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Cleveland Riptide 08


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: THe outside of the Agora Theater in Cleveland. The camera is focused on the marquee, which is scrolling: TONIGHT.....GREAT LAKES CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING.....RIPTIDE.....7:00PM.....MAIN EVENT.....MAELSTROM, JEAN RABESQUE, and GOLEM VS. MICHAEL MANSON AND THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE.....CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the MAIN EVENT!!? ARE YOU READY!!?? This is a six-man tag team match! First, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica) "From Pandora Island, at a combined weight of 580lbs., the Great Lakes Tag Team Champions, KRAVEN AND FLATLINER, THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE!!"

(The crowd erupts in boos as the two massive Pandorians emerge from the curtain with their tag team belts around their waist. They take a few steps, cross their arms and stand staring at the crowd, awaiting their partner)

M.F.: "And their partner," (CUE-UP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson) "From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 230lbs., MICHAEL MANSON!!"

(The boos get even louder as Manson comes out, wearing black tights with strange red designs on them. He joins Kraven and Flatliner and all three walk to the ring together. None of them acknowledge the rain of boos coming down on them and when they get to the ring, they stay on the outside and discuss strategy)

M.F.: "And their opponents," (CUE-UP: "The Day The World Went Away" by Nine Inch Nails) "From Death Valley, California, weighing in at 238lbs., GOLEM!!"

(Golem comes out of the locker room as the fans cheer in approval. He wears black trunks and boots and stares out at the crowd cheering him on, then focuses on his opponents. Golem stops on the floor opposite Manson and the UA and waits for his partners)

M.F.: "His partner," (CUE-UP: "Shapes of Things" by the Jeff Healy Band) "From Montreal, Quebec, weighing in at 245lbs., JEAN RABESQUE!!"

(The crowd sustains its cheering as Rabesque comes out, wearing blue trunks and black boots. He slaps a few hands on the way down and then stands next to Golem, but the two don't say anything)

M.F.: "And their partner," (CUE-UP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica) "From Pandora Island, weighing in at 290lbs., the Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion, MAELSTROM!!"

(The crowd explodes as Maelstrom emerges, wearing tattered blue jeans with the belt thrown over his shoulder. Maelstrom doesn't even seem to notice the deafening din, as he approaches the ring with his eyes only on Manson and the UA. Only when he stands by Golem and Rabesque for a few moments does his gaze leave the opposing team)

TONY ROSS: "Fans, only in GLCW will you see a main event like this! Six of the greatest wrestlers in the world are about to square off in mortal combat and I for one cannot wait!"

RICK WISEMAN: "This match has added meaning since Maelstrom is coming off a big title win over Manson at Massive Assault, and you know that issue is far from over!"

JAKE SHADES: "Yeah but I guarantee that Maelstrom won't give Manson a straight rematch and he'll keep hiding in these six-man matches behind Frenchy and the freak!"

T.R.: "Shades, King Krusher makes all the matches around here, Maelstrom doesn't get to pick his challengers! Everything you see is what Krusher decides!"

J.S.: "I can't believe this league hasn't swirled right down the crapper with that moron in charge! I hope he's enjoying his power trip since he's not capable of handling the ring anymore!"

T.R.: "Well we're set to go here as the teams are deciding who is going to start, and it looks like Rabesque is going in first and he wants Flatliner! He's calling for Flatliner and we know that these two have an issue, especially after Rabesque made Flatliner tap out in a tag match a few weeks ago!"

J.S.; "Hey, that was just Flatliner trying to get the crowd going, he was slapping the mat to get some momentum behind him! You think this fruitcake could ever make a Pandorian warrior like Flatliner submit?? I don't think so!"

T.R.: "Well I must be blind then! OK, Flatliner steps in and here we go! The crowd is at a fever pitch here in the Agora Theater, and they are about to witness something special! Flatliner and Rabesque circle each other and lock up, and Flatliner pushes Rabesque right down! They lock up again and this time Flatliner uses the hair to bring Rabesque down!"

R.W.: "And Rabesque is rightly telling referee Al Marinaro about it."

J.S.: "Just like the typical crybaby whiner he is! Shut up and wrestle fruitcake!"

T.R.: "They go for a lock up again but this time Rabesque goes behind with a waistlock! Flatliner tries to elbow his way out but he can't hit him! Rabesque kicks the back of the knee out and takes Flatliner down, and he gets on top with a headlock! Rabesque wrenches on the pressure but Flatliner is able to power out of it, and both men are quickly up! Flatliner charges him and Rabesque with a drop toe hold and Flatliner clotheslines himself on the ropes!! Oh my!"

R.W.: "Flatliner may be more powerful than Rabesque, but I have to believe that Rabesque is the smarter man, and he had his wits about him to avoid the rush of the big Pandorian there."

J.S.: "If Rabesque is smarter than Flatliner then Tom Cruise is more handsome than I am!"

