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Columbus Riptide 03


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-09-03 AT 07:48 PM (EST)](FADEIN on the backstage area. Lady V is standing in front of a GLCW backdrop, holding an oversized Fed Ex envelope)

LADY V: "I'm backstage here at the Value City Arena and in my hands I am holding a Federal Express letter that was sent to Television Champion Jarod Poe from an unknown source. I will lead this letter as it is very disturbing and unnerving.

(reading from letter) 'I saw you yesterday Mr. Superstar and I wanted to write you and say that you have a very lovely house and very nice car and a very nice life. You are very fortunate do you know that? Who am I kidding? Sure you knew that you would be stupid not to, but you see one thing annoyed me. Remember that little kid who came up to you and asked for your autograph? Sure you remember him because I remember watching you stare at him as if he was the spawn of Satan. You turned him down you shunned him. I was disgusted by your actions Mr. Superstar. At first I was angry and wanted to charge you with a baseball bat and bash your skull in until your brain oozed out of your head, but then I realized you must have been tired…sure you were tired weren't you Mr. Superstar. I'll continue to watch you like I have been doing. You will never see me. I am too far in the shadows for you to care. You would never have cared anyway, but you will soon enough. I will make you care that I am here. I will make you care about a lot of things soon enough.'

LADY V: "I don't know what to make of this guys, but it looks like our Television Champion has an admirer. Back to you."

(CUT-TO: Ross and Wiseman at ringside)

ROSS: “Folks, it’s been quite a night so far. First a message was sent to Jared Justice in the form of a fireball and a mysterious note. Then, just moments ago Lady V intercepted a mysterious and very threatening letter from an unknown source, addressed to the Television Champion Jarod Poe.”

WISEMAN: “We should seriously consider tightening security at these venues, Tony. I’m starting to get a little nervous, what with all these stalkers running around.”

ROSS (chuckling): “I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about, Rick. The announcers don’t get hurt.”

WISEMAN: “Be that as it may, everyone around here might want to be a little more careful.”

ROSS: “You may have a point. Ladies and gentlemen, coming up next we’ve got the … interesting … M.W. Grossard taking on “Showtime” Steven James.”

WISEMAN: “I, for one, am curious to see what M.W. is going to look like tonight. It’s been rumored that someone high-up has asked that Grossard … tone himself down a little for GLCW broadcasts.”

ROSS: “You mean someone was actually offended by something M.W. Grossard did? How could you possibly find the man offensive?”

WISEMAN: “I think it was more along the lines of “obscene” and “horrifying”. Either way, we may see a whole new M.W. Grossard tonight.”

ROSS: “Folks, let’s take you down to Matt Faley at ringside.”

FALEY: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL. Introducing first … (CUEUP: “Another One Bites the Dust” – Queen”) … from Warwick, Rhode Island and weighing in at TWO hundred FORTY pounds, this is “SHOOOOOOWTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMME” SSSSSSSSSSSTEEEEEEEEEVENNNNNNN JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

(James makes his appearance to a nice ovation from the fans. He’s wearing yellow and blue spandex, and jogs down to the ring, slapping a few hands along the way)

FALEY: “And his opponent … (CUEUP: “Wax Ecstatic (to Sell Angelina)” – Sponge) … from a happy, happy place and weighing in at TWO hundred TWO pounds, this is M.W. GROOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRD!”

(Grossard comes through the curtain followed closely by Bostwick B. Maximized. Grossard is clad in tattered acid wash jeans, an Anthrax t-shirt, and a studded leather jacket. He somewhat hesitantly throws up a ‘metal’ sign and bangs his head as he makes his way down the aisle. The crowd is mixed, but the cheers outnumber the boos by a good margin)

ROSS: “Uhhhhh … okay. That’s certainly a little different.”

WISEMAN: “Told you so. I guess his old attire was a little too sexually ambiguous for the networks, or something.”

ROSS: “The ref is calling for the bell, and we’re ready to go. M.W. Grossard is … he’s offering his hand to Steven James! James is hesitant to accept, but he slowly reaches out, and they’re shaking hands! (SFX: small pop) M.W. Grossard gives James a reassuring little smile as they break the handshake.”

WISEMAN: “I guess he’s got a different attitude as well as a new look, Tony.”

ROSS: “Grossard and James circling in the ring, Bostwick B. Maximized on the outside. Collar-and-elbow tieup now, and Showtime with an arm-wringer. James wrenching in that arm-wringer, but Grossard reverses with a forward roll to relieve the pressure and a short-arm clothesline that brings Showtime to the mat. Grossard breaks clean, giving James room to get to his feet.” (SFX: Nice pop!)

WISEMAN: “What a show of sportsmanship from M.W. Grossard. He’s certainly turned around over the last week or so.”

