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Double Debut: Devastator v McCormick

Red Devastator

League Member
Jun 26, 2004
Ghosts of the past - part 1

Ghosts Of The Past – part 1

October 11, 1978 – Damian is 4 years old. He is just a kid in an average American family. His father is working as an accountant and his mother is a housewife.

8:27 p.m. – Damian is sitting on the floor and watching TV as his dad approaches him.

Dad: Damian, it is late. You should go to bed.

Don’t forget that Damian is a little kid who usually gets what he wants. His parents have spoiled him by now.

Damian: Can I please stay. This is such a good movie.

Dad: No, son. It is late. You need to go to sleep.

If you are a little kid, 8:30 is a time to go bed.

Damian turns towards his mom.

Damian: Mom, can I please stay and watch TV just a little bit more?

Mom: Oh alright, but only 20 more minutes.

Dad: But honey …

Mom: Let him stay.

Damian: Thank you, thank you!

Damian jumps up and sits in between his parents. We start slowly fading away from a perfect family.

The End of Flashback

Red Devastator is sitting in a dark room, all by himself. His long, red hair is covering is menacing face. He is holding a photo album in his big hands. As he slowly flips through the pages of the album, we can see that most of the spots where pictures are suppose to be are empty. After going through a couple of pages, we can finally see one picture. It is a picture of Damian’s parents. Red Devastator picks up the picture and looks at it. His head is hung down.

11:48 p.m. – Everybody in he house is sleeping as the gas line in the kitchen breaks. Slowly, the gas starts filling out the kitchen. Then, the living room is next. As we watch a very dangerous situation develop in the kitchen, Damian’s father gets up. He walks out of the bed room and steps in the living room

Maybe he will be able to stop the gas from leaking.

He sits down on a sofa. A small table counter is set up in front of him, and a pack of cigarettes is laying on the counter. The father picks up the pack and drags one of the cigarettes out.

You know, smoking is not good for your health, especially if you have a gas leak in your house.

The man puts the cigarette in his mouth and lights it up. As the first spark comes out, a horrible explosion can be heard. Damian’s father burns to his death on the spot. The whole kitchen and the living room are in flames. Damian’s mom hears the explosion. She exits the bed room and sees the flames spreading throughout the house. The next thing she sees is her dead husband’s remains laying on the floor, and that makes her scream as hard as you will ever hear someone scream. But somehow, she collects her thoughts and runs into the room where Damian is sleeping. She grabs Damian out of his bed and quickly starts running towards the exit. But as she runs through a blazing inferno, a big piece of the ceiling falls onto her head and knocks her out. Damian falls out of her arms. He immediately catches fire, but doesn’t scream. Instead, he starts calling his mother.

Damian: Mom, are you okay.

No answer is heard.

Damian: Mom, get up, we must leave.

No answer again. Damian is not giving up just yet.

Damian: Mom, please get up … please …

His mom caught fire, too. Damian looks at her burning to her death, but is suddenly distracted as he looks at his own body and it is burning out as well. He can’t feel any pain though. But all the smoke and flames make him fade out at the end …

The End of Flashback

We cut back in the dark room. Red Devastator’s head is still hung down. He takes the picture and puts it away. Then, he turns the page in the album and takes another picture out. His body has a bunch of burns and scratches on that picture. He looks very young, too. RD looks at the picture for a moment before he starts slowly shaking his head.

12:24 a.m. – We’re in the hospital. A whole bunch of doctors and nurses are surrounding Damian’s burned body. They are trying to revive him.

Surgeon: Clear!

A big, electric shock goes through Damian’s body. It is not strong enough. His hear is not beating.

Surgeon: Give me 40 CC. Clear!

Another shock goes through Damian’s body. This time, his heart starts beating. And he opens up his eyes. Everybody is glad that he’s alive, but they are freaked out that he woke and is not complaining about any pain.

Surgeon Assistant: Are you okay, honey?

Damian doesn’t say a word. He is still in a great shock.

Surgeon: We must operate now. Put an Anastasia mask over his face, so we can start.

Damian looks up. He sees all the doctors and nurses surrounding him. Then, a big mask comes down onto his face, and soon, his memory fades out.

Next Day, 4:12 p.m. – Damian opens up his eyes. Everything seems so blurry. He can hear a couple of voices though.

Voice 1: This is unbelievable.

Voice 2: Indeed. This kid seems to be pain-resistant.

Voice 1: I’ve heard about this condition before, but have never seen someone with it.

Voice 2: What was it called? Analgesia, I believe?

