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Codename: Reaper

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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Handler Information

Name: Justin Buitron
Email Address: jrok512@hotmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Facebook, PM
eWrestling Experience: Empire Pro Wrestling (Match Writer/Handler), Superior Championship Wrestling (Match Writer/Handler), IWF (Owner, two runs with that fed.)Overall give or take 6-7 years of Efed experience.
How did you find DEFIANCE? Brunk
Are you willing to write matches? If I am worthy, yes.

Writing Sample

Writing Sample 1:
Direct Link:

Title: Sometimes ignoring is the proper path.
"EPW is no place for the weak, or those who don't know their place and still cling to the places they once held."

(Keep it simple. Jason Reeves, motel room, whiskey in hand. See simplicity does wonders.)

Stalker: You know it would probably be classy of me to at least listen to your previous three promos, Cameron. But when have I ever been the classy type? I mean, it's obvious you don't listen to me.

Even if you swear up and down that you have listened to me, you refuse to believe in anything other then yourself. That is the difference between you and I. I atleast understand parts of you, parts of your strengths and parts of your weaknesses. But you on the other hand, perceive yourself as an Unfathomable God.

Anything we can, say, or do against you has no bearing or impact. I feel like that is utter bull****. As bad as you have been previously and as unbearable as you are now, it's two completely different perspectives.

Jared Wells is that reason, for those varied perspectives. He attaches himself to you and somehow, some way, it makes you even more irriatating then your previous iterations of self.

You continue to jump up and down, up and down about how WE were the ones that challenged you. Did you completely forget, your first speech on the mic, when you fairies shared your reunion with the world?

How many times did you bring my name up? And what the f*ck did I do to you, anyways? Nothing by my count, except dominate EPW. Jealousy must've forced those words out of your mouth, to see me with my guaranteed title shot, it must've driven you crazy? 'HOW DARE HE GET A TITLE SHOT BEFORE ME!!!! I HAVE BEATEN HIM TWO TIMES ONE ON ONE!'

Congratulations Cameron! As if another reminder is really necassary. I mean what the F*CK! Seriously man.... is it the fact that your wins mean nothing to me, that drives you up the wall? If I said 'Oh Cameron, you and your two wins against me, proves you are so much the better man.'

Would that make you happy? Would that make you calm down?

Listening to you recently is like listening to loud frequencies. They hurt my ears and provide no useful information. Hence why I have ignored everything you have said in the past 72 hours or so.

I'm not doing it to annoy you, Cruise. I'm doing it to ignore the same jargled non sense you've been spewing forever and a day now. You've wrestled in countless promotions, which doesn't matter. You've won multiple titles, which doesn't matter. You've beaten countless opponents, which doesn't matter. All of this coming from your lips by the way.

None of that matters because EPW only matters. Which means, from your lips, your wins over me are AMAZING, your hours spent in Anthology are AMAZING, your multiple EPW title reigns are AMAZING. Everything Cameron Cruise does... is AMAZING. Which in turn means everything that you drag Jared Wells to will be AMAZING.

However, back in reality. Or as you like to call it, 'Stalker's World', your **** means nothing. Anthology never meant a thing until the world champion joined. THERE... I said it again. Does that satisfy you to hear it again? Or am I going to be gutblasted with 20 minutes of dialogue talking about how MUCH they really did matter?

You *****es clinged to each other like gold diggers, Jared Wells being the prime example and of course you following in with a close second.

I have been here through Anthology, through HOPE, through Anarky's title reign and I am still here. Making decisions, changing lives and putting belts around waists.

Anarky is still hung up over his loss to The First.

The First was so hung up after his loss, that he went into exile, only to remerge as Dis. He went into exile because he couldn't handle disappointing someone important in his life.


Little did I know he would come back as strong willed as he is now, and an EVEN BETTER champ then he could've ever been the first go around.

You honestly think you will be able to rip that title from his grasp? You are a crack head, if you truly believe it. Why would I even bother to cash my shot in, when my protege has the throne?