ROSS: “Both men back up, Grossard with a rear waistlock, standing switch by James, James goes for a German suplex but Grossard arches and hooks the leg for the block. Reversal now by Grossard, and he bullrushes Steven James into to the ropes. Rollup by Grossard on the rebound, but James kicks out after two.” (SFX: Pop!)

WISEMAN: “That was a nice exchange from Grossard and James, and the crowd is showing their appreciation for the display.”

ROSS: “Grossard is back on his feet, and so is James. Irish whip by Steven James, Grossard off the ropes and James off the other side. Grossard ducks under the clothesline by James, James off the other side, leapfrog by James, James off the ropes again and catches M.W. Grossard with a NICE flying back elbow that puts Grossard on the mat, and look at this! Now Showtime is backing up to allow Grossard a chance to get back to his feet! What a showing by these two men!”

WISEMAN: “Smart wrestling from both men as well, Tony. M.W. Grossard seems to be showing off some nice technical skills that he’s been hiding under all that cheating and sexual ambiguity.”

ROSS: “Both men back up, front facelock by James, and James with a nice vertical suplex, but OH! Grossard rolled through and grapevined James’ legs! That’s a pinning combination! One, two, but James gets the shoulder up. Both men quickly back to their feet, and now James is on the offensive! James rocks Grossard with a pair of right hands, and now a knife-edge chop has M.W. staggered! (SFX: WHOOOOOO!) Front facelock by James, and a DDT, but NO! Grossard caught hold of the ropes, and he’s still standing! Grossard brings James back up, scoop slam by Grossard, and he follows up with a quick elbowdrop into a pin! Hook of the leg, ONE, TWO, but James gets the shoulder up again! That’s the third pinning attempt of the match so far, all by M.W. Grossard.”

WISEMAN: “Grossard has been showcasing some technical skill that he’s only hinted at before, but he looks like he may be getting a little frustrated by his inability to put James away.”

ROSS: “It’s still early in the matchup, but I think you’re right. Grossard slaps his hand on the mat on his way up, and he’s arguing with the ref over the count. The ref is assuring Grossard that it was indeed only a two count, but look at this! Here comes Showtime from behind with a HUGE bulldog! Steven James now, on the attack. Scoop slam by James, followed up quickly by a legdrop into a triangle hold! James trying to wrench that hold in but they were too close to the ropes! Grossard gets a foot on the ropes and the referee orders James to break the hold. Both men are back up, and I don’t think M.W. Grossard looks too happy.”

WISEMAN: “You’re right. In fact, he looks downright pissed!”

ROSS: “Collar-and-elbow tieup, both men jockeying for position, but OHHHH! (SFX: Crowd groans) Grossard went for a kick to the midsection, but accidentally hit Showtime a little lower than that! The ref wasn’t in position to see it, but Steven James just dropped like a sack of bricks.”

WISEMAN: “It looked like an accident to me, but look at Bostwick! He’s up on the apron, and I don’t think he’s giving M.W. Grossard the benefit of the doubt.”

(CUTTO: Bostwick B. Maximized standing on the ring apron. He’s screaming at Grossard. One of the house mics picks up a little of the audio)

MAXIMIZED: “M.W., baby, what in the HELL was that? Didn’t I tell you no nutshots? Do you still want this gig, or what?”

(CUTTO: Grossard, glaring at Bostwick while James rolls around on the mat)

ROSS: “The referee is all over Maximized, trying to get him off the apron … (SFX: A loud chorus of boos) … but OH MY! Grossard is taking advantage of the situation by applying a blatant choke to Steven James.”

(CUTTO: Grossard’s face twisted in rage as he chokes Showtime. James’ legs kick spastically as he struggles to breathe)

WISEMAN: “Well, that golata may have been accidental, but this choke sure as hell isn’t! Come on, ref!”

ROSS: “It looks like the kinder, gentler M.W. Grossard didn’t last for long. Bostwick is finally off the apron, and the ref turns and sees the choke! He orders Grossard to break, but Grossard holds that choke right up to the end of the five-count! If M.W. Grossard isn’t careful, he could get himself disqualified!”

WISEMAN: “I, for one, thought Grossard really had made a change for the better. I guess his frustration just got the better of him.”

ROSS: “It certainly looks that way. James is now staggering back to his feet, and Grossard is waiting him out. Grossard, now, charging “Showtime” Steven James, but I think James was holding out a little! James with a sidestep that sends Grossard hard chest-first into the corner! Inverted front facelock by James, and James plants Grossard with a falling inverted DDT! James into the cover, ONE, TWO, but Grossard gets the shoulder up.”

WISEMAN: “Grossard is really walking the line now. He let go of that choke at the absolute LAST second, and I’m surprised that the ref didn’t disqualify him anyway. THAT’s how close it was, Tony.”