Voice 1: Congenital Analgesia. This kid was born like this.

Damian interrupts their conversation.

Damian: Mom, Dad, are you there?

Both doctors quickly rush towards him.

Voice 1: Your parents are not here.

Damian: Where are they?

Voice 2: Damian, they are … dead.

Damian: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Damian tries to get out of the bed. One of the doctors tries to restrain him, but he’s way too much out of control.

Voice 1: Get me some of that anaesthetic!

Second doctor quickly takes the anaesthetic needle and stabs Damian with it injecting him with it. Damian slowly looses his conciseness again.

The End of Flashback:

We cut back in the dark room. Red Devastator puts the album away. He finally turns towards the cameras. His hair is still covering his face. Slowly, he uses his hands to put the hair out of his face. And as he removes the last strain of hair out of his face, we can a face full of scars and bruises. It is not a pretty sight to see, but a darkness of the room is still covering it up. Devastator stares at the camera angrily as the lighting strikes and a flash from it comes across his face exposing it completely.

Fade out.


League Member
Jun 14, 2004
Anarchy Rules

Dylan stepped through the doorway in front of him and into the world of a television studio set up just for him and his interviewer. This wasn’t the first time he had been in some sort of television studio and it probably wouldn’t be his last, but he was still nervous.

There he stood, in the shadow of the doorway, no one noticing him, studying the clothes he wore as he tried to get of the nerve to walk into the studio. He hadn’t know what to wear that morning as he dressed himself, so he let Stacy pick out his clothes. His shoes< the black and blue DC skates he normally wore; his high, black socks and long, black shorts; his trademark, blue net-mesh shirt with the black cut-off with a blue anarchy symbol on it.

He grinned his cocky grin, knowing she knew him all to well. He would have worn the same thing if he had picked out his own clothing. With this thought his confidence came flooding back into his brain. Dylan had never been afraid of anything, why should he let this little interview scare him. This was his chance to make a first impression on everyone in the New Era of Wrestling. His adrenaline surged.

Stacy flipped on the small television set in her and Dylan studio apartment and laid back on the bed with a bowl of popcorn. She was ready to see Dylan in his prime, ready to see him taking over the air waves and starting his tenure as a superstar in the New Era of Wrestling.

“3…2… 1…” Dylan heard this and saw the shadowy figure point to where Dylan and his interviewer, Jason Tripp, sat in front of a rolling camera. The NEW theme music started and faded to a low murmur as Jason began to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I have a special guest with me. He is one of the newest face to be seen in the New Era of Wrestling. His name is Dylan McCormick, and he is here to talk about his debut match, where he will be facing the other new star, the monster, The Red Devastator. “

Dylan smirked, his cockiness flooding the area as if there was nothing in the world that could stop him and he knew it. At the same time Jason Tripp started in with his first question. “So, Dylan, what do you think about the New Era of Wrestling and how do you think you…”

Dylan, suddenly becoming very loud and cocky sounding interrupted ferociously, “Hey, no stupid questions. I am here to talk about my match with The Red Deafinator, or Masturbator, or Ejaculator or what ever he calls himself.”

“That would be Devastator,” Jason said matter of factly.

“Yeah that guy. What does he say he has, some disease that lets him not feel pain or some **** like that?” Dylan asked, not really wanting a response, but knowing he was going to get one.

Jason replied to the bait better than Dylan ever could of hoped for. “Well, the disease is called…”

“DID I ASK YOU WHAT THAT **** IS CALLED?” Dylan cut in before Jason could even finish his statement. “No I didn’t, so I would appreciate it if you would shut up while I am talking. You are just like a little kid, you only should speak when spoken to. Only when you are asked a question. Got that?”

Jason choked out his response, not knowing exactly what to say. “Ye… yeah. Yes I do.”

“Good, now let me talk so I can take care of the more important things, like my girlfriend Stacy, who declined the invitation to come and listen to me run my mouth.” Dylan smirked with an even bigger flare of cockiness. “So we have this guy called The Red Masturbator, right. Too scared to even use his real name, because the crowd is going to take one look at this big guy and say, what the **** is a big, dumb, lump of human waste like this doing in a god ring. Then they are going to look at me, and they are going to see the finest specimen of a crazy, daredevil, highflying mother ****er out there that they will **** their pants.”

