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Sep 9, 2004
Commentators Welcome!
I wrote this so it done the job.

KSZ vs Remi de Rozario and Vacation, All I (N)Ever Wanted
Spoke with Butch in the best way to go from what I wanted to do to his part, thought it flowed well. Interesting end to the segment also, intrigued.

Managerial Interference
It would be awesome if Vieira was some kind of evil mastermind who wanted to a return
Good segment from Machete, building for the match later.

I'm back, *****es!
Do we not know the names for INTERVIEWERs? Also we need to try and get everyone on past tense. I know it's a small issue but yeah, PAST TENSE PEOPLE. I'm interested to see how the LAW angle will work out, I know a few details but not the whole shibang, should be interesting leading up to End Game.

Big E. Smalls vs Team HOSS (Angel Trinidad and Capital Punishment)
I need to make those belts smaller. Liked the BoP at ringside, and looking forward to what you boys have cooked up for the Tag division, which I think is going from strength to strength.

The Billion Dollar Man meets the Machete
Enjoyed working with Kendra. Think I shocked her a little by sending her random dialogue for her to fill in lol, but we got their in the end. #segwayheatYALL

High Spirits
Sharp and Orphan, IMO, will be up there in one of the best ACW rivalries of all time before long. Loved this segment... loved it.

The Ultimate Proposition
Nice, Carnivale match set... will be interesting to see how Race attempts to figure out the stipulation or tries to influence Ramey's decision.

Naomi Machado vs. William T. Rex
Kendra submitted a nice match in the end with a rather nasty ending. Me likey. Machado with the cracking win... train is slowly picking up some steam.

A Gentleman's Approach
I moved this segment forward one as it didn't make sense (note to self, read shows before posting?)

Moliano SHOULD be higher up the card. I think if we didn't have such a stacked roster he would be. What Olly is doing just now is pretty smart, and is working with what he has. Dylan, off the UT run is gaining pace also, and I suspect that this will be one of my favourite fueds this arc. The whole 'friends' thing is interesting to say the least.

The Wright Move to Begin Revenge
Liked this... shows how sneaky Gonze is going to be in his little war. But why go for Hank? Hmmmm, maybe we will find out

Dude In Mask vs Kenjiro Ito
Easily match of the night so far, as DIM picks up a huge win to get to the main event of Carnivale.

Not To Be Ignored
Looks like we will be seeing a lot more of KIRU. (and hopefully his good friend Ken)

We are backkkkk
POWA-TRIP! (why are all these wrestlers surrounded by a bevvy of beauties?)

Andy Sharp vs. Two Mystery Opponents
Orphan seems to have bitten off more than he can chew in my opinion... and now without his butt buddy for 2 weeks... time to strike while he is weakened I reckon

Played out
A lot of video game geeks competiting in ACW these days. How about a RTB(ROYALE) involving them all?

Party Politics: Caucus
Orphan has more than 99 problems it seems.

Black and Silver and Gold & Alex Pure/G-Hawk match
Really enjoying Butch's run with G-HAWK. Really interested to see what state I'm going to receive him in though after End Game. As I'm gonna **** him right up....

You Really Challenging Me AGAIN?
looks like Chris has the same questions I do

"Too Cool" Chris Hopper (c) vs "The Resurrected Anti-Star" Jesse Ramey
Smart move as it gives both angles different motives. I wouldn't THINK Ramey would be happy with this title though.

The Pep Talk
Need more spike on da shows.

WOW vs. Jack Harris
he is rich... remember?

ACW's Number One Fat Guys
Isn't it mental how Zip Zap has suddenly became DA MAN. He should just book battle royales every week I reckon. Frodo looking guy?

A Finely Tuned Segment
Weird segment, maybe the placing was a bit iffy but still... builds the Ramey angle a bit more.

Zip Zap and Tyson XL vs Fever Pitch and Aleczander
A LOT of **** going down in this match, as everyone is ready to prove they are ready to prove that they are ready for what is coming up for them... YEAH.

The World Is Not Enough
BIG BIG week for TXL next week, this needs HYPED TO **** I reckon.

Orphan -c- vs. The Amazing Gabriel
Whats the deal with all the women in these angles? Stealing from WWE much? OR ARE THEY STEALING FROM US!?!?!? Orphan, somehow, pulls out the win and looks set to take on TXL in probably one of the biggest matches in ACW history.

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