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Columbus Riptide 05


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-09-03 AT 07:45 PM (EST)](LARRY TACT is filmed sitting in a chair, a dark blue backdrop behind
him, nothing and nobody else present. He has a blue bandanna covering his hair and part of his forehead, although a patch can be seen on the top of his forehead. A small line of stitches is visible above his right eyebrow, and Tact's left forearm is wrapped up in bandaging and tape; all signs of his match at Ringlords with Jared Wells. Tact speaks in his usual low tone, although a hint of underlying spite can be detected.)

LARRY TACT: I sit here tonight, more dedicated than ever to improving the GLCW. But before I can do that, there are some lines that need to be drawn, and some things that need to be said. Going into the very first Ringlords, I was very confident in myself. Jared Wells, on the other hand...(crowd pops, Tact stopping for a moment)... he was banking on all of your support. He thought the fans would "energize" him, and would fuel his determination. Honestly, I thought he was full of crap. But at Ringlords, while I was going about dousing the RAGE o' FIRE... there were times when I thought I had him, but the guy just wouldn't stay down! And, for a split second, it made me think about all his babble... and maybe the fans were worth paying attention to. Maybe I should look back on the past couple years, and think on how the fans were there for me...

(There is a mixed reaction as Tact pauses, touching his chin momentarily, and then looking up. After a few seconds, Tact levels his head and gives a brief, lopsided grin. It quickly turns to more of a frown, and the resentment in his voice becomes more apparent.)

TACT: But then I remembered, in the very next moment, that the fans..? They weren't 'there' for me. They weren't 'there' to support me at all! (crowd returns only heat) And in fact, even now, all of you here are showing how fickle and UNsupportive you are, disapproving me just because I take a stand and see through your little 'hero' Jared Wells. But you know, it's funny... if Ringlords showed me one thing, it's that Jared and I..we have something in common: the fans betrayed BOTH of us, at one time or another. The difference between us, though, is that I stuck to my beliefs, while Wells...well.. he bowed down to you all, and went groveling back to
wrestling. And in turn, you people have gone grovelling back to him. It's a pathetic cycle, one which I refuse to take part in, of "needing" each other's approval. And why? Because Wells not having you people to think support him, and vice versa, is too much of a strain. You need approval for your own unstable mental health, just like Wells does! So why would I want approval from such people...say, all of you here from Ohio..

(Crowd pops at the hometown reference, but Tact chuckles.)

TACT: Please...you see how pathetic you all are? I mean, you have NOTHING going for you. What's the big story right now? That you're going to have some TEENAGE 'prodigy' joining your professional basketball team? Yeah, that's something to look forward to. I can't wait to see LeBron Joke get bi(BLEEP)macked by Ron Artest, and put in his place, just like the Cleveland Indians are having done to them right now! What's their record? 18 and... 32? HAH!!

(The crowd can be heard starting an "@$$hole" chant as Tact slaps his
knee and begins laughing. After a bit he continues, sounding a bit

TACT: But I suppose that's why guys like Jared Wells are getting these
"second chances." Unfortunately for hard working people like myself, it's very irritating. Just look at my match with Cannonball Kidd, where Wells CLEARLY interfered before Steven James. Now, it wasn't even that I didn't get the definitive victory, because I know I was on my way to it. It was the fact that Wells was NOT PUNISHED for his actions! Not only that, but what about JARED JUSTICE singeing me?! Another action that went UNPUNISHED.. unless you count that he got disqualified, which didn't even matter to him. I mean, this is ridiculous! It's...

(Tact stops to take a few deep, calming breaths... and it actually seems to work.)

TACT: I know I'm not the only one with problems, as the vandalism of Scott Malec's office would lead one to believe...and which Maelstrom
'conveniently' discovered. However, Malec isn't the one I'm looking at. It's KING KRUSHER, the almighty Commissioner of the GLCW. (crowd pops for KK) I tried to be patient, but let's be serious... this MORON has lost control! He's busy giving speeches and making matches, to get your approval, while people are running around
causing the MOST IMPORTANT PART of GLCW -- the WRESTLING -- to be tainted!

(Tact pauses and looks down for a few seconds. When he looks back up,
his eyes are narrow slits, and he looks as venomous as his voice sounds at this time.)

TACT: Well I'm not about to let that go on. Ringlords got me even more intense, more fir.. PUMPED up, and made me want to dispose of the CRAP that I see happening in GLCW rings. It starts with guys like Wells, who now gets REWARDED for his actions by being put in the Number One Contender's Battle Royal. And guys like Jared Justice..an unstable man, let's just clarify that, who is also getting a 'second chance' in wrestling. If Krusher won't take action, though.... then I WILL....

(Tact stands up from the chair and walks off camera, the crowd's
displeasure still audible as he leaves. CUT-TO: inside the Value City Arena, where the camera pans over the crowd, fans on their feet and cheering as Riptide returns! CUT-TO: the announcer's table, with Tony Ross, Rick Wiseman, and Jake Shades.)

TONY ROSS: Fans, welcome back to Riptide! We're about ready to get the next match underway, pitting two newcomers...Golden Hawk and Sane. And guess who has decided to show up? Mr. Jake Shades! Where have you been idiot!?"

