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Damian Stone

SPC Femrite

League Member
Mar 29, 2008
currently Kuwaitt
Name: Damian Stone
AKA: "Dangerous," "The King of Xtreme," "The One Winged Angel"
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 275
From: Columbia, MO
Allingment: Face
Theme: One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children) followed by
Loose Yourself by Eminem

Basic Apperance: Andrew "Test" Martin's build with long brown hair. He wears
a black eyepatch over his right eye and his left eye is hazel in color. He
has a cross eched across his back with an angel's wing on his right shoulder
that goes onto the back of his right arm. His body has many scars and there
is a very large scar across the right side of his face, across his eye.

Out of the ring: Damian wears band shirts from Metallica, Fuel, Linkin Park,
and AC/DC. He also is seen in a black or white wife-beater with black/blue
jeans. He also occasionally wears a black/red hoody with a white angel wing
across the back with the words eched "OWA" on his right front sleeve.

Ring Appearance: Damian dresses in a long black leather coat with a pair of
black shades over his eye. He wears a simple black t-shirt with
military-digi-cargo pants and a pair of black boots. His right hand is taped
with the letters OWA across it.

Description of Manager: Echo, "Sarah" Stone. 6'1" 200 pounds. Kinda heavy
but she carries it very well. She has strawberry blonde hair with brown
eyes. Usually wearing either a pinstripe suit with short heels or is seen
wearing jeans with a sphgetti strap shirt with a blue jean jacket. She does
not wrestle, at least, not any more.

OWA Team: The OWA team consists of Scott Jackson- trainer of many of the
great MMA Brazillian Jujustu fighters that come out of the midwest. He is a
tall, lanky looking man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually is seen
in sweats and either a black or a white OWA hoody. His partner, Stweart
"Stoodiyo" Bones, is Damian's closest friend and designated "belt holder"
when he wins any title he fights for. Big, built black man with a full beard
and long dreadlocks. He wears a black/bandana with a white t-shirt and black
OWA sweat pants. If anyone in the group has to join Damian in a wrestling
match, it is usually Stoodiyo. Judo-type fighter with a mastery of Suplexes
as well.

He was born Damian Alexander Stone to Luther and Dennise Stone of Pensacola,
FL on the 28th of September, 1981. Upon his birth, the family knew that he
would be a fighter of sorts. He was moved from Florida to St. Louis, MO
where he went through elementary and secondary education in the inner city.
At the age of 16, his mother divorced his father and they moved across the
river to E. St. Louis, IL. There, he was considered a freak, already being
over 6'6" then. The high school football coach took notice of his size and
his amazing strength and made him into an All-State FB/MLB and also had him
catch a few passes. He was highly scouted to play football at either the
Univ. of Missouri or Florida State until the final game of the season when
he took an illegal chop-block to the right leg. The blow ended his football
career. After three surgeries, he still has trouble with that same knee.

He went to a junior-college in Columbia, MO where he majored in Sports
Medicine. After receiving his degree, he went over to the House of Payne
where he worked on wrestlers with injuries. When the gym closed, Damian
would go and work out, learning the game without the coaches yelling at him.
One night, while he was training, the head owner, "Ironman" Jack Payne, came
across him. Seeing the natural talen that he had, Jack took Damian under his
wing and turned him into a wrestling machine. He even introduced him to Ray
Hagan, then owner/President of Strictland's School of Wrestling. Damian
wrestled there, even when the new owner, Rich-e-Rich, took over operations.
Upon its closure, Damian went to Superior Championship Wrestling. There, he
became the Xtreme Champion, winning battles over The Reaver and Convict. He
would hold that title four times total in his career. It was here that he
had his bloody feud with Mr. Everything Devon Jackson. Damian could never
pin or make the man submit, but their paths constantly crossed. It would
never end until the federation closed its doors.

If Devon Jackson was his bloodiest feud, then the Damian Stone/Holocaust
feud and Stone/Sean Taylor feuds in EUWC would be his defining feuds. It was
here that Damian would have two of the craziest matches that he had ever
been in: the House of Horror. It was two-story Hell in a Cell where you
start on top of the cage and work your way down, most likely with some
dramatic fall. Damian would loose to Sean, but defeat Holocaust and win the
EUWC World Championship.

Titles Held:
SCW Xtreme Champion x4
SCW Intercontental Champion
SSW Tag Team Champion
SSW Intercontental Champion
SSW World Champion
EUWC Triple Crown Champion (World, Tag, and International)

Style: Nixing most of his flying attacks for a strticter ground-based offensive, he has become more familliar with MMA submissions as well as a basic ground-and-pound offensive. He will fly, but only when he feels that he will make contact. He is also known for his crazy power and his ability to innovate moves on the fly.

High Flying Moves: Sucidie Dive, Lariat off of the apron, Vaulting Body Press, Top Rope Shoudler Block, Top Rope Lariat, Running Leg Drop, Diving Headbutt (Rare)

Strikes: Punches, Elbows, Back Elbows, Kicks, Big Boot, Short Arm Lariat, Uppercuts, Knees, Back Elbows in Corner, 10 Count Punch, Running Lariat in corner, Running Knee in corner

Power: Running Powerslam, Powerslam, Free Fall Drop, Back Body Drop, High Angle Back Suplex, Stalling Suplex, Sambo Suplex, Stalling Full Nelson Suplex, Chokeslam, Gorilla Press Slam/Drop/Catch Slam, Double A Spinebuster, Front Spinebuster, Multiple Backbreakers, Multiple forms of Powerbombs, Rock Bottom, 180 Spin Rock Bottom

Submissions: Triangle Hold, Dragon Sleeper, Rear Naked Choke, Adominal Stretch, Armbar, Reverse Armbar, Bent Armbar

Signature Moves:
Northern Cross: Death Valley Driver
Southern Cross: Crucifix Powerbomb
One Winged Angel: Tazzmission/ Tazzmission Slam (Tazzmission into a Half Nelson Slam)

JJE 2008: Argentina Backbreaker into a Reverse F-U. (The Psycho Driver) *Primary Finisher*
Landslide: Suplex into a Powerbomb (Orange Crush)
Dragon Driver: 180 Degree Spin Double Underhook Facebuster (Angel Wings)
The Original JJE: Argentina Backbreaker into a Reverse DDT *Rare, usually a blowoff to a feud*

Entrance: One Winged Angel begins to blast over the PA system as the crowd
looks up the rampway. The lights begin to dim as the screeching and loud
organ blasting continues over the PA system. As the crowd looks on,
suddenly, the Tron begins to show scenes of a man training inside of a gym.
As we listen, the camera does a quick pan around him as the main chorus
kicks in. As the lyrics scream "Sephiroth" for the second time, we get a
close-up of the face of the fighter: Damian Stone. Instantly, a bell tolls
throughout the arena as suddenly the piano of Lose Yourself by Eminem begins
to blast over the PA. As the guitar begins to play. out walks the OWA team,
Echo and Damian Stone. Damian's head is down as Echo walks to the front of
the stage while the OWA team walks to the left and right respectfully of
her. Damian looks up and walks up behind Echo. He does the "Razor Ramon"
taunt as pyro explodes over their heads. The group then walk down the isle,
slapping hands with the fans as she slides into the ring. Damian steps up
onto the apron and steps over the top rope. He walks to the center of the
ring and throws his right hand in the air. Echo steps up to Damain and takes
off his coat. Damian helps Echo out of the ring and goes to a corner,
waiting for his opponet.

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