Do you not see how much pride I have for him? OF COURSE I was angry at first, as all masters would be. But... upon self reflection I saw his worth. A worth far greater then you will ever attain, Cameron.

Although as I wrap this up Cameron, I gotta say, your worth is far greater apart from what you call your Bro.

The Dangles Brothers are scum buckets that won't amount to anything in the NEW EPW we have here. I hope you realize that soon Cameron, before it's too late and you are giving yourself a reality check in....

Stalker's World.


Writing Sample 2
Direct Link:

"It is he, who is I, I who is him and you who is a fool."

(Scene fades in to Jason Reeves, run down motel room outside of Jacksonville, Florida. He is staring into the dresser mirror, tag title laying on the chair behind him. It looks like he hasn't slept for days and he stares blankly into the mirror.)

Stalker: You know Aaron, your claims are downright hilarious. Or should I say 'His' claims? It's so f*cking hard for me to understand what is going on whenever you are on camera. Are you truly speaking for Copycat? Or are you just making this **** up. Speaking of speaking, when the hell do I get a chance to hear him actually talk again? Ever? This whole process you have going on right now is downright tiresome.

Before I fully go into how freaking stupid you are, let me clear one of your statements up right here and right now. Your 'master' did not break Sean Stevens. I DID. Triple X was broken down as soon as he lost a grip on that World Heavyweight championship. Why did that happen? I think you already know the answer to that question. It was me. I decided it was time for him to let go of that title, it was I who decided I was tired of being treated as less then an equal to him. I ended our friendship, I took away his world title.

So yes, I who is he who is him. ME. Jason Reeves. Stalker.

How many more god DAMN times do I have to address this whole situation. You idiots act like all of this obsession is about glory. It's not about glory, it's about showing punks like Anarky who the real boss is. It's about showing former friends what happens when they forget who helped them. It's about showing people like The First what it means to TRULY be in control.

At Aggression 59, no Aaron, I will not let Copycat force the light into my eyes. I don't care what he sees, all I care about now is showing him what a punk of a champion Anarky is. When I destroy his ass in the middle of that ring and get the pin fall.

(Jason pauses for a few moments, while he pours himself a drink. After taking it down in one shot he stares back into the mirror.)

Stalker: Let's switch focus to Anarky now. The fact that I can get on a mic, talk **** and call you out does make me matter. You claim to be doing other s*it? Like what? Not defending the world championship? Not defending the title reign that I disgrace everytime I open my mouth? What the f*ck do you think you are?

Anarky, seriously if you think that my importance comes from the amount of times I repeat your name, you are more f'ed up in the head then I am. Your title reign is meaningless. As long as you continue to act this way, it will stay meaningless. You overpowered a weak champion in The First, took that title and strapped it around your pathetic waist. You know what I see though, from your title reign? It won't matter if you hold the belt for 6 months, a year or even three. You are not a true champion. For as much as I despised Sean Stevens in the end at least he was a true champion.

Yeah I have plans, Anarky. Yeah I have grand schemes. The real question, Anarky, is what are your plans? The only time these fans have even seen your silly ass has been when I WAS involved. You come to the arena, sit in your locker room until your match is up. Go out, perform, then climb back under your rock. That's not a champion, that's a f*cking paperweight with a belt wrapped around it. You are just a placeholder, until I can take that title and strap it around the waist of someone more deserving.

Sadly at this point in time there is only one person fit for that job. Sorry Stevie, it's not you. At least not yet. Copycat, ain't you either buddy. There is only one person fit to truly be the World Heavyweight Champion of Empire Pro Wrestling. That man is me.

I am tired of beating around the bush, I am tired of mincing words with you Anarky. You are a terrible champion, a terrible hardcore performer and when I finally get that chance and trust me I will. I will show you just how terrible you truly are.

When Steven Shane and I walk in to that ring at Aggression 59, I will have one goal and one goal alone. That will be to pin your shoulders to the mat and get the one, two, three. So my question to you Anarky is when that does happen, what will you say to yourself? Just a bump in the road?

