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Crimson Calling


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Your Name: R. Ryan Strawsma
Your Email Address: RudeFF72@aol.com
Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: Rocko The Otter

Wrestler's Name: Erik Black
Wrestler's Age: 22
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 237 lbs.

Physical Description: Though smaller than the average run-of-the-mill wrestler, Erik Black has a well toned body, defined from years of hard work and training. He is Caucasian by race, but a distant Cherokee bloodline gives him black hair and dark brown eyes. His hair is lengthened to his shoulders, which is pushed back out of his face. He usually keeps it down under a ski cap. As for ring apparel, Black dons standard elbow and knee pads, all black, with regular ring-issue boots, black as well. He wears short tights that cover the pelvic region, which are red vinyl with a black "EB" logo printed on the front of his left hip.

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Entrance Music: "Stay In Shadow" by Finger Eleven

Alignment (Face/Heel): Heel

Wrestling Style: Being lightweight, Black’s in-ring behavior is pretty predictable. However, he opts for powerful moves against people of his weight. He favors impact instead of the fancy high-flying throwing of one’s weight around. Still, when he needs to fight opponents larger than him, his ability to put himself in the air comes in handy. He uses a mix of martial arts moves and high-flying abilities to wear down his opponent… then tags in Ivan to end whatever life-support is keeping him alive.

Manager/Valet?: Nathan Fear

10 Basic Moves:
1.) DDT
2.) Running Calf Kick
3.) Dragon Screw
4.) Hurricanrana
5.) Powerbomb w/ Bridged Pin (for lighter opponents)
6.) Low Dropkick to Both Knees (for heavier opponents)
7.) Standing Moonsault
8.) ¾ Neckbreaker (from top rope, preferably)
9.) Roll-up German Suplex
10.) Powerbomb Facedriver (for lighter opponents)

3 Setup Moves:
- "Black Buster" (Double-Underhook Sitdown Facedriver)
- Somersault Dropkick
- Reverse DDT

Finisher Name and Description:
- Eclipta Lunarsault (Variation of a Moonsault. Rather than making an entire 270 degree turn coming down with a splash, the backflip is somewhat incomplete. Black connects with his shoulders and upper back area coming down on the opponent’s chest or face. So, rather than applying a top rope splash that uses weight for impact, Black goes with a driving blow that relies more on force. It’s like being hit in the sternum with a train. After performing the Sickle-Sault, Black usually rolls off to his feet or knees, and makes the pin.)

Short Character Bio:
Black began as a punk kid growing up on the streets of Indianapolis, until he met entrepreneur Nathan Fear, who saw his athletic potential. Fear hired him as a muscle/ring athlete to be partnered with Ivan Dalkichev. His friendship with Ivan grew as they worked together, either as personal bodyguards for Mr. Fear, or as a tag team. Because of cultural barriers between him and the Raging Russian, Erik does whatever he can to help introduce Ivan into American customs. With that relationship, the two become nearly inseparable.


Wrestler's Name: Ivan Dalkichev
Wrestler's Age: 29
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 538 lbs.

Physical Description: Dalkichev is towers over many, and it’s not just height where he excels. He’s as nearly wide as he is tall. A living wall of flesh, built mostly of muscle instead of fat. His hair is blonde, but his eyes are brown. He wears the hair in a neat military-style cut (though it’s any wonder how a barber could be tall enough to cut it). In the ring, he wears black shorts with red trimming, along with black boots and pads.

Hometown: St. Petersburg Russia

Entrance Music: "Superbeast" - Rob Zombie

Alignment (Face/Heel): Heel

Wrestling Style: Force, strength, and power are the three fundamental elements of Ivan Dalkichev. He is slow in the ring, which is obvious, but when the opponent takes a beating, they take a BEATING! Ivan usually likes to open up a fight by trading blows. Though obviously telegraphed from being so slow, Ivan’s fist could result in a clean knockout. If that doesn’t work, he’ll go for a headbutt. After the punching game is over, and the weakened opponent is in his grasp, he goes for power moves. We’re talking POWER moves… picking the opponent up off the ground, holding him over 7 feet in the air, and bringing him crashing down to his doom. Nearly anything he applies could be considered a finisher.

