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Cyberstrike 15 RP Feedback


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Every cycle I will give my feedback on the RPs that were posted. These will usually be 1-2 sentences on anything that particularly struck me .. whether it was something I liked, something that I felt just didn't click. It is meant to give you a little insight into my judging.

You can feel free to post your own feedback in this thread as well, but please be constructive.

Please note that I do not read any RPs until after the deadline is over and I read them all at the same time so I have a general idea of what might be given a 70, or a 65, or a 62 .. so on and so forth. I will not post the scores themselves, but each week I will announce what was the Roleplay of the Week.

1. Richard Dweck: Thank you for returning with Dweck for this match so that he didn't waste his opportunity! I like how you intro'd him with the differences that the years have made. The RP was a bit short, though.

2. Peter File: RP#1 - Bizarre and stimulating all at once. I really enjoyed the RP. The Peter File I know and love returns!

3. The First: I like the change in the First since the return. Then he goes into how he was going to destroy Dweck and at first I was like "woah there," but then you pulled it back in with how you're not going to have food taken off your family's table and I understood.

4. Psycho: RP#1 - Someone's starting to come a bit unhinged! Solid RP that drives the character forward.

5. Peter File: RP#2 - The hits keep coming. I particularly lol'ed at "or do you mean like, ibuprofen?"

6. Suicide: Suicide continues his ascent to the top of New ERA with a strong outing here. You both did an incredibly good job (hence the result coming out as it did - the RP scores were tied). One thing, and I've seen it with the RP period for BitUSII... it's the New ERA Championship, not World Heavyweight championship. We've been away for awhile, so I can understand why it probably just slips out!

7. Pro Wrestling's SJH: Hart always shines, and this week was no different. I like how you (both) showed respect to one another in the RPs. Always a nice change. As I said before, the scores were tied for this.

8. Jonathan Marx: Sad that we didn't get to see DREDD go head to head in an RP battle! It was good to see Marx more focused this week as opposed to more scattered on C14. RP gave the match its due props. Hopefully Rivera will actually... RP in the future. :p

9. Psycho: RP#2 - You guys had the second closest match of the night. This RP wasn't as strong as the first, but I still enjoyed the continuation of Psycho's craaaaazy. The RP ended strongly.

RP of the Week: "From the Desk of SJH" by Pro Wrestling's SJH // "Heart-to-Hart" by Suicide

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