T.R.: "I don't even need to address that one! Rabesque tags in Golem! Flatliner is up and he catches a dropkick right in the mush for his troubles! Flatliner again gets right up and this time Golem charges him with a shoulderblock and Flatliner stumbles into his own corner! He's had enough and tags in Kraven! Kraven comes in and he looks like he is about to kill someone! They lock up and Kraven brings him into the corner and Manson and Flatliner pound away at Golem while Kraven distracts the ref!"

R.W.: "And Rabesque comes in and this may not be the smartest thing in the world to do."

J.S.: "See! I old you he was as dumb as my shoe! Look at this dummy, now the ref is trying to get him out of there while Manson and the boys clobber the furry freak! I love it! Way to go Jean!"

T.R.: "Rabesque vacates the ring but the damage has been done, as Golem took a pummeling there! Golem staggers out of the corner and falls flat on his face! Kraven picks him up and hits an inverted DDT! Kraven comes off the ropes for a huge kneedrop and he covers!! 1......2.....No! Golem kicks out and Kraven immediately slaps a chinlock on! Kraven applies the pressure and here comes Rabesque and he kicks Kraven in the back and the hold is broken! Marinaro yells at Rabesque to get back into the corner!"

J.S.: "Ha ha ha! He's doing it again! This oaf is gonna cost them the match and I'm gonna laugh about it all night!"

R.W.: "This gives Manson and the UA more time to pummel Golem!"

T.R.: "Golem somehow rolls out of the corner and Kraven charges him! Golem ducks a clothesline, turns and grabs Kraven and stun guns him off the ropes!! Kraven's neck snapped back violently! Golem crawls for the corner and he tags in Maelstrom!! The crowd roars as the champ enters the ring and stalks Kraven down! Kraven gets to his feet only to meet a thunderous right hook from the champ that sends him flying into the corner! Maelstrom rushes him with a body block and smashes him against the turnbuckle! Maelstrom lifts Kraven up in a chokeslam and throws him onto the turnbuckles and that simply cannot be good for the back!"

R.W.: "Kraven is in serious trouble here as Maelstrom is manhandling his fellow Pandorian, and I don't think Kraven has ever been handled like that before!"

J.S.: "It's only a matter of time before Maelstrom screws something up and my boys take control! It's inevitable!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom lifts the prone Kraven up and he pushes him into his own corner!! Oh my, he wants Manson tagged in! The crowd is going ballistic in here as the prospect of Maelstrom vs. Manson has arrived! Kraven gathers his wits and tags in Manson, and he reluctantly climbs into the ring! Listen to this crowd!!"

J.S.: "Yeah and now Manson gets to prove that he is the better man, but too bad Maelstrom is too cowardly to put up that belt!"

T.R.: "I would love to hear you tell him that to his face! Manson circles the champion and Maelstrom wants a lockup! Manson moves in and ohhh!!! He went right for the low blow that staggers the champion! What a cheap shot!"

J.S.: "Ha ha ha ha!"

R.W.: "Well no one ever said that Manson upheld the traditions of pure scientific wrestling!"

T.R.: "Manson kicks Maelstrom in the face as he was bent over in pain and he hits a huge kneelift! Maelstrom collapses to his knees, and Manson measures him for some brutal chops to the chest! He grabs Maelstrom's hair and whips him in! Manson with a flying clothesline sends the champ to the mat! Manson with a snap legdrop and he tags Flatliner in! Flatliner climbs in and measures the prone Maelstrom with a forearm! He pulls Maelstrom to his feet and hits a scoop slam with ease, showing off some strength!"

R.W.: "It's been a long time since these guys have been in the ring together, and there still has to be some bad blood boiling from that feud they had years ago."

J.S.: "Yeah, Maelstrom can't get over the fact that he was punked out!"

T.R.: "Flatliner with a falling head butt and he hurt himself on that move as well! Flatliner favors his forehead!"

J.S.: "You try and headbutt an anvil and see what happens!"

T.R.: "Flatliner is dazed as Maelstrom is able to get to his feet! Flatliner charges him and he walks right into a vicious spinebuster!! Maelstrom can't capitalize though as he rolls over on the mat! Maelstrom slowly tries to crawl to his corner but Flatliner is able to grab his ankle! Flatliner is up still holding the ankle and then he drops an elbow right in the small of the back! Flatliner tries to pull Maelstrom away from the corner but the champ isn't budging! Maelstrom rolls over and kicks Flatliner away with his free leg! He tags in Rabesque!! Rabesque comes in swinging on a dazed Flatliner!"

J.S.: "The only time he can do anything to Flatliner is when he's dazed!"

T.R.: "Rabesque peppers Flatliner with rights and lefts as the fans respond! He grabs Flatliner by the head and he rams him face first into the turnbuckle! Again and again!! He back suplexes Flatliner out of the corner! Rabesque drops a fist and then tags in Golem!"

R.W.; "Maelstrom has made it clear in his promos that he is not thrilled with having Golem as a partner and even went as far as to basically call him a weak link! Let's see if Golem holds up his end here."

