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Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-29-02 AT 03:08 PM (EDT)]"You almost have me pegged perfectly, Eli. One thing you should take into consideration, though... I like the adversity. I love it when I'm backed against the wall, and yeah... my back's against the wall. Because it forces me to face issues I don't necessarily want to face, and while that is tough to do, and overcome, in the end, it always ends up the same, I rise to the occasion... and, contrary to what you believe, that's what happened in the CWL. I was in a position to either be sucked in by the political masterminds backstage, or stand up for myself, my beliefs, even if it meant... my career. And, I did what was best for me... and, my sanity."

fade- in:

[small]Sean walked the sandy shores of an unidentified, yet beautiful Orlando, Florida beach, hands in pockets, as he looked out into the ocean. Occasionally, several loose wisps of his pony- tailed hair, blew in the direction of his face, causing him to remove his hands, and place it behind his ears, but that was rare.[/small]

"Some people say that's the day I finally grew up. ...became a real man. And, while that may be true, I see that day differently. That was the day I realized that you, Eli Flair... and, Ivy were my real friends. Because, I did what I did off of emotion. You did it, because you didn't want me facing the wolves alone. You and Ivy are probably the reasons I didn't get fired. Kendall was there, so was Lint and Mason... but, none of 'em... Not one of them was willing to jeopardize their careers for me. So when you say you want me to be a CSWA success... I believe you. I have no choice but to.

"But, I also never expected any favors from you, E. Half- a##ing it against me, in the CSWA, in my first main event, would be the ultimate disrespect. I don't need you to slow down for me... I don't want you holding anything back, so I can get a move or two in. If you have what it takes to squash me in thirty seconds, then damnitt... squash me."

[small]Sean paused for a second... looking down at the sand below, before smirking, slightly.[/small]

"That's what I'm gonna do. ...but, I'm not going into this thing expecting it to go down like that, because I know, you and I are similar in the fact that we take our craft very seriously. We have two different styles, but they usually get us to the same place... with the same result. ...our arms raised.

"I'm ecstatic you've decided to give the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship another try. Hell, I've been begging you to try for it since you lost the damned thing. But, don't get so complacent with our current territory, and your current frame of mind, if I can offer you a warning. Don't let the CSWA banner fool you into believing, even if you're unwilling to admit it out loud, that this thing is in the bag. Because it's not. Don't assume you won't need to push the envelope, because we're in 'your' neck of the woods. The CSWA was your home before it was ever mine, but for the past two years, it's been just as good to me, as it's been to you. And, while I'm in the 'giving advice' mood, don't automatically assume it'll be Mark Windham instead of me, that you'll be facing for the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship. As my friend, you know what my dream has always been, and the hoops I'll jump through to see to it that it comes true.

[small]The thought of being CSWA Champion stole his attention, if only for a moment.[/small]

"Orlando is my town... my area... and those people... they're my people, and they're gonna be screaming my name, which will make me that much harder to beat. Yeah, I'm gonna need all the luck in the world... Sure, it would probably help my cause if I were a bit less worried about Hornet. But, I'm amped, Eli... so much more than I was in the days leading up to my matchup with Gabriel Poe. I think you're gonna need just as much luck to beat me, as I'll need to beat you.

"And, I'm glad you brought up 'the Triple X Show'... because I do plan on fully introducing the CSWA to it. I always lived by the 'You've gotta crawl before you walk' slogan... which explains why I never came in here demanding anything, and waited my turn... but, my time is now. I'm teetering at the top... toward the upper half of the mountain, where only a select few ever get to. I took my eye off the prize at Fish Fund, but that's not the reason I'm not United States Champion. I'm not holding that belt because Hornet sacrificed himself, just because he has a grudge with me. And, honestly... if I had to choose between leaving the arena with Ivy or leaving the arena with fifteen pounds of tin, again... I'd do the things I did all over again.

"Thing's happen for a reason, and you can bet your last dollar you won't ever see me crying about something that didn't go down. Hornet's gonna get his, and I've vowed to do anything, and go through anybody the CSWA puts in front of me... to see if I'm worthy.

"And, if that's you... my good friend... then, so be it.

"I'll go through you in Orlando, just like I'll go through Mark Windham in Charleston. Why? ...Because I Can.

"But, you already knew that, E."

[small]The camera continued showing footage of Sean walking into the night, as the screen... slowly faded to a Primetime commercial... before finally fading for good.[/small]

fade- to- black

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