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Cross vs. Leizure



(Nathan Cross sits in his hotel room in Gainesville. The bag of ice on his shoulder tells the world that he's done wrestling for the night, but the look on his face doesn't say the reality that he won his match on this night. In fact, he looks more like a guy who just lost the world title than the guy who won his debut match. He turns to the camera, his eyes not meeting the lens in favor of staring at the stained carpet from 1979.)

NC: So I won my first match. Anyone got champaign? How about some girls looking to latch onto the next champ of the world? I got ice (he points to his ice bag), and I suppose we could use it with either of those scenarios. Now that I think about it, I don't really need this ice for my body because... well, check this out.

(The scene cuts to Nathan's first promo-)

Because, Fearless... (Nate stops, shakes his head) I can't thrill the fans alone, not yet. I'm new to this gig. I didn't waste time anywhere else because THIS is the only place for ... a "Champion". I need another Champion to tie up with. I need another Champion to push me on.

(Cut back to Nate in the hotel. He's putting on a shirt that says, "You don't know me - Property of the Federal Witness Protection Program". He turns to the camera.)

Those were words from the heart, (he pauses, shakes his head, and then continues almost sarcasticly spitting out the next word.) Fearless. I wanted a champion, a match for the ages, and I got ... I got... just read what the reporter wrote about the match... OUR match. -

(Cut to a voice over reading the following.)

Within moments, the two were back to where they’d started, in the center of the ring sharing right hands, and before much longer, Nathan Cross had wrapped “Fearless” Jones up with a schoolboy. He left to a mild, neutral reception

(Cut back to Nathan Cross.)

NC: So (Sarcasm spits out of his mouth), FEARLESS... is that your idea of a match for the ages? I beat you with a FREAKING SCHOOLBOY! It wasn't my finisher, or a counter out of yours... it was a schoolboy. So, (sarcasm again) fearless ... I guess you can stay fearless and not bother being what I wanted... I NEEDED outta you! A champion. So I guess I go elsewhere...

(Almost on cue, the phone rings. Nate gives the phone a "die" look, and then yanks it up.)

NC: Yea. Uh-huh. This is him.... Really? Rudy dug my work, huh? He didn't mind the crowd not caring? Oh, I guess you're right. I probably wouldn't care much about someone I've seen on tv once... especially when his opponent only half shows. You gotta point. Next match at the next On Time. Gotcha.

(Nate smiles a grin that is still a bit too boyish for someone in this biz, shakes his head slightly, and then hangs up the phone.)

NC: Looks like I got myself a match at the next On Time. Lance Leizure and Nathan Cross. Lance, at least I know something about you, so let me tell you a bit about me. You put on a show in Gainesville, ..."dude". I'll give ya that. I'm expecting you to put on a better show than "fearless". At the very least, I expect you to show with more than what I got last time out.

NC: We owe the fans that much. They won't be coming to see me... yet, but there's NO WAY they'll leave without talking about me. That is, if it takes more than a "school boy" to pin your shoulders to the mat. But I guess that... is all up to you. See ya in Charleston, "dude".

(Nate lays down in the bed and stares up at the ceiling.)

NC: Yeah, I guess it wasn't all that bad afterall. At least I'm moving on... and THAT is the important thing.

(fade to black)

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