Dylan leaned back in his chair, pushing on to two legs where he could balance it, and smiled. “Then what he has this crazy ass, can’t feel no pain disease. Who cares? I know I don’t. That **** scares me just about as much as my first sky diving experiment when I was 18. It don’t scare me, and it don’t phase me. He might not feel it when I bounce his brain off the inside of his skull, but it will still knock his ass out. He won’t feel it when I blow his knee out with a steel folding chair, but he won’t be able to stand because the joint looks like it is made of Jell-O.”

Dylan paused giving Jason what he thought was a chance to get a word in edgewise. “But Dylan, what about his size and strength?”

Dylan stared at the interviewer with a cross look to his eyes, but never lost his cocky smile. “I am going to let that one slide because you brought a good point. You see, he may be big, but in my limited experience, that means slow. He may be powerful, but that probably means he is dumb. He could not be like that, but I doubt. If he thinks showing me images of himself as a child, bursting into flames and beating up little kids is going to scare me, than he has another thing coming. I am the epitome of fearless, I thrive of the rush of adrenaline the high that lawlessness brings. It is to bad that he doesn’t realize that I have never been scared of anything in my life, and I never will be.”

Dylan again paused, but as Jason was about to pipe up, he shot a hard look in the poor interviewer’s direction that made him shrink back into his hole of silence. “I am going to leave you with this, I could loose, but so could he. I am not going to cower in fear because he is bigger than me. That goes against everything I stand for. It is just like what you are doing right now. You are weaker than Mr. Tripp, and because I have asserted myself you have shied away. I have lost more respect for you tonight than if I didn’t know you. Assert yourself and no one can hold you back. Be lawless where laws rule all, and be an Anarchist when the police come knocking, because that is the only way to really win. That is what I plan to show this Red Ejaculator fellow, that Anarchy RULES!”

Dylan jumped to his feet, shot a cocky grin at the camera and slowly walked of the stage as Jason Tripp came out of his shell to close out the program. He was ecstatic with the result of his performance.

Stacy silently screamed when Dylan had finished. She was excited and couldn’t contain herself. She ran to the bathroom and started a shower. Tonight they were going out, her treat.

Red Devastator

League Member
Jun 26, 2004
Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts Of The Past – part 2

We cut in an abandoned building in an urban area. A metal hanging sign has Orphanage written on it. And being curious as we always are, we enter. It is a huge building with a huge entrance hall. As we walk through the hall, we can see broken glass and fallen painting all over the place. And everything is covered with a lot of spider webs. We continue on walking. Walls are all dirty and dusty, and a window ahead of us is broken. It is a disturbing place to be in and look at. But that ain’t stopping us. A couple of doors are located on the sides of a hallway. We enter one of them. It is empty. And as we enter the room, we can feel the memories reliving themselves.

Fade out…

September 3, 1979 – After a horrible fire, Damian had lost both of his parents. He was badly burned and injured himself. That is why he had to stay in the hospital for more than 9 months. And now, he has nowhere to go. His parents have moved to Washington D.C. a couple of years ago themselves, and nobody can trace where they were before that. The only think anyone can do for Damian is put him into the orphanage and then hope that somebody’s heard will be big enough to accept him into his own family.

And that’s how the story begins. On September 3rd 1979, Damian was checked into an orphanage. The first thing he had to do was meet the other kids. One of the ladies who worked there took him by his arm. He walks with him through the hall, and they entered the first room on the right side. This is a room where kids learn how to write, read, and other basics of education. As the lady enters the room, all of the kids turn around towards her. Behind her, shy as always, Damian walks in. But he is not just another kid. That fire from a year ago has left a big mark on his body. His face has burns on it, and a huge scar can be seem by his right eye. Also, his left arm has a 20 inch scar on it. When you are a kid, you are easily scared of looking at an image of that sort. So, I guess, we can’t blame all of other kids for getting freaked out and screaming when they saw Damian. Damian was scared himself. He turned around and ran away. He wanted to run as fast as lightning, but he couldn’t. Soon, he was caught by one of the other employees. They made him reenter the same room again. This time, kids did not scream. But they didn’t like him either. He was an outsider.

The very next day, he was forced to come into the same room again. There was a teacher in there. She was teaching the kids the alphabet.

Teacher: Who can tell what the first letter of alphabet is?

Some girl that was sitting a couple of seats away from Damian rises her hand.

Teacher: Yes?

Girl: A, Ms. Hoover.

Teacher: That is correct. Now, who can tell what the last letter is.

A boy in the first seat to the teacher rises his hand.

Teacher: Yes, Tommy?

Tommy: Z, Ms. Hoover.

Teacher: You’re right. Good job, Tommy.

Tommy: Thank you, Ms. Hoover.

Teacher: Now, who can tell me the first 5 letters in the right order?