Manager/Valet?: Nathan Fear

10 Basic Moves:
1.) Haymaker
2.) Headbutt
3.) Strong Sampon Suplex
4.) Powerbomb
5.) Canadian Backbreaker
6.) Tombstone Piledriver
7.) Stalling Gorilla Press
8.) Screwdriver
9.) Pump-Handle Slam
10.) Jugular Grip (Sleeper)

3 Setup Moves:
- Dalkichev Bomb (the 500 plus man comes to the top rope, and...)
- Corner Splash
- Big Boot

Finisher Name and Description:
- Motolok Bomba (The Hammer Bomb begins by lifting the opponent over his shoulders, a la Canadian Backbreaker. He holds him here for several minutes, and then brings him down into a sit-down driving powerbomb with all applied force. He holds him there as the pin is made.)

Short Character Bio:
Ivan Dalkichev was born and raised in Russian. His parents died at a young age, and he was adopted by the Soviet Government who saw his body potential and chose to exploit it. His adolescent years were spent fabricating within him knowledge of combat and politics. As he matured, he was employed by the KGB as a special tactics operative. Naturally, at the fall of the Soviet Union, he didn’t have much to do with himself or his abilities. He got in touch with a small faction of loyal Communists determined to retake Russia. He was eventually sold over to American political activist, then supporter of the Communist party, Nathan Fear, as a personal bodyguard and diplomat. Eventually, the Communist faction disbanded, and Dalkichev’s affairs were left to Fear. In the time he spent with his new employer, along with Erik Black, Dalkichev became enlightened to the Capitalist way of life. He finds time now to relax, and rebel against order (though he is always loyal to Mr. Fear). He is happy to work for less militant people, and has since increased his “productivity”.

History: See tag-team information down at the bottom.


Tag-team information
Team name: The Crimson Calling
Team music: "Stay In Shadow" by Finger Eleven
Combined weight: 775 lbs.

Double-team moves:
Dosvidania Death Drop (Spinebuster to Neckbreaker Inverted 3D)
High-Velocity Chokeslam (Ivan begins, bringing the opponent into the air, and
Black hits the ropes, jumps up, and helps bring him down)
Hammer and Sickle (Ivan positions the opponent over his shoulders, a la Hammer
Bomb, and Black scales the ropes, flipping backwards with the Sickle-Sault,
Taking the opponent’s head on his descent and hitting him with an inverted
Falling neckbreaker)

Double-team finisher: The Crimson Crasher (Ivan positions the opponent on his shoulders in the typical Electric Chair Drop position. Black, meanwhile, boots himself to the top rope. Dalkichev brings the unlucky opponent close, and Black hooks him sweeping him off the shoulders of the 7 foot tall Ivan Dalkichev and slamming him to the mat with a Super RB.)

Titles won: MCW Tag Team Champions, EPW Tag Team Champions (March 18th, 2004 – May 1st, 2004)

History: The Crimson Calling broke into the world of professional wrestling early at the turn of the new millennium. Wealthy industrialist, Nathan Fear, brought together a pair of fine athletes to create one of the most threatening and dominating teams to date. The speed and agility of Erik Black combined with the power and girth of Ivan Dalkichev made them nearly indestructible in the ring. In late 2003, the Calling came into Major Championship Wrestling, where they frequently feuded with the Monsta Boyz for the Tag Team Titles. Later, they came to EPW, where they quickly decimated the competition and captured the tag belts. In May, the trio left the wrestling world for unspecified reasons.

Manager: Nathan Fear

Age: 32

Appearance: Always in a three piece suit… black with a red tie, or red with a black tie. His hair is long and black, slicked back out of his face. His sharp eyes are dark, which complement his wolf-like demeanor. Slick, clean, and suave… all are Nathan Fear.

Personality: Being rich is one thing. But rising from the middle class to obtain that status puts a certain chip on your shoulder. The same could be said about Nathan Fear. He made his millions in the business world, before becoming a political leader. His wrestling tenure was nothing short of impressive, but now that he’s planned an early retirement, he employs others to carry through with his plans. He’s arrogant, of course… but no emotion leaks past his face other than the simple aura of superiority. He knows he’s better than you, and he will do anything he can to make that obvious.

Interference: No

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