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DEFtv 121 Runsheet~! (Submission Deadline: Sunday, July 7th, @ 11:59pm PST)


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Submission Deadline: Sunday, July 7th, @ 11:59pm PST
Posting Deadline: Tuesday, July 9th, @ 11:59pm PST

All content must be submitted by the Sunday deadline, or staff must be informed of any delay in advance.

The show will close for submissions Monday Evening, July 3rd, 2019.

If you are late, your stuff won't be on the show.

DEFtv should be treated as a weekly television show. Low / Mid card matches shouldn't exceed 3 pages bell to bell, and main events should only be slightly larger (if necessary). Short is Better. Get in, sell your story, get out.

Staff won't be requesting your segments Backstage for you: you have to do this yourself.
Need a segment not listed on your feud doc? Make it known here, using the SEGMENT TEMPLATE used in ARC docs.

BUT let's not ABUSE this. Add things to your doc and it'll already be here.



Title (if known): Open for Business!
Who is Involved: Oscar Burns, The WrestleFriends, Kerry Kuroyama
NPC/Staff Characters: N/A
Physical Location: In-ring
Card Placement: Opening seg
Writer: Seth, Brian


Who vs Who: FIST of DEFIANCE - Oscar Burns ? vs. Kerry Kuroyama
Booked or Impromptu: Booked
Card Placement: Opener right after opening seg.
Referee: Benny Doyle
Writer: Seth/Brian


Who vs Who: Flex the D vs. BRAZEN TEAM TBD
Booked or Impromptu: Booked*
Card Placement: Early**
Referee: Benny Doyle
Writer: Ford

Title (if known): Are you KIDding me?
Who is Involved: Mikey Unlikely, Scott Stevens
NPC/Staff Characters: Christy Zane
Physical Location: Interview Stage
Card Placement: Early
Writer: Mikey/Scott Stevens


Title (if known): Rain City Rehab Pt. 2 Teaser
Who is Involved: Scott Douglas
NPC/Staff Characters:
Physical Location: Seattle
Writer: Brian


Title (if known): TBD
Who is Involved: Stevens Family
NPC/Staff Characters:
Physical Location: In-Ring
Card Placement: Mid show
Writer: Scott / Tom


Title (if known): Patricide
Who is Involved: HF IV, Lance Warner
NPC/Staff Characters:
Physical Location: Backstage
Card Placement: After Earlier Seg
Writer: Ford


Who vs Who: Andy Sharp vs. ?Bantam? Ryan Batts
Booked or Impromptu: Booked
Card Placement: mid-show
Referee: Carla Ferrari
Writer: Seth


Title (if known):
Who is Involved: Gage Blackwood
NPC/Staff Characters:
Physical Location: Backstage
Card Placement: After Douglas Segment
Writer: Roland

Who vs Who: Elise Ares vs Jack Harmen vs Mikey Unlikely vs Uriel Cortez
Booked or Impromptu: Booked
Card Placement: Main if not taken.
Referee: Hector Navarro
Writer: Mikey & Friends
Match Notes: #1 FIST Contendership on the line.
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