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Jun 18, 2004
Are you looking for a mid-to-late round pick, but you still would like to have some main event caché? You'd think all the World Champions are gone by the time the later rounds hit, but you'd only be right if you considered the A1, FW and near-angle fed worlds. If you're looking for some main event pop, try the PTC world of e-feds. Just in case you don't want to be stuck drafting someone that you have no clue about, there are more than a few folks who have ties to the FW world. Those guys are as follows:

Angelo Deville - Perhaps the most famous PTC personality across the landscape, he won GTT3, ruled PRIME with an iron fist and had a cup of coffee in NFW's Season II.

Jay Phoenix - He was runner-up of the first ever GTT, and should have won due to his opponent winning via plagiarism. He was also the runner-up in the most recent GTT. FW heads may know him best as the current CSWA Presidential Champion.

Nova - Currently PRIME's Universal Champion and former PTC Extreme Champion, you can find the funkadelic Rising Star running amok in NFW's Western Conference.

Karina Wolfenden - She's got a PTC Global and a PRIME Universal Championship under her belt as well as other PRIME fed accolades. You may know her from the TEAM Tournament of Champions, where she placed 5th.

Jake Hix - Perhaps the most dominant star in Global history, he's a former Champion there. He has also made a pretty good name for himself in the TEAM ToC, finishing 4th.

Chris Storm - He's a former PTC Global Champion and UWF superstar, and he participated in the most recent TEAM Invitational Tournament.

Tony "The Grin" Gamble - Another PRIMEate, he's the current reigning Jewel in the Crown and a former PRIME Internet and 5-Star Champion. He won a match in the TiT to boot.

Devin Shakur - Yet another from the land of PRIME, Shakur made it into the second round of the TiT as well.

Brandon Youngblood - He's a veteran of more than a few PTC feds, and he's made his impact in the near-angle fed world as well, participating in tSC and ACW to name a few. Almost competed in NFW this season as well :p

Doctor Curiosity - PTC fans will recognize him as GTT4 Champion and XUW Intercontinental and (former) World Champion. FW and angle fedders will recognize him as the longest reigning fWo Cruiserweight Champion of all time, JAH~!

Hoyt Williams - He's a former PRIME Universal and PTC Extreme Champion, but FWland remembers his near-upset of Dan Ryan in the second round of the TiT.

Duke Williams - In PTC's PCW, Duke's a HOFer, and he's using that legacy to try and get his FW version of the legendary fed off the ground.

Violence Jack - The PTC mainstay and GTT6 runner-up has made some inroads in the angle fed world, primarily in ACW and tSC.

And here are some names that you may not have heard of, but are worth noting as PTC notables anyway.

Clinton Sage - Current FUSE superstar and PTC Global Champion
Dusk - Current PRIMEate and PTC Extreme Champion
Sun Tzu - PRIME 5-Star Champion
John Covel - FUSE Universal Champion and winner of Infinite Gauntlet round 29
The Uber Judge - Longest reigning IG Champion ever
"The Renegade" Rich Rollins - Former PRIME and GCW legend, GTT5 Champion
Jason Snow - PRIMEate, member of the F*ck You! stable and GTT6 Champion
The Illustrious Face-Eater - Dual PRIME and AWC legend
Garbage Bag Johnny - Last year's blog Rookie of the Year and former AWC Transatlantic Champion
Pierce Lavelle - Arguably the greatest of the former AWCers, a three-time former Transatlantic Champion
Tchu - Two-time former PRIME Universal Champion and the 2007 Dual Halo winner
Killean Sirrajin - Two-time former PRIME Universal Champion and proof that Jarret's not the only e-fedder in Winnipeg :eek:
Danny Ferguson - PRIME's Leading Man, he's a current and former PRIME Tag Team Champion and a former holder of the 5 Star Championship and placeholder of the Intense Championship when Facey blew up (don't ask)
Jack Murphy - He's held nearly every AWC title there was to hold, although he pals around with that Suleimon loser ;)
Archibald MacGregor - Remains the only free agent to hold a PTC title in history
Xavier Kannon - Mat Waters' most famous PTC character, PCW legend and the most notable Scientologist in eW history
Lia Ambrosi - The former Shadow is the current GCW World Champion and a former PTC Global Champion
Ivan Stanislav - DYAHAHHAAHAHHA! The Communist giant is an OSW legend.
Trashcan Man - The schizophrenic hardcore icon of PRIME
Kimbusa - GCW's answer to Yokozuna and the former PTC Global Champion
Chandler Tsonda - Former PRIME 5 Star Champion and GTT5 Semifinalist
AgentDash - He won the Grand Slam Package at AWC Triangles '06 (too bad he couldn't use it!) and made it to the semifinals of GTT6
Damien Cruz - Former PRIME Alias Champion and FUSE Universal Champion
Digital Mortality - Current Global Star, he has a rep for knocking PRIMEates out of PTC tournaments
Anton Assault - Former AWC Frontier Champion and master shootfighter

Of course, if you have any more, feel free to add them to the list!
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