Most of the kids raise their hands this time. Damian is not one of them. The teacher walks towards Damian.

Teacher: Damian, do you know the answer?

Damian looks at her and shakes his head. Then, he turns to the side and hangs his head.

Teacher: It is okay. You’ll learn, Damian.

Some of the kids turn their heads towards Damian in disbelief that he can’t spell the first 5 letters of the alphabet. Some of them start underhandedly laughing at him, while others start whispering. Damian notices this and hangs his head down even more.

Flashback Ends …

We’re back in that same room now. It is so empty and lifeless. A wind blows through the broken window knocking a piece of glass bottle of a table. It smashes against the floor giving us all creeps in our backs. All that weirdness makes us leave the room. We continue walking down the hall. And as we reach the end, we look out of the window. We see what used to be a playground. Now, it is abandoned with a bunch of broken metal covering it. And the flow of the memories makes us loose our train of thoughts again.

May 25, 1983 – Almost 4 years have passed since Damian came to the orphanage. The chances of somebody accepting him into a family are slimmer by the day. It is just the matter of days before he turns nine, and not many parents want kids that age. They usually like taking kids that are small or even babies. That way, they get to raise those kids right and have more time to do so. Today, it is a beautiful day outside. Kids are playing games, and everything seems to be happy. But things are not always the way they look. As we focus onto the corner of a building, we can see Damian standing there. 6 or 7 other kids are surrounding him. Most of those kids are older than he is, but they are not bigger. Still, there is more of them. One of the kids approaches him.

Kid: Didn’t I tell you not to come here, freak!?

Damian doesn’t answer. The kid continues.

Kid: Now, you will have to be punished. Give me those shoes!

Damian: No! They’re mine.

The other kids walk towards him.

Kid: Give me those shoes, or I will beat you up.

This statement is ironic because the kid is a lot smaller than Damian. Damian could probably knock him out with one punch, but he has his friends with him.

Damian: I can’t give you my shoes. I gave you my hat last week and I got yelled for it. They thought I lost it.

Kid: That’s too bad. Freaks are not suppose to be wearing shoes. Now give them to me.

Damian: I will not!

The kid jumps on Damian and attacks him. For some reason, Damian does not defend himself. He does not feel any pain at all. But soon, all of the other kids jump on him, and take him to the ground. They take of their shoes, and kick him while he is still down. Damian busts up his knee and elbow, and the kids back off. Damian pulls himself up. The kids come around him again and leave him only 1 way out.

Kid: Leave now.

Damian starts backing away.


Damian starts running away as other kids start chanting freak.

Flashback Ends …

We’re back in the hall. But why are we there in the first place. I have a feeling that we are about to find out. We look to the left side. There is a door standing there. We enter, and see Red Devastator standing there. His long, red hair is covering his menacing face. He is standing by a desk and holding a framed picture in his hands. After a couple of moments of silence, he breaks the frame in half and throws it against the wall. It smashes and the picture falls on the floor. Then, he turns towards us. As soon as we see him, we run fast. We run for our lives. Our cameraman drops the camera down and runs behind us. And we continue on running, until we’re far away from the entire building.

In the meantime…

In the room, Red Devastator picks the camera up. He lays it against the wall on a desk then gets in front of it. The camera is zoomed out, so it catches his body from the waist up. And for the first time since he came to New Era of Wrestling, Red Devastator speaks up with a low pitched, angered voice.

Red Devastator: Dylan McCormick … you have no idea of what are you getting yourself in! They’ve hurt me throughout my life, but I never felt pain. They talked down to me, but I never felt ashamed. They told me I was mental, but all along, I was more sane than they were. I am not showing you images of my body burning to scare you. I am doing that so I could show you who you are dealing with. Will you be afraid? I don’t know, and I don’t care. You think that you stand a chance to beat me? Think so. You think I am slow and stupid? Think so. But when we meet, one on one, you will find out what the reality is. And it won’t be pretty. I promise that …

RD stares at the camera as out of nowhere, the whole room is set on fire. He laughs madly exposing the parts of his scary face.

Fade out.


League Member
Jun 14, 2004

Stacy had slept through the interview she told Dylan she would be attentively listening to. It was broadcast over the internet on The New Era of Wrestling’s website, and for some reason she wasn’t able to get access to the site earlier in the day.

She now sat in front of their shared notebook computer, which she had pulled from the desk to her lap as she sat on the bed they also shared. Dressed in only a sports bra and a pair of flannel pants, Stacy read furiously through the transcript of the interview.