ROSS: “That was a judgment call on the ref’s part, I guess. Both men are on their feet, and here comes Grossard! A pair of hard rights by Grossard, and the ref is admonishing him for the use of closed fists, but I don’t think he cares. Irish whip by Grossard, James off the other side, and OH! M.W. Grossard with a drop toe-hold that put “Showtime” Steven James’ throat right across the bottom rope, and now Grossard is using the ropes to choke Steven James! The referee is telling Grossard to break the hold, and Grossard complies!”

WISEMAN: “I don’t get it … one minute he’s breaking the rules, and now all of a sudden he’s listening to the referee?”

(CUT-TO: James lying facedown on the mat and moving very slowly. The ref warns Grossard off, and Grossard raises his hands in a placating gesture before taking a few steps back. A smirk plays across his face as the ref turns to check on Steven James)

ROSS: “Perhaps it was just a momentary lapse, Rick. M.W. Grossard is backing off, allowing James some room to breathe. “Showtime” is struggling to get to his hands and knees, and OH MY GOD! M.W. Grossard just dropped the leg across the back of Steven James’ neck as James was struggling to get up! James’ face was just driven into the mat! Grossard rolls James away from the ropes and drops into the cover, ONE, TWO, THREEEENO! James got the shoulder up! Somehow, James got the shoulder up AGAIN, and M.W. Grossard is livid! Grossard is screaming at the referee, but Steven James is getting to his feet! James, from behind, spins Grossard around and delivers a HUGE right hook! Chop by James! (SFX: WHOOOOO!) And a right! And another chop! Grossard is reeling!”

WISEMAN: “I thought M.W. Grossard had it in the bag after that vicious leg drop to the back of Showtime’s head, but Steven James is battling back for all he’s worth!”

ROSS: “Irish whip by James, Grossard into the ropes. James drops his head for the big back bodydrop, but Grossard saw it! Grossard caught him, and HOOOOOOOOOOLY COOOOOOOOOWWWWW! Grossard just DECIMATED Steven James with a HUGE rolling reverse powerbomb! Grossard into the cover, hooks the leg, ONE, TWO, THREE! HE GOT HIM!” (SFX: DING DING DING!)

FALEY: “Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner … (CUEUP: “Wax Ecstatic (to Sell Angelina)” – Sponge) … M.W. GRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRD!”

(The crowd erupts in vehement booing as the ref moves to raise Grossard’s hand. Grossard shoves the ref away and slowly makes his way over to the prone body of Steven James. Grossard stands over James for a moment, his face twisted in rage. Grossard suddenly drops to the mat and applies a bow-and-arrow lock, painfully contorting James’ body)

ROSS: “OH COME ON! Grossard just applied a punishing bow-and-arrow to the defenseless Steven James! Hasn’t he been through enough already?”

WISEMAN: “Grossard had us all fooled for a little while, but this disgusting attack on “Showtime” Steven James only proves to us that he hasn’t changed a bit!”

(CUT-TO: A closeup of James’ face, contorted in agony. The shot pans out to show James flailing wildly, trying to tap out. The ref has the bell rung repeatedly, trying to get Grossard to let go of the hold. Grossard snarls, cinching in the hold even tighter)

ROSS: “Somebody needs to stop this! James is giving up, and Grossard won the match! There’s nothing more to prove, just let the man go!”

WISEMAN: “I don’t think Grossard intends to break the hold, but he might not have much choice! Look!”

(The crowd explodes as Lincoln Jones charges down the aisle)

ROSS: “Here comes the cavalry, folks, in the form of Lincoln Jones!”

(Jones hits the ring, sliding under the ropes and heaving himself to his feet)

WISEMAN: “God, look at the size of Jones! Jones is a big, enraged bull, and M.W. Grossard is right in his path!”

(Grossard catches sight of Jones and lets go of James, scrambling to his feet as Lincoln Jones bears down on him)

ROSS: “Jones has got Grossard in his sights, Rick, and I’d sure hate to be M.W. Grossard right now. Jones has Grossard by the tights, and OH! Grossard went flying out of the ring like a javelin! Lincoln Jones now, over to check on his partner Steven James, and let’s take another look at THAT!”

(CUT-TO: A slow motion replay. Jones clamps one huge hand around Grossard’s neck and gathers a handful of tights with the other. Jones simply heaves, and Grossard flies out of the ring as though shot from a cannon. He hits the arena floor and bounces, coming to rest in a crumpled heap at the foot of the aisle)

ROSS: “Lincoln Jones just DESTROYED M.W. Grossard in order to save Steven James! Look at the size of that beast!”

(The camera centers on a shot of “Showtime” Steven James and Lincoln Jones. Jones’ music starts to play as we FADE TO COMMERCIAL)

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