Frankly if you honestly have the nerve to say you are tired of this ****, then you might as well drop that title right now and walk away. You are the world champion, you have a target on your back and I don't care if you think i'm worthy of name dropping you. This is no longer your world.

Welcome to Stalker's World.


Match Writing Example:
Direct Link:
Street Fight - Title Shot vs. Career: Stalker vs. Dan Ryan

["Did my time" by Korn blares over the PA. The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as Stalker, wearing a Dis mask walks out from behind the curtains. The fans jeering increases in volume as he heads towards the ring.]

TF: Introducing first in this street fight.... hailing from Seattle, Washington. Here is STALKKKKKKKERRRRRRRR!!!!!

[Stalker steps into the ring and walks over to Tony, rips the mic out of his hand and orders him out of the ring.]

Stalker: It feels like it's been forever, since i've been in an EPW ring, and tonight all of you idiots will witness the wrath that I have been saving for months now.

[He rips off the DiStalker mask and tosses it out into the crowd to another loud chorus of boos.]

Stalker: No introduction needed. Dan Ryan get your ass out here and let's finish this!!!!

["Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins hits the PA and the crowd shifts instantly to a huge amount of cheers. The volume of the crowd increases with every second as stalker stares down the entrance ramp awaiting his opponent. After a few more seconds the music dies down and no one comes out from behind the curtains.]

Stalker: Are you kidding me Dan?!? There is no way you are going to flake out on me in this one you freaking punk!

[The crowds cheering turns back to booing after Stalker opened his mouth. Still as the camera focuses in on the entrance ramp there is no sign of Dan Ryan... anywhere.]

DM: I bet you that punk Stalker jumped Dan in the backstage area.

MN: That'd be the smart thing to do.

[Stalker circles the ring awaiting Dan to make his appearance. No one comes out and then.... the EmpireTRON lights up and Dan Ryan's face is staring at Stalker. The crowd erupts in cheers.]

Ryan: Stalker!

[The yell gets his attention and he stares at the EmpireTRON like a rabid dog.]

Ryan: This is a street fight... didn't you remember? Come find me!

[After the feed cuts Stalker's face gets an angry look on it as he tosses the mic to the outside and hops out of the ring. He makes his way up the entrance ramp and the camera switches to the announcer's table.]

DT: Word from the back is our camera crew is scrambling to find Stalker.

DM: An interesting ploy by Dan Ryan.

MN: I'm not sure what that means but you shouldn't piss Stalker off.

DM: You don't know what interesting ploy means?

MN: Is that some kind of cut down?

DM: [Silence.]

DT: Well it looks like our camera crew has caught up with Stalker as he is searching the backstage area for Dan Ryan.

MN: I can't believe our esteemed owner didn't have the nerve to come to the ring when he was supposed to.

DM: Neely your an idiot.. this is a last man standing street fight. Therefore it can start anywhere. You are just mad that Stalker didn't think of it first.

DT: Stalker looks like he is heading to the parking garage. He whips open the door and Dan Ryan is staring at him from about fifteen feet away. Is he... he's carrying a baseball bat!

MN: Pfftt... Stalker doesn't care what he has.

DM: Dan Ryan storms him and takes a huge swing which Stalker ducks at first and counters with a punch to the ribs.

DT: That doesn't faze Ryan one bit as he swings the bat back around and connects with Stalker's back. It sends him stumbling back towards the door and Ryan takes another swing at him with the bat, Stalker with a leg sweep! Both men on the ground and the bat rolls away.

DM: Stalker and Dan Ryan get to their feet at the same time and grapple one another. Dan Ryan uses his overpowering strength and drives Stalker into the door. He lays into him with several punches and look who's finally shown up Paul Jones!

MN: That slacker... what took him so long? Stalker could've already had Dan Ryan down for the 10 count if he was here!

DM: You know Neely you are as delusional as Stalker.

MN: Thanks Deanoooooooooooooo... oh! Stalker just ran Dan Ryan's back into that parked car!

