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Cyberstrike 14 RP Feedback


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Every cycle I will give my feedback on the RPs that were posted. These will usually be 1-2 sentences on anything that particularly struck me .. whether it was something I liked, something that I felt just didn't click. It is meant to give you a little insight into my judging.

You can feel free to post your own feedback in this thread as well, but please be constructive.

Please note that I do not read any RPs until after the deadline is over and I read them all at the same time so I have a general idea of what might be given a 70, or a 65, or a 62 .. so on and so forth. I will not post the scores themselves, but each week I will announce what was the Roleplay of the Week.

1. pain GRILLE: I was incredibly curious how this character would read in RPs. I was not disappointed. I literally LOL'ed when he said he was the greatest thing from sliced bread.. excuse me.. "zee greatest t'ing since sliced bread."

2. Fanatic: Great way to summarize/highlight Fanatic's feelings on the beginning of the season (which was so long ago!) in the beginning and then turn to his opponent mid-way through. It's a shame Strawsma didn't get anything up.

3. Suicide: I loved how you went back and looked at the history between the two characters. I never realized that you two had never fought one-on-one before. You built your opponent up and delivered.

4. Pro Wrestling's SJH: Perfect blend of humor and backstory. We know what Hart's been doing since C13. Who is he talking about? The suspense was killllling me. (Until First sent in his micspot).

5. Chaos: RP#1 - At first I was confused about why Chaos was standing in the darkness. What people don't realize is that even I was left in the dark on the reveal at C14. The subtle hints are great. They work and the promo delivered. Marx and New ERA never saw it coming!

6. Jonathan Marx: I obviously love the interactions between Brandon Jacobs and Marx. They play well off each other. I never though of using the term legend making Marx feel old, but now I can see that. :p

7. Chaos: RP#2 - The hints keep coming. You managed to hint about Chaos' situation and make it also relate to the match at hand so that it worked for both.

RP of the Week: "You Want Me to Do WHAT?!" by Pro Wrestling's SJH

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