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Damian Stone


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: Damian Stone
AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 6'8"
WEIGHT: 270 lbs
APPEARANCE: Wears Univ. of Missouri jerseys with digital cammo pants and black boots. He has on a black eye patch over his right eye. Long brown hair with a blue eye. Lanky with some muscle in his arms and legs. Body is scared from many hardcore matches.
PERSONALITY: He's very humble and quiet most of the time. He doesn't have much to say and wants to get to the point of the matter quickly. He wants to do what is right most of the time, but he does have a "switch" that, once on, can cause him to go violent and hardcore in a snap. He's not for standing around and doing nothing when someone is getting jumped, even if that means he gets his tail handed to him too. He's also not a big fan of over-demanding bosses who poke fun at his lack of a right eye.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: He wrestled in Superior Championship Wrestling where he held the Xtreme Championship five times, as well as the International, Tag Team and North American titles. Stone also wrestled in Strictland School of Wrestling where he was the SSW Intercontinental champion and a Tag Team champion. A stint in the Extreme Universal Wrestling Corp. saw him take home the Tag Team and Intercontinental belts, as well as the EUWC World Heavyweight championship. He is currently wrestling in Oratory Wrestling Alliance.
HOMETOWN: Columbia, Missouri
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Reise Reise" by Rammstein
RING ENTRANCE: We hear the marching of soldiers as pyro shoots down from the top of the stage. Suddenly, a man walks into the fire and stands there, letting the sparks engulf him. Once the sparks clear, we see Damian Stone standing there with his arms out in a crucifix pose. He then walks down the isle, slapping hands with the fans before sliding into the ring. Once in, he raises his right hand into the air and poses.
WRESTLING STYLE: Power based w/ strikes.

1. T-Bone Exploder
2. Powerslam
3. Stall Suplex
4. DDT
5. Military Press Gutbuster
6. Gutwrench Backbreaker
7. Double Underhook Backbreaker
8. Stalling Double Underhook Suplex
9. Dragon Suplex
10. Reverse DDT

SETUP MANEUVER: Spinning Backfist
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Argentine Rack into a Sitdown Pile Driver (Psycho Driver)

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