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Dragonsblood's first move


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Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-17-03 AT 07:53 PM (EST)]Fade from black

(You see Jiro Chi in a side street of Chinatown in San Fransisco. You see him walk into a flower shop speaking in chineese he the woman at the counter bows to him and walks into the back. A oriental man in a suit walks up to him and says something in chineese. Dragonsblood smiling then looks at the camera and starts talking.)

DB: (In Chineese)

Man: Jiro Chi is happy that GXW has finally signed him onto the roster. He looks forward to working with all of you and performing for you all.

(The woman comes back out with a bouquet of Chineese Lillies then he gives them back to her. She then walks to the back of the store.)

DB: (In Chineese)

Man: Jiro is happy to be here and hope everyone the best in there upcoming matches.

(The woman comes back out with a box, Jiro pays for the package and bows. Jiro and his translator then walk away.)

Fade to Black
Fade from Black

(The camera comes into focus and you see a Box that says
University Inn Conference Center & Suites
Room 213
3001 Northwestern Ave
Lafayette, IN 47905
It is the same box as the one carried by Jiro Chi in Chinatown. Some money is put down on the box and it is stamped as next day air and priority. The camera pans out and you see Jiro Chi and his Translator at the post office on Beal Street in San Fransisco.)

DB: (In Chineese)

Man: He thanks you for your time.

(They both bow and leave)

DB: (In Chineese)

Man: Yes dinner dose sound good. The Fith Floor sounds good.

Fade to black as the two men walk off laughing.

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