As she read a smile occasionally danced across her face, but she was rather solemn and serious about the whole ordeal.

— Earlier that Day —

Dylan had walked through the New Era’s web broadcasting studio to stares of disbelief. Most of the people were dressed in nothing less than a collared shirt and dress slacks, and some even wore suits. Dylan, however, was dressed in his usual t-shirt over blue mesh, cut off jeans, high socks, and a pair of blue and black DC skating shoes.

Mumbles and whispers came from the different areas of the offices as he walked through to the studio. Dylan payed them no mind, flaunting his cockiness as he moved towards the recording studio. He was there for a reason, and he didn’t care what people thought of him.

He stepped through the door to the studio and shook his head at the man who greeted him. It was the same man who gave him his last interview, Jason Tripp. As he approached with an outstretched arm, Dylan took his hand but rolled his eyes sarcastically.

“We will be live in a couple of minutes. You will sit there,” Jason said, pointing to a chair that had a microphone and a set of head phones next to it, “and I will sit across from you. I don’t intend to ask you more than one question in this interview. And I can suffice to say that it I don’t believe it is a stupid question.”

Dylan dropped Jason’s hand and moved to his seat. “Good,” he said as he slid into it and picked up the headphones.

Jason moved to his own chair, quickly taking a seat and putting on his own headphones. As soon as he got the thumps up he started the broadcast.

“Welcome to this special addition of New Era on the Net. I am your host, Jason Tripp. Toady I have a special guest that, I feel, has already made an impact on myself, and in time, could make an impact on The New Era of Wrestling itself. His name, Dylan McCormick.”

Jason paused for a brief second and nodded to Dylan before continuing. “Welcome to the show Dylan. Now, I know from our last encounter you don’t like stupid questions, so I am going to make this a short and sweat interview. I only have one question for you, and after that the floor is yours to discuss anything you would like.”

Dylan grinned his cocky little, “Good.”

“Alright. Now, Dylan, we know you will face The Red Devastator in your debut match at the up coming Pay Per View event, Destrucicity. He has been broadcasting images of himself as a child, ones that depict his childhood years. Recently, he has addressed your comments about them being scare tactics. What do you feel he is trying to say by his comments?”

Dylan’s cocky grin became even wider as he listen to Jason ramble on. Finally, when it was his turn to speak, he knew exactly what to say.

“Well, you see Jason, The Red Ejaculator putting these images out there, and then trying to tell me they aren’t scare tactics. What else would you call them?”

At first Jason didn’t answer, thinking this was a rhetorical question, but with a nod from Dylan he ventured his own thoughts. “Well, maybe he is trying to give the fans insight into his own past. You know, trying to get them on his side.”

Dylan shook his head. The answer couldn’t have been any more perfect. “Well, other than cheer for you, what can the fans do? Nothing, Jason, nothing at all. The fact if the matter is that they are scare tactics, and there is nothing in the world that will change that.

“But they do nothing to scare me, nothing at all. All this proves about this man, is that for such a big guy, The Read Masturbator is just a coward. He wouldn’t fight back when people were stealing from and giving him beat downs, then what is he going to do when he steps into the ring with me. Exactly what he did when he was a kid, run.”

Dylan paused and ran a hand through his shoulder length hair. The blue dye stood out on his finger tips as he cam to the ends of his fine blond hair. “As for him putting me into a world of pain, I would gladly invite him to try. As hard as it would be, he has to realize that he knows nothing of pain. You know what pain brings out? Adrenaline. And do you actually know what make makes me tick. It the same thing, it’s that adrenaline. Adrenaline is my drug of choice, and once I get my high, I can do anything, and it would take more than a bullet to the head to stop me.”

Dylan cracked his knuckles into the microphone for effect before finishing up his thoughts. “So, Crapinator, I dare you, I dare you with everything in my body to put me in pain. I dare you with all that I have to give me even more of a high than I will already have. Why? Because there is no way in hell you can stop me when I am soaring, flying like the strongest and fastest bird to take to the skies. No, **** it, like the new Joint Strike Fighter that the military is producing. That fast and that high and with that much firepower.”

Jason cracked a smile, “Well then, Dylan, if you have nothing else to say, I guess this concludes our broadcast. I would like to thank everyone that...

Stacy jumped as the phone rang. “Hello.” She paused. “Hey, baby.” Another pause. “I will meet there in half an hour, just let me get dressed.”

Stacy hung up the phone and set the computer back on the desk. She was proud of Dylan, this was the reason she was attracted to him, his confidence.

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