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DRAFT AID #3: Tag Teams


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Jun 18, 2004
In a tag team round and don't know whom to pick? Well, here's a list of teams that have at least one match's experience as a tag team. Granted, many of them may be gone by the time your tag pick rolls around from the singles rounds, but it's worth a look.

Beast and Necromancer
Mikey F'n W and Liquid Snake
Jericoholic Anonymous and Canadian Hitman
Necromancer and Lady Rebellion
Liquid Snake and Jericoholic Anonymous
Jericoholic Anonymous and Mikey F'n W
Torgo and Leatherface
Gladiator and Big Dog
Chip Friendly and Jeffery Bellview
Euclid and Druid
Euclid and Big Dog
Housefly and Beast
Jeff Bishop and Alex Chavez
Lindsay Troy and Beast
Ken Cloverleaf and Steven Shane
Beast and Housefly
Spoiler and Freakfish
Prisoner 187 and Slambo the Clown
Jericoholic Anonymous and Euclid
Richard Farnswirth and Chip Friendly
Chip Friendly and Slambo the Clown
Torment and Haven
Jack Gilkison and Eddie Weston
Tate Weston and Shane Weston
Big Dog and Dan Ryan
Jericoholic Anonymous and Canadian Luchador
Chip Friendly and Steven Shane
Beast and Kanna Kirishima
AJ Cirrus and Promo
Mammoth and Mastadon
Professor Tremendous and El Tremendo
Professor Tremendous and Tyrone the Tidy Giant
Professor Tremendous and Allworld
Professor Tremendous and Star Rider
Professor Tremendous and Tuss (sensing a trend? ;))
El Nino and Aussie B
Aussie B and PILE
Mr. Amazing! and Sweet Jesus Funk
PILE and Sweet Jesus Funk
BobbyR and Docawesome
BobbyR and Tornado DDT
Docawesome and Tornado DDT
Hida Yakamo and The Great Yamada
The Great Yamada and Akira Otsuka
Abel and Cain
Duchess and Kanna Kirishima
Maggot and Guerilla
Freakshow and Duchess
BobbyR and Vinman
Hida Yakamo and Justin Evitable
Mango and Meatbag
Torment and Mr. Hyde
Andrew Gilkison and Mr. Amazing!
Andrew Gilkison and The Spoiler
Hida Yakamo and Yori Yakamo, Jr.
Jack Blade and AJ Cirrus
Jack Blade and Andrew Gilkison
Kanna Kirishima and Josh Novell
Duchess and Jack Blade
Hoss Garrison and Jake McCody
Ace Mason and Fusenshoff
Mac Forest and Nate MacNally
Eric Hyde and The Boogie Man
Ravage and A
Max and Jecht
Priest and Eisenkreuz
Lindsay Troy and Christian Sands
Joey Melton and Cameron Cruise
Golem and X-Ecutioner
Max Hopper and Jasin Bondage
Patrick Davis and Fanatic
Bryan Storms and Matt Johanssen
Shawn Hart and Ulysis Solian
Rob and Jacob Franklin
Simply Beautiful and Vangellus Oxios
Erik Black and Ivan Dalekchev
Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy
Kyle Roberts and Bruce Richards
Lindsay Troy and Sonny Silver
Lindsay Troy and Danny Ferguson
Lindsay Troy and Joey Melton
Captain Suleimon and Jack Murphy
The Codemaster and Coral Avalon
Ethan Knight and Horace Tully
Danny Ferguson and The Illustrious Face Eater
Danny Ferguson and Chet Worth
Danny Ferguson and Chandler Tsonda
The Illustrious Face Eater and Mike Wade
The Illustrious Face Eater and Chandler Tsonda
Tim and Liam Martin
Wesley Reno and Phil Allen
Butterfly Hamada and the Green Grappler
Craig Miles and Eddie Mayfield
Eli Flair and Hornet
High Flyer and Rana Venenosa
Damon Blackburn and Big Wreck
Damon Blackburn and Drunken Tiger
Jean Claude and Pierre
Rob Franklin and Nakita Dahaka
Adam Benjamin and Chandler Maxwell
Tyler Hensen and Sherman Wentworth
Dan Ryan and Beast
Larry Tact and Robbie Wright
Mephisto and Blue Cat
Bloodhunt and Golem
Noble Shiek and Psycho
Steve Johnson and Jean Rabesque
Powermaster and Roderick McRatrick (!)
Jason Payne and Chris McMillian

This is only a partial list. I'll add more as they come.
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