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Create a character contest


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Jan 20, 2005
I am combining a couple of things here: the first is the threads that we sometimes see asking people about the characters, gimmicks and angles that they would have loved to try but never did, and the second is this so very-not-subtle bit of shilling :)

So, the idea is as follows:

Give me a brief run-down on a brand new character idea that you would like to see appear in a tournament. Things to remember are that the character will be 'masked' and that it should be feasible to weave a storyline around the concept and/or gimmick.

The best one will then be given to someone as a wildcard in Face Off. They will have to use the bio, gimmick and background as part of their run during Face Off.

Details to include:

Wrestler name:
Date Of Birth / Age:
Entrance Music:
Physical Appearance:
Ring Attire:

Wrestling Style:
Basic Moveset:
Trademark/Specialist Moves:
Setup Move:
Setup Move Description:
Finishing Move:
Finishing Move Description:


As an incentive I will pay $25 to the charity of choice of the originator of the character AND, if said character goes on to actually win Face Off, I will donate another $25 to the charity of the handler's choice.

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