DT: Yeah and that move shattered the driver's side window. Glass is all over the concrete now...... Stalker doesn't have the upper hand for long as both men are now struggling for control. Dan Ryan tries to slam Stalker's face into the side mirror of the car but Stalker blocks it. Hooks Dan Ryan by the neck... RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP INTO THE CAR!

DM: Now a smart move on Stalker's part he took just as much of that hit as Dan Ryan did.

MN: Stalker doesn't feel pain! He only dishes it!

DT: He's certainly slow to get up after that move. As Dan Ryan is the first to his feet. He lays some boots into the fallen Stalker and is now picking him up by his hair. He goes to whip him into the car but Stalker throws his foot up on the side door and blocks the move. Dan Ryan nails him with a forearm and whips him into...

DM: The CAMERA MAN! Wow... camera man is down and the camera he was holding is broken in two as it crashed into the wall.

MN: One camera down... one to go!

DT: Dan Ryan is screaming at Stalker now as he picks up half of the broken camera and slams it into the back of Stalker's head! And again!... and a third time... this time the camera shatters into small pieces at the hard impact. He's ordering Paul Jones to start the count.

PJ: 1.....2.....3......4.....5.....

DM: That sick son of a *****... he's up to his feet now and is laughing at Dan Ryan. Who just yells in a rage as he spears him to the ground. Left.... right... left... right... left... right... Stalker's nose has been busted wide open and Dan Ryan is unrelenting.

MN: Come on Stalker put your hands up!

DT: Looks like he heard you Neely. Stalker covers his face and Dan Ryan is screaming at him again as he gets up and pulls Stalker up with him. What... where is he going?

DM: I have no idea but he's dragging Stalker with him. The sole camera man that's left is doing his best to catch up with them but they are already clear down the hall as he makes his way through the garage entrance door.

MN: Man this sucks.. Stalker is probably whipping his ass right now!

DM: I highly doubt that Neely... those shots from the broken camera probably rattled his brain pretty good.

DT: Look! The camera finally caught up to the action... Stalker and Dan Ryan are duking it out by the apparel table.

MN: What the hell!?? Does that shirt say 'Neely sucks!'?

DM: Yes I personally own five of those.

DT: Back to the action now... Stalker has gotten the upper hand over Dan Ryan and has him on the floor... he has a shirt wrapped around his neck and is choking the life out of the EPW owner.

MN: Kill him! KILL HIM!

DM: You do realize he signs your checks?


DT: Stalker shoves Dan face first into the ground and gets to his feet. He's telling Paul Jones to start the count.

PJ: 1.....2.......3.......4.....

DT: He's back to his feet.

DM: What is that maniac doing?

MN: Planning.

DT: Not sure Dean.. he's just staring at Dan Ryan from about ten feet away from him. Dan Ryan is glaring right back at him.

DM: Stalker charges at him but Dan Ryan side steps him and throws him over the apparel counter and the workers quickly vacate the area.

DT: Dan Ryan climbs over the apparel table and meets Stalker as he is getting to his feet.

Ryan: It's OVER JASON!

DT: Ryan punches him to the ground again... lays a few boots into his already bloody face and is picking him up again... oh man.. he's setting him up...

MN: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MN: Wow....

DT: The table got split in half as Stalker's body was driven through it with extreme force. Dan Ryan is telling Paul Jones to count him now.

PJ: 1......2.......3......4......5......6.......7..... 8......

DT: NO! Stalker somehows manages to get to his feet just barely and Dan Ryan can't believe his eyes. He steps through the carnage and leads Stalker down the hall by his arm... OH!!! Dan Ryan just irish whipped Stalker face first into the wall!

DM: Stalker looks like a crumpled mess on the floor and Dan Ryan is telling Paul Jones to count him again!

PJ: 1........2......3.....4.....5.....6.....

MN: You can't get rid of him that easily!

DM: Stalker is using the wall to pull himself up and Dan Ryan walks towards him... Boot to the gut from Stalker! EVENFLOW! Wow! That came out of nowhere!

DT: He's still recovering from flying face first into that wall and Paul Jones can't start the ten count unless Stalker is up to his feet and tells him to do so.

