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Dragon Jones


League Member
Jan 5, 2012

Wrestler Name: Dragon Jones
Nicknames: The First, Dragon of the Jones
Billed From: Hamilton, Ontario
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 198.6 lbs
Alignment: Newly baptized from a jokester layabout to a confident heel.

Theme Music: "Hurricane 2000" - Scorpions
Ring Entrance: - The entire audience is wowed and brought into a palpable frenzy (see; bored and annoyed) as the full first minute orchestral intro of Hurricane 2000 is played while clips of Dragon Jones wrecking people is shown to the crowd. As Rudolf Schenker blasts hot fire into the intro, Dragon steps out to the rousing cheer from the fans. (see; fed up, taking a piss, throwing the odd cup) Two lackeys celebrate DJ's grand entrance by setting off small fireworks that are hardly legal to be lit inside of a building. He walks his way to the ring, ignoring any fan who may have a desire for the Jones of old and prepares for his match.

Finisher & Description:
Boneitis (Death Valley Bomb)
Royal Butterfly
To Hell (Snap Double Arm DDT)

Special Moves:
Jones Driver II (Michinoku Driver II, see what I did there?)
Fantastic Damage (Sliding D. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ3HsGGu_lw)
Deejsault (A moonsault that is never landed clean, not for a lack of trying. Always ends up in brutal damage to both opponent and Jones. Which pisses Deej off to no end.)

Every Match Spots:
-Springboard slap to the face
-Taking a well earned break to ignore the fans a little on the outside
-Running Mafia Kick in the corner
-As many European Upppercuts as humanly possible
-Yelling at the ref for just about anything

10-15 Moves:

  1. Backfist
  2. Mafia Kick (Everyone needs one right?)
  3. European Uppercuts (of all shapes and sizes ala Castagnoli)
  4. Leg Lariat
  5. Lariat
  6. Forearms
  7. Chops
  8. Brainbuster
  9. Spinebuster
  10. Snap Suplex
  11. Facebuster
  12. Release German Suplex
  13. Sleeper Suplex
  14. Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
  15. Cobra Clutch

When you hit puberty your body goes through some incredible changes, for Dragon Jones this is also true of being squashed by a very large Asian man. Happy-go-lucky Dragon was transformed in an instant to the FIRST after attempting the Jan Gin Xiao body slam challenge. He is now a confident man looking to wash away the sting of past "success". He is driven to be the first holder of the Intergalactic Championship to bring fame and pride to himself and show his large wrestling family that he isn't the black sheep they think he is.

He recently started smoking clove cigarettes.

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