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Do You Know...The Muffin Man?


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Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* [font color=red]Kin Hiroshi has done it at last! His life long dream is coming to a head. After recapturing gold and attention elsewhere, he has opened up an undefeated record in CSWA. At last, Kin is running with the big boys. There's only one problem. The big boys aren't paying attention, and it's time to turn their heads.

Again, while Kin makes a name for the "little" guy, the underdog, those in charge, and those in power are starring right over his head. As it gets more and more challenging for Kin Hiroshi to grab and tame the limelight, the more fun it gets. After all, he's on the hunt for one thing in CSWA....GOLD

And while others look the other way and think Kin is wallowing in his own glory, The Japanese Thunder is actually plotting. Plotting his way to the top of CSWA.

The time has come to make people look Kin's way. He's ready to do it by force if necessary. Whether it's Evan Aho, Eddy Love, JJ DeVille, or "Fearless" Jones, he's about to turn heads at a break neck speed.

Except for "Fearless" Jones, who at PRIMETIME in San Diego, will just get his neck broken.[/font]

Until PRIMETIME, Kin is planning his first move into the world of CSWA. But where to start? Might as well be with Jones. Kin is already in San Diego preparing for the coming events, when a knock comes on his hotel room door.

KIN HIROSHI: Come in...

* Kin's long time friend Johnny Rage opens the door with the extra key, and struts in. He throws Kin an accussing stare as he sinks into a nearby chair. Kin turns his head from the TV just in time to catch the look. *

KIN HIROSHI: What's your problem? I don't get a hello?

JOHNNY RAGE: Where in hell do you come off acting like that?!?

KIN HIROSHI: Listen, don't get all huffy-puffy with me, Rage. I'll dropkick your tag-along butt back to where you came from.

JOHNNY RAGE: You pretty much did after you pinned Brigsby last week. Why did you leave me in San Jose?

KIN HIROSHI: Oh, that's what this is about? Hey, I was excited, and a little worked-up. I just....forgot about you.

JOHNNY RAGE: Whatever, Kin. See if I help you anymore.

* Kin stands up in a short fit of anger, and points at Rage. *

KIN HIROSHI: Bud, don't make me remind you that you're getting free Hiroshi-Berry Muffins!!!

* Rage stands, and gets in Hiroshi's face, equally as mad. *

JOHNNY RAGE: Don't make me remind you who got you the deal with CSWA in the first place, Kin!

KIN HIROSHI: What?!? Oh, I get it, this is because I'm a minority, isn't it!

JOHNNY RAGE: Kin, get over it! You're only half Japanese. That means you're one half American, and last time I checked a Japanese-American wasn't that big of a minority.

* Kin backs of, and turns his back to Johnny Rage. He lowers his head, and crosses his arms before him. *

KIN HIROSHI: Yeah, but...

* Kin turns back towards Rage with a grin on his face. *

KIN HIROSHI: It is a minority in CSWA.

JOHNNY RAGE: Your point is?

KIN HIROSHI: My point is that I can do anything I want here.

JOHNNY RAGE: Whaaaaaaaa?

KIN HIROSHI: If I get fired, I can sue.

JOHNNY RAGE: For what?

KIN HIROSHI: Racial discrimination.

* At those words Kin stands up tall and proud. Rage, however, falls down into the chair behind him. *

KIN HIROSHI: What now?

JOHNNY RAGE: Are you even concerned with your match at Primetime with "Fearless" Jones? Or are you still thinking about Eddy Love?

KIN HIROSHI: Listen, Eddy is always going to be in the back of my mind. When he left me in GXW, he completely destroyed any chance I had at winning a major belt there. Now, I stand in the same stadium as him every week. I can't let that go. I need answers.

JOHNNY RAGE: Okay, but what about Jones?

KIN HIROSHI: I'm dealing with him. I beat Brigsby, I'll beat him. I haven't even heard of him, in fact. Sounds like he may claim to be "Fearless," but in my book, he's running scared from The Japanese Thunder.

JOHNNY RAGE: *sarcastically* Ka-boom, Kin.

KIN HIROSHI: So now you think I'm just arrogant, huh?

* Johnny stands up and walks towards the door. He opens, and gets half way out when he turns back towards a waiting Hiroshi. *

JOHNNY RAGE: No, Kin, I don't THINK you're arrogant. Everyone KNOWS that you are arrogant. I'll do the scouting this time. I'll be back later with a report on Jones.

* Rage closes the door behind him, and Kin returns to the desk in his room. He takes the pen and pad of paper, and crosses the room to the bed. He plops down, and reaches around the otherside, looking for his dufflebag; which he pulls a deliciously refreshing Hiroshi-Berry Muffin out of. *

KIN HIROSHI: Now that's the best friend Muffins can buy...

* Fade to gold... *

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