MN: I think he has something else in mind!

DM: Oh man...

DT: Stalker has just ripped a fire extinguisher off the wall and is approaching Dan Ryan with it as he is getting up to his knees. He raises it above his head and brings it crashing down onto Dan Ryan's head!!

DM: Looks like he's telling Paul Jones to count him!

PJ: 1......2.......3......4.....5......6.......

DT: Nope! Dan Ryan gets up to his feet and Stalker charges at him with the fire extinguisher... Ryan ducks! He ducks again! Boots Stalker in the gut! He drops the fire extinguishe, Dan Ryan with a knee lift to Stalker's face!

DM: Looks like he wants to use that weapon now. He grabs the extinguisher, with Stalker getting up to his feet now, Dan Ryan turns around and Stalker charges at him...


DT: Dan Ryan just sprayed the fire extinguisher and the CO2 is EVERYWHERE! Paul Jones is coughing... the camera man has just dropped the camera and looks to be getting out of the area.

DM: With the strange view we have now Stalker and Dan Ryan look to be grappling each other amidst the CO2....



MN: Wonderful... no camera shot... what the hell.

DM: Well Neely after they took out the first camera... I guess it was only a matter of time for this to happen.

DT: We are getting word from backstage that another camera crew is scrambling to get to their location but it will still be a couple of minutes.

MN: What kind of company doesn't have more camera crews at the ready?

DM: Well considering they've already taken out two. You are just gonna have to deal with it Neely.

[The camera feed picks back up as Stalker and Dan Ryan are slugging it out at the bottom of the steps leading to the arena seats.]

DT: Looks like we've found them!

DM: Yeah both men are covered in that crap from the extinguisher and neither one looks to be backing down as they are slugging it out in the middle of EPW security and a large group of fans!

MN: Time to put him away Stalker!

DT: I think he is attempting to Neely! Stalker with repeated knees to the gut and OH!! He just slammed Dan Ryan face first into the wall... again! AGAIN! Man.. what a beating both of these men have taken.

DM: Stalker is pulling Dan Ryan up the steps by his arm. Dan Ryan is stumbling... falling over himself and the steps. Stalker lays some forearms into his back and picks him up again. Pulling him farther up the steps.

DT: Dan Ryan gets a second wind as he grabs a hold of Stalker's waist from the back... he punches him in the gut. He's got him wrapped up... lifts....

[The crowd watching at the bottom of the steps let out a Gasp of air and screams.]

DM: OH MY GOD!!! Dan Ryan just hit Stalker with a BACK SUPLEX and Stalker went tumbling down to the bottom of the steps head first... Dan Ryan took a large hit too as he crashed into the steps on the release of that move.

MN: Look at that slacker again! Late to the party.

[Camera shows Paul Jones showing up. His face is beat red and it looks like he changed ref shirts.]

DM: He certainly looks better then both of our competitors.

DT: Dan Ryan is barely starting to stir... and as he finally gets to his feet he orders Paul Jones to start the 10 count.

PJ: 1.....2......3......4......5.......6.....7.....8.. ...9.....

MN: YES!!! He's up!!

DM: Barely... he stumbled forward after getting up and is holding himself up against the wall.

DT: Dan Ryan has finally caught his breath. He walks down the steps grabs Stalker by the hair and is now dragging him up the steps. Stalker can't put up any resistance as he is basically getting pulled around like a rag doll.

[They get to the top of the stairs and are surrounded by a swarm of standing fans who are either seated there or have moved over from their seats to his the action.]

Ryan: It's time to end this Jason!

DM: He gets Stalker to his feet and is staring him face to face. Boot to the gut... sets him up.... HUMILITY BOMB!!! Onto the concrete!!

DT: He orders Paul Jones to count him....

PJ: 1.......2......3.......4......5........6.....

[Stalker crawls his way over to the guardrail that is the protective barrier from the crowd and seats on the lower level.]

DT: He's pulling himself up... he has to get to his feet though!

PJ: 8.........9.........

DM: I can't believe it! He's on his feet and his face, covered in blood, he's laughing at Dan Ryan!