JAKE SHADES: "I've been taking care of some side business, which is none of yours! Now let's get this show going because it doesn't actually start til I get here anyway!"

T.R.: "You know, I wish I could show up 45 minutes late and get away with it!"

RICK WISEMAN: All wisecracks aside, this match could turn some heads in the offices. Sane hasn't had many chances to impress thus far, but Golden Hawk showed he should be taken notice of at Ringlords, the way he handled The Jobber.

TR: Jobber isn't an easy opponent, but Golden Hawk took the fight to him, and although there was a double countout result, I agree that Golden Hawk could get thrown right into the thick of things with a solid performance tonight.

JS: Who was making the wisecracks? I wasn't making wisecracks. I think that falls under your job description, WiseASS!

TR: Let's take things to the ring, where Matt Faley has the intros....

(CUT-TO: the ring, where Matt Faley stands.)

MATT FALEY: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

(CUE-UP: "In Da Club" by 50 Cent. Sane comes out to a mixed reaction, his two valets in tow as they scream at each other all the way down to the ring. Sane enters it but the two women stay on the outside, fully absorbed in their arguing.)

MATT FALEY: Coming to the ring at this time, accompanied by Kodi Pendant and The Other Girl...from Las Vegas, Nevada weighing in at 245 lbs....Sane!

JS: Just look at those two...such a feisty pair!

TR: As unpleasant as it might be, I have to agree with you there, Jake. Sane's two valets, Kodi Pendant and The Other Girl seem to always have some animosity towards each other.

JS: Don't worry, Ross, I didn't mean feisty in the same way you did. I'm scouting, while you're in complete heterophobe mode.

RW: Let's not forget that Sane has a lot riding on every one of his GLCW matches. If he doesn't impress in his outings, it's back to jail for him.

TR: Yes, with Sane's substance abuse filled past, and subsequent current probation, he needs to have success here or be put back behind bars.

JS: No wonder they're so feisty, they must be on crack or ecstasy or

RW: A spectacular deduction, Holmes.

JS: Shut your flap, Tonto.

(CUE-UP: "T for Texas" by by Waylon Jennings as Golden Hawk comes down the ramp to a decent pop, dressed in his usual Texan attire. As he enters the ring, Sane comes flying off the ropes at him, but Golden Hawk catches him and hits a Fallaway Slam.)

TR: And this match is off to a fast start, as Golden Hawk plays a little catch with the jumping Sane, tossing him away with a Fallaway Slam!

RW: Matt didn't finish announcing Hawk, but he's got the size advantage, to say the least. Not many people are going to be tossing him around, at a whopping 285 pounds.

TR: Right you are, as Hawk now lifts Sane up in a Body Press, but Sane manages to grab the ropes and slip out to a vertical base, then lands a Dropkick to the back of Hawk, sending him onto the apron.

JS: Look at those two hot dishes on the outside! Faley got caught between them when he scampered like a sissy out of the ring. Now the lucky bastard is being smothered by them as they try to scream at each other! Look, now Kodi has the ring bell and The Other Girl's got the bell hammer! They're gonna go at it hardcore!

TR: Back in the actual match, Sane has got in some shots to Hawk, who's getting up on the apron. Sane goes back off the opposite ropes and jumps at Hawk....Hawk ducks and Sane goes flying right into his two valets!

RW: Speaking of hardcore, Sane's style is just that. He's used to backyard brawls, and in fact participated in backyard wrestling, but he won't be able to apply all of the...er...tactics he learned there in the GLCW.

TR: Golden Hawk comes down to the floor near the trio of Sane and his
valets, bends down and picks up Sane, but it's Sane with a SHOT that sends Hawk staggering back! That's some right hand of Sane's!

JS: Actually, you dolt, Sane smartly took the bell hammer from The Other Girl, and knocked Hawk upside the head with it! His valets are paying dividends already for him.

RW: Illegal as that was, it bought Sane a little time, and the referee didn't see it, as he now comes outside to tell both men to take things back in the ring.

TR: Look at Golden Hawk! He knows what Sane used to hit him, and just took the ring bell from Kodi Pendant to even things up. Now Sane comes at Hawk and...


TR: Hawk blocked the hammer with the bell!

RW: A ringing experience...

JS: Do me a favor and keep your lame comedy routine for Wired, where I don't have to hear it. I'm the entertainment on this show.

RW: Could have fooled me...

TR: Sane and Golden Hawk throw down the bell hammer and ring bell, and grab a couple steel chairs standing against our table! They just blasted each other with chairshots, and the referee is ruling this one a double disqualification as he calls for the bell!

RW: Golden Hawk and Sane certainly don't seem to have noticed, as they're up and at each other again with the chairs.

TR: Sane ducks under a swing from Hawk, then lays into his stomach with the end of the chair, and then nails him across the back! Hawk is on one knee, and Sane raises the chair up for another shot, only to get nailed in the head by Hawk's chairshot!

JS: Sane wants to turn every one of his matches into a BYW match, and that idiot Hawk can't help but be led out of the ring every match he has!

RW: They both could have promising futures here, IF they can abide by the law of the land.

TR: After the break, we've got more GLCW Riptide action for you, so stick around!

(CUT-TO: a small highlight package promoting the Jarod Poe/Cannonball Kidd Television Title match on Wired in Akron, Ohio.)

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