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Clyde Fox


Jan 17, 2013
Handler Information

Name: Ross
Email Address: rossuron@hotmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: In order from most used to least used; Facebook Messenger App, Email, Forum PM
eWrestling Experience: As mentioned in my previous application, I have many years of experience, partaking in a total of 10 places, sporadically, from 1998 to present. Some of these places were self-written offline ventures purely for creativity purposes but some of the actual organizational highlights I have been a part of include PIW (1999-2002), Action! (2002-2004), and GCW (2007-2012). I am applying with what I consider to be my most successful character. Even though I have used him in previous places before, I do intend to write him without needing any previous acknowledgement about his character history or accomplishments. I look at this as a sort of “Spider-Man Homecoming” type of thing. A lot of what I already have planned with him is actually brand new and I have not done with any character before.
How did you find DEFIANCE? Referral
Are you willing to write matches?Yes

Writing Sample


It wasn’t particularly snug in the dark broom closet. The door finally swung open. Clyde nodded. He exited. He was free. He was finally free. He had finally escaped the clutches of the dreaded dark arts community known as The Marked for Death. Clyde wasn’t exactly sure how he ended up in there to begin with but the only feeling he was experiencing was thankfulness towards the colorful duo that just unlocked him. His gratitude didn’t waiver as he watched with glassy eyes as they walked into the distance. Clyde decided to head in the other direction. He tried to think of the moment’s leading up to his random appearance in the broom closet but most of his memory was foggy and fragmented. The only thing that came to mind was a man in black and silver robes fighting another in white and orange robes. He noticed his hands were trembling. He couldn’t remember the last time he had eaten something so he traversed about what looked like an arena concourse in search for some grub. After a few unsuccessful moments of searching, Clyde stopped a random passerby to ask for directions.

“Heto,” Clyde’s voice squeaked.

The man stopped and gazed upon the tall drink of water that was Clyde Fox. All six feet two inches of his gangly frame was powered by slender but visible muscles. The man looked concernedly at Clyde, for his eyelids were aflutter and his face was visibly flush.

“Are you alright?” The random citizen asked.

Clyde placed a weak hand on the man’s shoulder in order to remain standing.

“I... I need some food pwease,” Clyde asked graciously.

The man was a little taken back by the squeakiness of Clyde’s voice. In fact, everything about Clyde seemed rather pointed or sharp. His thin but symmetrical face was accented by high cheekbones, a sturdy nose and vibrant water blue eyes. His hair was dark and messily styled into a fauxhawk. His toothy grin was marred by metal braces, even though he seemed a little too old to have them. He wore a traditional baseball tee with navy blue arm sleeves and an accompanying scripture that read ‘Heto’ across the chest in a simple handwriting font. He was sporting a pair of military green cargo shorts and some basic footwear.

“Food? Uhhh, yeah. Down the hall and to your right. Help yourself,” The man pointed.

Clyde remained hunched over as the man departed. He summed up whatever energy remained and somehow made it to where the buffet was setup. It was sparsely populated and Clyde just acted casually, grabbed a plate, not too much food and found himself a table for one. He dug into his food and could instantly feel strength returning to his extremities. There weren’t too many people sneaking a peak at him and he didn’t care to notice if there was either. His main goal was to procure sustenance and he could worry about any potential fallout after that. If Clyde was going to get noticed as someone who shouldn’t be there, all he knew was that he was more than ready to rely on his Kitty Fox Fu training if things took a turn for the hostile. Clyde relied on his martial arts skills as a failsafe only. He much preferred to resolve any potential conflicts in a nice, calming fashion, possibly over a spot of tea. However, he was the most advanced Kitty Fox Fu artist his Sensei had ever seen.

“Hello,” A strange voice rang from behind Clyde.

He stopped chewing. He corrected his posture. He turned... and noticed... someone.

“Oh... Heto,” Clyde acknowledged.

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name:Clyde Fox
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hailing From: Niceville, Florida
Alignment: Face
Theme Song: “Moving On” by Marshmello (2017)
Here’s a link to the music video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU0tnrEk8H4
DOB: August 1, 1992

Gimmick: Clyde Fox is happier than you. In fact, happy go lucky doesn’t even begin to describe who Clyde Fox is. He has the squeakiest of voices, braces on his teeth and a slight speech impediment because of that, and of course, good hair. He is always happy to see you even if you’re not happy to see him. Don’t misconstrue his softness for weakness though; Clyde can be as tough as nails when he needs to be. He is not dumb, special needs, or developmentally delayed either; if a descriptor word had to be applied to his personality style, it would clearly be naïve. Clyde is overly trusting and refuses to see nothing but the best in people. In order, his purpose is to be happy, create a light and dark balance wherever he goes, to grow his ‘Fwend Den’ on social media with friend requests, and even though it might lambaste him as a nerd, he gives top effort to stay up-to-date with his preferred pop culture influences all of which will be explored. Now that he is in DEFIANCE, Clyde finally feels it’s time to say “Heto” and introduce himself to all his potential ‘Fwends.’

Wrestling Style: Clyde has two traditional wrestling styles. First and foremost, Clyde’s natural slenderness lends itself well to agility, quickness and speed. His innate high-flying ability makes him a menace in the ring unless you can get your hands on him to slow him down. Secondly and probably most surprisingly, Clyde is trained in the light arts known as ‘Kitty Fox Fu.’ He spent an unknown amount of time in Hong Kong, China perfecting this craft and making it his own. While there, he was trained under the tutelage of the mystical Fuji Enchen and fought against various dark forces. Because of this rather unorthodox combination of striking and high-flying ability, Clyde has garnered the reputation of a formidable force amongst the wrestling ranks. However, this does not make him invincible. He is plenty susceptible to being over powered as well as not recovering from high impact moves, again because of his gangly build. Clyde will often ride it out in the bitterest of fashions but when his goose is cooked he will somberly submit.

Three Weaknesses:
-Lacks power
-Overly trusting / easily fooled
-Thinks everyone is just as happy as him

Three Strengths:
-Speedy, fast, agile
-Charming and cute soul / an unequivocally good person
-Sound offensive execution / rarely sloppy


Ten regular moveset moves:
1) Ear Twisting
2) Praying Mantis Jabs (To Pressure Points)
3) Bicycle Kicks (Prone or Jumping)
4) Kitty Claw Scratches
5) Leg Sweep
6) 450 Splash
7) Dragonrana
8) Release German Suplex
9) Flying Clothesline
10) Tornado DDT

2-5 trademark moves:
1) “Point & Click” (Prone Full Nelson whilst tapping with fingers on the back of opponent’s head to induce submitting)
2) “Kitsune Kick” (Superkick)
3) “Fox 40” (Banshee Scream)
4) “Brace Face” (Toothy smile and waving “Heto” at opponent. While this does no physical damage, it has a chance to cause severe psychological questioning in his opponent)
5) “Happy Ending Splash” (Frog Splash)

1 Finishing Move:

“Heto X G’Bye” (Jumping Half Nelson Slam)

VJ Valentine

Nov 26, 2007
I will continue to say yes, especially if it's Clyde Fox, who was one of my favorite GCW characters. :)


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
I would say - it is safe to say you are in, sir. We'll get you access to the booking forum so you can start taking a look at all the how to's, this's and thats. PM me what you what your backstage username and pword to be and we will get you get up.

It wasn't mentioned in your app so I will say consider getting a skype account. A lot of the planning with other handlers goes down on skype as well as the ever present DEFChat. If its not you thing, you can survive without it. It's just easier with it. Also Google Docs ... very important here. I'd say that one is super needed.

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