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Deacon vs STanley2


Apr 1, 1998
Urbana, OH
(The moon hangs low on the horizon, seemingly just out of reach of the snow covered pines that glisten below it. We pan right and find a cross. We pan down and find a building. We cut inside and find a man who at one time was accustomed to being more than a man. But that is no more. He is not wearing the monk's robe, instead donned in levi jeans, gray/green plaid fannel shirt, & work boots. The church is nothing special, at least not in the "awe-inspiring" way. Where gold or brass might be in a larger church, wood is. Where lights behind the cross might be, only a simple wooden cross nailed to a white plaster wall exists. Deacon is sitting in the front pew, his head down in his hands which are folded together. You might think he is praying, but at this point he isn't. He's simply waiting, the prayer already spoken.)

DEACON: Tough match, Stanley. For everyt’ing that happen outside your match with Adler, it not overshadow skill found inside ring. So with that, I guess we not worry about Presidential title and concentrate on each other. I have it no other way.

T’is never about title. It about us. For you, t’is dream match against someone who never look your way last time he in CSWA. (Deacon turns to camera) Which Deacon you talk of? It was I who did somet’ing never attempted before or after – a lottery entry to face world champion. Anyone could’ve been in ring against me. And for one night, Anyone could’ve been world champion. No politics. No glass ceiling. Simply Opportunity. Havoc got that opportunity. He went under Main event lights for first time. By all accounts, he performed well.

Now, t’is my opportunity. T’is your dream match. T’is my dream. I not under main event lights now. I probably not ready. I watch Showtime from back, and who was main event? Tom Adler versus Lawrence Stanley. We not main event, I know, but lights will be there, crowd will be there. T’is my chance to shine just a bit brighter.

I be honest, t’is tough match for me. I not sure how to approach you. I remember Lawrence Stanley of old, but I hear and see new Lawrence Stanley who seem almost too good to be true. I look for angle to approach t’is match, to get its importance across to fans, but try as I might, I can’t. Maybe I just need to have faith in them to already know t’is match’s importance. I guess at Showtime, we see if that faith has any evidence.

(Deacon looks back down and puts his hands in their original position.)

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