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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Name: Cross

Height: 6' 9"

Weight: 275 pounds

Image: A lofty six feet nine inches tall, the former A1E World Heavyweight and Cyber Champion has focused on balancing his height and power with more speed and agility. Trimming down nearly 20 pounds since his previous tenure in A1 Entertainment, Cross is less brawny and considerably more cut than ever before. At 275 pounds, the former champion is a rare amalgamation of raw power and almost supernatural agility.

Cross has returned to his Christian-Gothic traditions. His out-of-ring attire consists of anything in traditional black. He is rarely seen without an ankle-length button-down sleeveless black leather trenchcoat with an Asian collar. On the back of the coat is a uniquely embroidered red, white, and black gothic cross.

His in-ring attire has been altered. Leaving the sluggish jeans behind, Cross now wears mid-quad trunks with the same red, white, and black gothic cross on each side. He has added kneepads to his attire, especially a thicker pad on his surgically repaired right knee. His in-ring gothic attire is polished off with a pair of traditional black wrestling boots.

In terms of facial features, Cross wears a cleanly trimmed goatee, straight long black hair (quarter way down his back), and his customary black Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses.

As for body art, Cross has had some work done. Besides his two red and black gothic crosses on each upper arm, Cross has added a graphic scene on his entire back. In grim detail of a phenomenon known as stigmata, red fleshy stripes are portrayed crisscrossing his back like open scourge wounds. On both sides of his wrists, tattoos portraying nail wounds have been etched. Finally, a crown of thorns has been tattooed around his neck.

Hails From: Los Angeles, California

Entrance Music: "Consuming Fire" by Third Day

Entrance Description: The lights in the arena go out. The band countdown is heard. The entrance area begins to emanate smoke and a red strobe light as the opening "Consuming Fire" begins. Cross steps out on the ramp with his head looking up to the heavens and his arms stretched out, hands clenched in fists. When the lead singer begins to sing, large pyros go off on both sides of Cross, the lights come back on, and he ominously makes his way to the ring, never taking his eye off of what is ahead.

Style: Again, Cross has unified high impact and aerial techniques into a powerful yet acrobatic style. Lightning fast, he is also an extremely potent brawler.

Finishing Maneuver: "Golgotha" - An over the shoulder neckbreaker also known as Victoria's "Widow's Peak." Cross places his opponent between his legs, lifts him up, holds them while placing the neck and upper shoulder area in position in order to, finally, drop to his knees snapping the neck.

Second Finisher: "Final Penance" - Cross takes hold of wrists of an opponent from behind and placing his/her head onto the upper back of the opponent. From this position Cross pivots 180 degrees so that the opponent is now looking down at the mat with the back of his/her head situated under Cross' upper back and his/her arms (which are still held) come over the former champion's shoulders. At this point, Cross falls backwards driving the opponent's face into the mat below: also known as Christian Cage's "Impaler."

Third Finisher: "Apocalypse" - Cross found a tape of a move his uncle performed back in the day when the piledriver was still legal in lucha libre. He has now adopted it for smaller opponents. It would be extremely difficult to pull off on larger opponents. The move is a front flip piledriver. It begins in a position in which the opponent is bent forward against the wrestler's midsection, the wrestler grabs around his/her opponent's midsection latching onto the opponent's back, with his/her head to one side of the opponent's hips, keeping his/her legs around the opponent's head. From this position the wrestler pushes off the mat with his/her legs to flip the opponent over. As both wrestlers flip, the attacking wrestler uses his/her body weight to land in a seated position driving the opponent's head down to the mat between the wrestler's thighs: also known as Petey Williams' "Canadian Destroyer."

Other Moves: A deity of bombs, drivers, and suplexes, Cross enjoys springing off the ropes and delivering a wide array of high impact moves. Spinning sitting underhook facebuster, inward rolling cutters, death valley drivers, springboard moonsaults, missile dropkicks, iconoclasms, and springboard flying back elbows are some of Cross’ favorite maneuvers.

Wrestles As: Dark Face

Titles Held: A1E, CWWF, UPW (2x), WCFWA World Heavyweight Champion; A1E Cyber Champion (3x); UPW, WCFWA United States Heavyweight Champion; UWA North American Heavyweight Champion; RMWF Mile High Champion; WIW, CWWF World Television Champion; WIW Hardcore Champion

History: Cross has been away from Empire Pro for quite a long time. Before disappearing, Cross was seconds from becoming the EPW World Champion at Black Dawn. Whether losing to his close friend, Lindsay Troy, played a part in his hiatus, we will never know; their relationship is always unique. Though gone from EPW, Cross has been observing the continual tailspin of EPW through the leadership of Dan Ryan from afar. Choosing to ally himself with his personal enemy, enemy of his enemy, Beast, Cross is on a crusade to cleanse EPW of evil which will ultimately take him to the EPW World Heavyweight Championship.

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