[Cameras flash like crazy as Dan Ryan lets out a scream that would shatter mirrors and charges at Stalker!]

DT: Stalker ducks the charge from Dan Ryan! He uses his momentum to toss Dan over the guard rail!

DM: He caught the bar!! Just barely but he... NO!!!!!

[More cameras flash like crazy as Dan Ryan's grip slips off of the bar and he comes crashing down to the fans, who willing try and break his fall.]

MN: Yes he fell... HE FELL!!

Stalker: COUNT IT PAUL!!!

DT: Paul Jones comes over to the guard rail and looks in horror at the scene below.

PJ: 1........2.......3.......4.......5......6......7.. ....8.......9..........10!!!!

MN: YES!!! Stalker is finally getting his title shot!

DM: I can't believe it... what a lucky bastard.

MN: Luck? That was all skill... the 'Career Killer' just notched another name under his belt. I guarentee you Dan Ryan will never be the same after this match.

DT: You may be right on that one Neely.

[The camera shows EMT's attending the fallen Dan Ryan as he is yet to emerge from the swarm of crowd and EPW security.]

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Codename: Reaper
Height: 6'2
Weight: 224

Hailing From: Parts Unknown

Entrance Music: Rocket Skates by Deftones

Alignment: Heel.

Gimmick: Reaper is dressed in full black, with a black mask covering his entire face. His voice, when speaking, is modified by a device. No one knows where he truly has come from. But he looks to seek vengeance on any and all that he perceives as evil. Often is seen wearing a black trench coat, and when uncloaked has what almost appears to be body armor style padding on his chest.

His motivation and desire to rid the world of evil is based upon his past. In the whole he considers the wrestling industry as an evil, with primary focus on complacent title holders, corporate yes men, womanizers and those that think they can't pour their full blood sweat and tears into it. If a wrestler shows a lack of respect or desire to be 100% all the time, Reaper will find you. It's unknown, but highly likely that he has been wronged in the past by the industry and is seeking revenge from the inside. Chaos is the new order.

Wrestling Style: Quick and brutal strikes, tries to specialize in counters and unique variances on otherwise standard moves.

Three Weaknesses:
Bull Headed
One sided thinking, one viewpoint, blind to everything. But the one goal he strives for.. revenge.

Three Strengths:
Goal Driven
Can take a beating.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Rolling Russian Leg Sweeps. (Modified at the Third Russian Leg Sweep to a back suplex, on smaller opponents)
2) Missile Drop-kick (One Legged)
3) Small Package
4) Spring board body press
5) Barrage of kicks and punches after a hard whip to the corner.
6) Spear (Smaller opponents)
7) Moonsault
8) Impact DDT (Raven's Evenflow)
9) Drop kick to the groin
10) Drop Toe Hold (into a chair if available.)

2-5 trademark moves:

1) FrogSplash
2) Front Face Russian Leg Sweep
3) Tornado DDT
4) SharpShooter
5) Rolling Suplexes (Smaller opponent, last suplex is a Fisherman Suplex.)

1 Finishing Move:

1 The Guillotine (High Impact Kick, depending on the set up it could be off the ropes, as a counter. Normally directed right at the neck. He tries to cut the wrestler's head off with his kick.
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Jan 1, 2000
I'm more than likely going to vote yes based on the writing samples and what I remember of your workrate when EPW was open. I have some questions on the character, though. Namely, if he's a heel with a clear, personal definition of what "evil" is to him, who do you see as his targets? If he's going to target other heels, will the Faithful still consider him worse than his victims and respond in kind? Or is his perception of "evil" what makes up a babyface?

I think there's room here in DEFIANCE to explore either of the above. I just need to know what the intentions are.


I will send you to the bin.
Jan 18, 2008
Aberdeen, Scotland
Promos are good. The match is also good: you'd obviously need to alter your style to fit-in with DEF's preferred format, but I've no doubt you'd be able to do that.

