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Curtis Reeds

Johnny Niles

League Member
Mar 5, 2012
Handler Name: Besard Cima

Handler's e-mail address: erticima@gmail.com

Character's in ring name: Curtis Reeds

Character's Real Name: Curtis Reeds

Height: 6'8''

Weight: 278 lbs.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Big Boot
Gorilla Press Gutbuster
Several consecutive Corner clotheslines
Abdominal Stretch (usually with some elbows to the midsection)
Pumphandle Slam
Gutwrench Elevated Backbreaker
Series of stomps to a grounded opponent
Belly-to-belly Suplex Slam
Trapping Headbutts
Sitout Spinebuster
Multiple elbow smashes to an opponent trapped in the ropes
Multiple Rib breakers

Signature Moves:

Whirligig (Rotating Delayed Vertical Suplex Powerslam)
Decapitator (Three-point stance Clothesline)
Scavenger’s Daughter (Uranage)

Duke of Exeter’s Daughter (Torture Rack)

Curtis is a large, bald, dark-skinned individual with dark brown eyes. He has several noticable scars on his face, chest and upper back. He has a tattoo of the devil’s head on his right upper arm, and one of a minotaur’s head on his back. He usually wears a black biker vest outside the ring, which he removes before he enters it. His wrestling attire consists of a simple pair of black trunks, kneepads and boots.

Theme Music
: “Sick” by Adelitas Way

Curtis comes out to a smattering of boos, snarling at the crowd. As he passes by the commentary table, he takes of his vest and throws it at one of the commentators, before making his way to the ring. Once he enters it he spits on the mat before preparing for the match to begin.

Curtis was a troublemaker since an early age, causing a lot of stress for those around him. As he grew his habits started becoming increasingly more violent, until he brutally assaulted a man in a bar one night. He was arrested, and spent a couple years in jail but was let out for “good behaviour”. The time spent in the slammer wasn’t for nothing though. It made Curtis even more bloodthirsty, wanting to pummel more people in order to satisfy him. However, he needed to find a “legal” way to do so. So he turned to wrestling, where brawls and blood are the norm.

Most people become wrestlers for money, fame, and/or passion. Curtis? He doesn’t care about those trivial things, he’s here for blood.

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