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Dan Ryan vs. Johnny Styles


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Fear is a wonderful thing...

"....Take a sad song...and make it better...."

Cut to a shot of Dan Ryan following his big match in Superior Championship Wrestling against Gabriel Poe and Rob Sampson, in which Poe pinned Sampson to retain the SCW Championship. Ryan is in his dressing room receiving medical attention, an annoyed look on his face. A medic wraps gauze over a deep cut on his forehead to no reaction from the big man. Finally, packs his things away, gives some final instructions on care and leaves the room....

Ryan: "Well then..."

"You know, I've got to say in the last few weeks I've waited for that match and all I can say is I know I was just in a war."

"I put everything I had into that match, and in the end it got tainted by Rob Sampson trying to be some sort of wiseass with his 'man in a black suit' nonsense, not only costing me the title...but being made a fool of and losing his own oppurtunity as well."

"So then I come back to familiar territory and I have to deal with the likes of Michael Shutt creaming his pants to get a shot at me. I've got Eric Davis taking potshots at me backstage, and yes...I've got my next opponent for King of the Cage."

"That brings me to you, Styles."

"I'm gonna do you a little favor. I'm not gonna run any bulls**t at you about what I think of your ability, or whether or not you're cut out to make a run in a tournament of this magnitude."

"What I can tell you is that right about now I'm not in a very good mood. In fact, I'm pretty damn well pissed off. Unfortunately for you, you're the first person in my path after the No Love Lost PPV in SCW. So you get to feel the brunt of my frustrations."

"This week at X-Perience, you're Gabriel Poe and Rob Sampson all rolled up into one."

"I guess it's times like these that make or break a man. How do we cope with bumps in the road? I cope with them by taking them out on the next man. After I put you down and out in the steel cage..."

"I think I'll feel a lot better...."



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Aberdeen United States
RE: Fear is a wonderful thing...

The camera fades into a shot of Johnny Styles in his dressing room where he is still in his street clothes, but carrying his gear bag with him. Styles notices the camera crew and waves them over as he sets down his bag.

Styles::Looks like my next stepping stone in the King of the Cage Tournament gets to be Dan Ryan.

A smirk crosses Styles' broad face

Styles: It's an unfortunate loss you had there in SCW, Dan. It's going to be even more unfortunate after I elminate you from this tournament. You said it yourself, why bullsh*t eachother on who respects whos wrestling ability. Everyone is going to suffer from losses in their career, but it seems to me that sometimes it takes a loss to motivate for a win. I've just come off one of the biggest losses I've had here in GXW. I failed to take the Television Title from Tommy Rage. Im not going to blame the Ratings Boost, or anyone else for that matter. I had my shot, and I blew it. But now is my opportunity for redemption. Now is the time when I must RISE to the occassion, if you know what Im talking about there, Dan. I've said it before about this tournament; the reason that I'm going to win is because I want it the worst. I've got the most heart. You said that this round of the tournament is going to put you in a good mood? Well, me too. I've going to feel pretty damn good about myself knowing that Im going to the finals in the King of the Cage Tournament. You go ahead and work out your frustrations while you in that uncomfortable new position that Im going to put you in. Book em, Dan-O.

Styles smirk turns in to a grin as he signals to the camera man to cut footage. The screen fades to black.

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