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Debuting Mr. Incredible!!!


Jan 1, 2000
Selden USA
Fade In…

The scene begins on an airplane, a 447 from Las Vegas Nevada heading to Britain. The camera pans to the first class section of the airplane where celebrities and big time businessmen sit and enjoy the ride. On the left hand side you can hear the voice of a man calling a stewardess over to his seat…

Voice … Oh Stewardess! Stewardess!

Stewardess: Yes Sir, What can I do for you?
( A hot brunette comes walking over to the passenger wearing a stewardess outfit with a dress shirt with collar and a skirt that shows allot of leg. She leans down to the passenger and the camera pans to her breasts )

Voice… Please Miss… Call me Johnny

Stewardess: Ok, if that’s what you want Johnny…

Voice… The name is Johnny Starr!! If you haven’t recognized me already!

( The camera pans to his right side but the back of the seat hides away his identity from the lens )

Stewardess: To be honest Mr. Starr, we have to keep all of our first class passengers status confidential. It’s part of the flight rules for the stewardesses.

Starr: I see… Not a problem. Sorry about that, I can’t help get excited when I see a beautiful lady like you.

Stewardess: ( Softly she laughs ) Stop with the compliments! You’re not too shabby yourself. What can I do for you?

Starr: A pillow would be content for me Miss. You see I’m going to try to relax a bit before I land in Britain.

Stewardess: Going on Holiday or Business?

Starr: To be honest I’m not quite sure, I guess both…

… I had been so busy with my life. The success has taken away the fun! So I got on the phone one day with my good friends Erik Zeiba and Chad Dupree a couple of owners of a wrestling organization that coins themselves the GXW!

Stewardess: Ah, another wrestler aboard. We get many from time to time…

Starr: Yes, but I’m not just a wrestler lady… I’m Mr. Incredible Johnny Starr!!! I can’t wait to make my debut at Battleground Britain!! With my fame and fortune in the GXW can only bring them better things! When you step in the ring with Johnny Starr, Mr. Incredible will make you famous!

So boys… I know the anxiety is killing you. Don’t let your nerves bunch up your panty hose! Hide those tails between your legs, Johnny Starr is on his way and you bet your horses business is about to pick up!

Stewardess: Why’s that?

Starr: Because I’m the star! I’m the Star! Mr. Incredible, Johnny Starr!!!

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