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Copycat v Golem


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the match between COPYCAT and GOLEM at Sin City Showdown should be posted in this thread.

- Copycat (EPW)
- Golem (NGEN)

* For storyline purposes, this match is happening on the same day as EPW Aggression 50 and New ERA Destrucity II.
(This means that the events of this show will occur on February 10, 2010. Please remember this when RPing.)

The RP Deadline is FEBRUARY 20th @ 11:59pm PST.

All angles should be sent to both Dave and my personal PM boxes here on FWcentral.

... enjoy!


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
<i>(Cueup: “Come on Feel the Noize” by Quiet Riot)</i>

<i>(Fade in on a studio in an otherwise nondescript room – the same one we would have seen for a previous promo a few months ago. As then, four speakers are visible in the corners of the room, with a larger speaker in the center – but now, each speaker except the center one has a small TV monitor sitting on it. Copycat stands in front of the big speaker. He wears jeans and a black Anthology T-shirt, his hair loose. Sitting on the big speaker, just barely visible behind him, is his EPW Tag Team Title belt)</i>

<b>Copycat:</b> It's a lot harder than you'd think to actually find small TVs these days.

<i>(He looks up at the camera)</i>

<b>Copycat:</b> I most fervently hope, for the greater good of everyone involved, that some heads are turning to the message I've been trying to get out in EPW. Lord knows it's been a struggle to get anyone associated with this league – outside of the visionaries in Anthology, of course – to take notice of anything outside of their own little worlds. But I've dedicated myself to breaking through that general sheer resolve to ignore the sorry state of this business, inflicted so much by the people in it who have no regard for anything other than furthering their careers. And as unsuccessful as those endeavors have been since I decided to do some charity work by reactivating myself as a wrestler and joining the EPW roster, I'd like to think ears are perking up lately.

<i>(Copycat leans back against the speaker)</i>

<b>Copycat:</b> After Dan Ryan proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, by firing Larry Tact, that he has no idea how to run a business, everyone who's felt threatened by Anthology since we took hold of EPW read Tact's unjust termination as the step that would lead to the downfall of Anthology. And I can understand why. Anytime anyone is threatened by forces beyond their control – pundits, politicians, executives, even wrestlers – they'll latch onto anything they believe they can interpret as evidence that those forces will soon relinquish their hold. And heck, I can even see the logic – thanks to Ryan's callous actions, Anthology now actually has fewer members than the pathetic collection of human lampreys that has dedicated itself to bleeding us dry. But since Ryan's fateful mistake, a different picture has come into focus.

<i>(One of the four TV monitors flicks on, showing what appears to be a live image of Copycat talking. The voice on that monitor accompanies Copycat's live voice as he continues talking)</i>

<b>Copycat (x2):</b> At Onslaught, Anthology destroyed the Fallen. At Aggression 50, Jared Wells and I soundly defeated two-thirds of the Fallen in a match that would have been clearly designed to give them an advantage were such a thing possible. At Aggression 50, Sean Edmunds took Shawn Hart to the limit, only falling short of capturing the Intercontinental Title by the most obvious of flukes. At Aggression 50, Sean Stevens crushed the First's dreams, handing him his fourth unsuccessful title shot in a row. And what image were viewers left with, after the First once again failed to make good on his promise to win the EPW World Heavyweight Title? GASP already beginning to split at the seams, while Anthology remains the picture of solidarity. That all brings us to Sin City Showdown.

<i>(Another TV monitor flicks on. Like the one before it, this one also shows an apparently live image of Copycat, and another voice is added to the chorus, this one noticeable louder)</i>

<b>Copycat (x3):</b> At the supershow, I'll be facing a man I have never faced one-on-one: Golem. Golem and I haven't run in the same circles in a long time, but in the past, I always knew Golem to be far more intelligent than his scruffy exterior would have us believe. Based on what I know about Golem, I'd like to be optimistic and think that he, too, understands the damage that has been wrought on this industry by scoundrels who would gladly leave it utterly broken if it meant more glory to their own personal careers. I'd like to think he remains in this business, as I do, not out of a desire for ever more renown, but out of a desire to keep it from being destroyed by fools who have been trying to destroy it – willingly or unknowingly – for years. I'd like to think that he values this business as I do, that he understands the important role he had in getting it to where it is today, that he would hate the idea of all his hard work being undone by the Layne Winterses, Anarkys, Firsts and Fusenshoffs of the world. If he does, we can have the kind of match those other chumps can't even imagine.

<i>(A third monitor flicks on, again carrying a live image of Copycat talking and again increasing the volume)</i>

<b>Copycat (x4):</b> But whether or not Golem thinks the way I do on how we can save this festering scab of a wrestling business, it won't have any bearing on the outcome of our match. I may regret doing it, but I'll have to treat him as I've treated everyone who has been offered to me in my effort to get EPW management to listen to reason. At Aggression 50, I brutalized the Fallen. I sent Stalker through a table with the LitterBomb to allow Anthology to retain the EPW Tag Team Titles. At Sin City Showdown, I'll have to do the same to Golem. I'll have to make an impact. I'll have to send a message. And even if we go into our match with a mutual respect, I'll have to crush Golem to ensure that EPW management understands how serious I am.

<i>(Copycat reaches to the speaker behind him and pulls from behind his title belt a heavy set of headphones. He quickly dons them, then refixes his gaze on the camera)</i>

<b>Copycat (x4):</b> Because make no mistake. I meant every word of what I said to Dan Ryan at Aggression 50. I don’t want to have to take official action against him, against EPW. I want to think there is a more constructive solution. But with each passing day, with each additional piece of evidence that EPW management is as dedicated as the idiots on this roster to the wholesale destruction of the business I and the rest of Anthology helped bring to the next level, that seems progressively less likely. I gave Dan Ryan an ultimatum to prove he’s willing to listen to reason: Even the odds. He fired a member of Anthology; if he’s to prove he’s a fair man who wants EPW and the wrestling business as a whole to succeed, all he needs to do is fire a member of GASP. I’m sure most everyone would agree that person won’t be missed. Golem will be the last example I set. I don’t want to have to make my point any more forcefully.

<i>(The fifth TV monitor flicks on with the same image as the rest. This one is much louder than its predecessors, and they all seem to increase in volume as well as Copycat has to shout over them)</i>


<i>(All of the TVs flip off. Copycat removes the headphones and glares into the camera)</i>

<b>Copycat:</b> … to reason.

<i>(Fade out)</i>


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Argh....I just got caught up in stuff and kind of completely forgot about this.

I am really sorry to all the guys, especially Garth. Hopefully we can get a rematch that won't just be a bloody squash of Golem. :p

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