I'd also like some further clarification on his definition of "evil," as that'll give everyone a better idea of how Reaper will fit-in with the other wrestlers in DEFIANCE, but I'm voting yes regardless.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
I have updated the application with the below. I'm not sure if it really helps define it more. I was looking for a good way to put the desire in words and this is what I came up with. Thank you all for taking your time to read my application.

His motivation and desire to rid the world of evil is based upon his past. In the whole he considers the wrestling industry as an evil, with primary focus on complacent title holders, corporate yes men, womanizers and those that think they can't pour their full blood sweat and tears into it. If a wrestler shows a lack of respect or desire to be 100% all the time, Reaper will find you. It's unknown, but highly likely that he has been wronged in the past by the industry and is seeking revenge from the inside. Chaos is the new order.


Jan 1, 2000
I mean, I get it, but complacent title holders are generally heels, and womanizers are generally heels. We've got a character right now, Mikey Unlikey, who doesn't pour his full blood, sweat, and tears into wrestling because that's his gimmick...he's a sports entertaining, Hollywood douchebag, he doesn't NEED wrestling, and the DEFIANCE Faithful haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate him for it. On top of that, he holds a title and his shitheel lackeys (the PCP) willingly do his dirty work for him. If Reaper's in a feud with him, how is he going to out-heel him given what you're describing as his gimmick? That's what you have to be thinking about.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
I think it is more about the fact that Reaper just simply does not care about how he impacts the others that he will feud with, so perhaps I chose heel wrong? I was looking at it from a standpoint where Reaper may often attacks his enemies outside of the ring, or run interference to make an 'impact'. I didn't for see him doing that and also being a face. He won't play up for the crowd but also will not put down the crowd (at least at this point).

I know how I want to play him I just am not sure whether or not what he would be considered to most people. (Heel or face)


Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
I know how I want to play him I just am not sure whether or not what he would be considered to most people. (Heel or face)

Well I think its not so much about "how you want to play him" as "how it would work and make sense?" I mean absolutely come in with an idea in mind, but if your character cant interact with anyone who isnt a supaface then hes going to have a hard time.


Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
I read over the app, and even tho I think the writing is incredibly reactionary (well, it's RPs so i guess I should expect that), the writing itself isnt bad. The style might need slightly modified, and you definitely will need to have longer stuff, (The match was very short IMO)

The character worries me. So hes a dark and ominous character, but he's not very large so he's apparently not intimidating.... So whats the appeal then, that he's a loose cannon? You dont even know if this guy is a heel or face but you know how you want to write him?

"Reaper just simply does not care about how he impacts the others that he will feud with"
-This sounds like Justin doesnt care how he impacts others he feuds with.... because quite honestly thats 100% Angle fedding is working with someone else and the impact the feud has. If you are not concerned with the other person, then who is going to want to work with you? (maybe im reading too much into it) but this isnt the place to write for yourself...

You seem competent and talented enough, i just dont like the gimmick to be honest (we just had a "darkness" type character in Omega that flamed out pretty quick even tho it was entertaining.) but by all means if you get in prove me wrong, i wont deny you based on gimmick alone, just a few things that stood out to me.

VJ Valentine

Nov 26, 2007
I'm not quite sure I understand the gimmick, but it's mysterious enough that I'm willing to give it a shot. Guy is a solid writer, and I don't think Pete and Brunk would step up and vouch for a guy who would hurt the morale of the handlers and couldn't make the necessary adjustments that would be needed in order to succeed in DEFIANCE. I vote yes, based upon the handlers who were willing to vouch for you and he solid writing sample.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
"Reaper just simply does not care about how he impacts the others that he will feud with"

I apologize I didn't mean for that statement to make it seems as if I don't care as a handler about what happens in the angles my characters involved in and who my character will interact with. It was strictly a character perspective.

I have never done an angle fed before, I apologize I suppose I should have stated that to begin with. In the end I really would like to work with anyone in any shape form or fashion, I just want to have some fun and create some good stories that others would enjoy reading and or helping me create those stories.


Jan 1, 2000
Justin, PM me what you want your backstage username/password to be. Brunk can get you access to the booking forum.
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