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Jan 1, 2000
"Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly." -- Langston Hughes

{{...FADE-IN: A flashing neon sign that reads "Johhny White's Hole in the Wall". The shot expands to find Shane Southern sitting alone at a small table on the balcony of the bar. On the table, a long neck Budweiser sweats in the summer heat waiting for its owner to empty it. Southern is dressed for the weather, his attire consisting of a sleeveless Deuce McAllister jersey, blue jean shorts and Nike Tennis shoes. Completing his ensemble is a pair of dark sunglasses, which he removes before speaking to the camera...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Dreams are ah' funny thing ya' know. Ya' work all yer life ta' get within' reach of 'em, you sacrifice all you hold dear just forra' glimpse at them. Then, when they're right there in front of you, waitin'...yer not sure it was YER dream ta' begin with. All mah' life I've worked for ONE goal. Ta' be tha' BEST wrestler on tha' face of tha' earth. All that time, tha' CSWA World Title was tha' symbol of that. Just listen to tha' names...Guns, Randalls, Hornet, Flair, Aho, Windam. Those names are synonymous with greatness...n' that is what I wanted ta' be. At least, that's what I thought. "

" Ever since I've been in tha' CSWA, I've had ah' sole focus. I couldn't SEE what was goin' on 'round me...'cause I was blinded by tha' gold belt. So guys like tha' Intruders and tha' GXW Invasion ran over me. N' I let it happen. Funny thing is, without realizin' it, that's probably what's cost me mah' chance up until now. "

" I know I've been quiet lately. I asked Chad forra' few shows off, n' he agreed. Not only did I need ta' recover from some pretty serious ass-kickin's....I needed ta' heal HERE {{...points to his head...}} as well. I came back to tha' ring a few nights ago in tha' NFW, n' outlasted Hornet inna' thirty minute match. I tell ya' this not ta' brag, or ta' gain any unnecessary praise. I tell ya' this because it was THAT match that brought me out of a FUNK I've been in for quite a long time. I came ta' realize, that when I put mah' mind to ah' task, what I set a goal, there ain't a damn person on tha' planet that can prevent me from gettin' it. "

" That includes YOU Intruders. For weeks now I've sat back, I've LET you have yer fun. You've cut mah' hair, you've mocked me with "missin'" posters, you've attacked me both verbally, and physically, with no retaliation from me. Well, ... " {{...smiles a crooked grin...}}

" Pay-backs ah' BIT*H. "

" 'Cause see not ONLY am I gonna' get some pay-back, but I'm gonna' do it INSIDE tha' ring. I don't need ta' jump ya' in tha' locker room, I don't NEED ta' attack ya' after tha' bell. All I NEED is for you three ta' SHOW yer asses in that ring at SHOWTIME. Then, I'll do, as I've always done, .... I'll win. See, that's where I've gone wrong lately. I've been worried too much about tha' stuff that goes on OUTSIDE of tha' ring. 'Cause I know, that if I focus on what goes INSIDE, that I can not be beaten....and that my goal of being tha' CSWA World Champion, will take care of itself. "

" N' while ya' may think you've gotta' advantage bein' that you're a "team", and you're goin' up against three guys that don't particularly care for each other, let me just tell you, I could care LESS that Triple X is mah' partner. Tha' whole world knows we don't like each other. Same could be said fer Kevin Powers. Personally, I can't stand tha' guy. But in reality, it don't matter a hilla' beans. Both of those men are great wrestlers, n' I can gauran-damn-tee ya' they'll be there with just as much intent at kickin' yer asses as I've got. "

" This comes to ah' head at SHOWTIME gentleman...when for five unlucky guys,... tha'"

" Party's Over. "

{{...SOUTHERN downs the whole bottle of bear, slams it on the table, gets up and walks into the bar. FADE OUT...}}

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