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DEFtv 96 Tag Match of Chaos.


May 22, 2017
Edinburgh, UK
Hiii, I thought I'd make a quick note of the tag match for DEFtv 96 so everyone is kept up-to-date. The match is:

Team DEFIANCE: The D/Klein/Mushigihara/Gage Blackwood/Rich Mahogany/Gunther Adler vs. TEAM UTA: Jack Harmen/Chris Ross/Lisil Jackson/Scott Stevens/The Dibbins

Therefore the following clowns are included in writing this:
-Roland (me)

And special guest appearances by a few others who know who they are.

I'll make a google doc shortly and share it with everyone and then get in touch with you all individually about adding your stuff. I can easily take the organization and the main writing parts since it was my idea anyway lol. I'm going to be away the weekend of the deadline so hoping to get this all done throughout this week and next.

Any concerns just let me know on here or message me. :)

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