to lock up with Morgan, but Morgan slides out of the ring. The ref keeps Maelstrom inside as the fans unleash a chorus of boos. CUT-TO: Morgan making his way slowly into the ring, keeping an eye on Maelstrom the whole time. CUT-TO: Maelstrom looking to lock up, but Morgan grabs hold of the ropes. CUT-TO: Maelstrom advancing on Morgan. Morgan stops him with an eye rake, sliding out of the ring when Maelstrom takes a swipe at him. Maelstrom storms around the ring, cursing at Morgan. The ref grabs Maelstrom to stop him from going outside after Morgan. Maelstrom starts arguing with the ref, backing him into the corner. CUT-TO: Morgan sliding in behind Mealstrom and delivering a low blow. CUT-TO: Morgan and Maelstrom locking up. Morgan slides around to the rear and plants Maelstrom with a sambo suplex. Morgan follows up with a fistdrop before slapping on an armbar. CUT-TO: Maelstrom forcing the break with a thumb to the eye, but recieveing a face full of dropkick as he tries to stand. CUT-TO: Manson and Anarky coming through the curtain and sauntering down to ringside. Manson is carrying the cheese sculpture, now headless. CUT-TO: Morgan hitting an inverted Tiger suplex on Maelstrom. CUT-TO: Michael Manson at ringside, taking a bit out of cheesy Manson. CUT-TO: Morgan brings Maelstrom back up and whips him into the ropes. Morgan tries for a hurricanrana, but Maelstrom reverses into a powerbomb and drops quickly into the cover. Morgan kicks out after two and Mealstrom begins putting the boots to him. CUT-TO: Maelstrom flooring Morgan with a running big boot to the face. Maelstrom follows up with a series of elbowdrops. He brings Morgan back up and plants him with a Dragon suplex, bridging into the cover for two. Morgan regains his feet and hits Maelstrom with a series of deep armdrags. Maelstrom quicky recovers, nailing a suspended vertical suplex. Maelstrom brings Morgan up again, hitting a sit-out choke bomb. CUT-TO: Anarky, throwing his hands up in disgust as he walks away from the ring. CUT-TO: Stephen Morgan watching incredulously as Anarky leaves the ring area. CUT-TO: Morgan pleading to Manson for help. Manson just shrugs, takes another bite of his sculpture, and walks away. CUT-TO: Maelstrom advancing on Morgan, grinning as Anarky and Manson leave ringside. CUT-TO: Maelstrom bringing Morgan back up. Morgan hits a desperation rake to the eyes and sets Mealstrom up for a cradle piledriver. Maelstrom reverses into a back bodydrop, and Morgan hits the mat hard. Maelstrom drags Morgan back up and applies the Mortal Sin. CUT-TO: The ref checking Stephen Morgan, raising his hand. It drops once, and the crowd cheers. The ref raises Morgan’s arm a second time, and lets it drop. The crowd is stirred up as the ref raises Morgans hand a third time. It drops, and the referee calls for the bell as the crowd explodes. CUT-TO: Manson and Anarky charging the ring, attacking from behind with a series of clubbing forearms. CUT-TO: Manson and Anarky dumping Maelstrom outside onto the floor. CUT-TO: Jean Rabesque sprinting down the aisle, jumping Anarky and Manson. CUT-TO: Manson, Anarky, Rabesque, and Maelstrom brawling their way up the aisle. They head through the curtain and into the backstage area as security pours in to break it up. Time of the match: 18:35)

R.W.: “Maelstrom retains his title against “Stupendous” Stephen Morgan, but he paid a price for it at the hands of Michael Manson and Anarky."

T.R.: “You can bet we haven’t heard the last of any of these men. What sort of impact is all this going to have at the pay per view? Folks, our time is up! For Rick Wiseman, I’m Tony Ross saying goodnight from Wired! We’ll see you at Ringlords 1!”

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