J.S.: "I hate to admit it but Maelbum was right!"

T.R.: "Golem mounts the turnbuckles and he comes down with a double axehandle that sends Flatliner right to the mat! Golem goes up again as the fans respond! This time he comes off with a guillotine legdrop!! Picture perfect!! He quickly covers Flatliner!! 1.......2.....No! The big man kicks out! Golem thought he had him and he pulls Flatliner to his feet! Golem raises his hand in the air!! He's going for the Claw!! He applies it to the mouth of Flatliner!! Oh my!! Listen to this place erupt!! Here comes Kraven to break it up! He hammers Golem from behind and Golem tries to go after him! Flatliner hooks Golem from behind and hits a thunderous samoan drop!! Flatliner is up and he tags Manson in! And Manson goes to the corner and taunts both Maelstrom and Rabesque and now they are both in!"

R.W.: "Marinaro is losing control here!"

T.R.: "Manson goes for a piledriver!! He has him up but Golem fights his way down and he flips Manson over!! Order is somehow restored and now Manson charges and Golem hooks him with the Claw!! This time Kraven breaks it up immediately!!"

J.S.: "I thought that damn move was banned!?"

T.R.: "I don't believe GLCW ever made a ruling on it!"

J.S.: "Good old King Klown keeping order around here like the wannabe sheriff he is!"

T.R.: "Golem tags in Maelstrom! Maelstrom comes in and he wails away at Manson! Manson is staggered into the ropes and Maelstrom is relentless! Manson tries to defend himself as they get dangerously close to the corner! Manson is suckering him in!! Manson pulls him in and now all three are bludgeoning the champion! Marinaro can't stop this! But wait, the champ is fighting back!! Maelstrom is like a machine in there!! He knocks Kraven off the apron!! Flatliner goes flying! Golem and Rabesque are in! Manson gets clocked and ohhhh!!! Maelstrom just clobbered Golem!! Golem came from behind and Maelstrom was in such a rage that he drilled Golem right in the face!! We got a problem here!"

J.S.: "I think Golem was going to hit Maelstrom from behind!!"

T.R.: "Yeah right! He was there to back him up and Maelstrom was in a total rage and didn't even know who he was swinging at anymore after that brutal triple team! Golem is down and Maelstrom appears to be shocked that he hit his own partner! Rabesque is trying to figure out what is going on! We have chaos in there!"

R.W.: "Yeah, I don't think Golem had any intentions to hit him, Maelstrom just got caught up in the battle and these things happen in the heat of the battle!"

J.S.: "Bullcrap!! I think Golem had enough of Maelstrom's crap and decided to clock him!"

T.R.: "Now Golem is up and he is yelling right in the face of Maelstrom and we got a shouting match in the ring! Golem is very angry and I really can't blame him!! They argue for a few moments and it seems that Maelstrom is trying to explain his side but Golem doesn't believe it, and Rabesque is playing the mediator! Now Golem just waves them off and he's leaving the ring! Golem climbs out and he waves his team off and it looks like he is walking out on this match!"

J.S.: "I would too if I knew I had to deal with that maniac Maelstrom who was ripping on Golem all week anyway! And who cares about Rabesque!"

T.R.: "Referee Marinaro is yelling at Golem to get back to the ring but he's already halfway down the aisle! Rabesque and Maelstrom are yelling to him as well!"

R.W.: "Don't forget about your opponents, guys!"

T.R.: "Look out!! Flatliner just plowed into Rabesque from behind and he goes flying out of the ring!! Ohhhhh!!! Manson just hit Maelstrom in the back of the head with something!! Could it be brass knuckles!? Whatever it is he pockets it and he lifts the downed Maelstrom and hits him with the Sweet Dreams stunner!! He calls for the ref to count!! 1.......2......3!! Oh my God!! Manson has pinned Maelstrom in stunning fashion here, but he had to use a weapon to do it, and this crowd is in an uproar!!"

J.S.: "YEEESSSS!! Manson is the better man!! Manson is the better man!! I told you two sorry excuses for announcers that he is and look what he did! Ha ha ha!! That made my week, man! Just give him that title back because he's gonna take it anyway!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, MICHAEL MANSON AND THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE!!"

R.W.: "Well, Manson certainly didn't win on his own merits, as he had the confusion caused by Golem's departure and brass knuckles to help him out!"

T.R.: "Garbage is beginning to pelt the ring as Manson and the tag team champs continue to batter Rabesque and Maelstrom!! And look at this!! Anarky just ran down and now he is joining in the beating!! Anarky pulls Maelstrom up and hits a Chaos Breaker!! This is insane, somebody stop this!!"

J.S.: "Ha ha ha, this is my version of heaven baby!! Go Anarky go!!"

T.R.: "Now Anarky hits Rabesque with a Chaos Breaker! Kraven and Flatliner have a chair and they lay it on the mat! Oh my God, what are they going to do!!? They pull up Maelstrom!! Double Devil's Drop powerbomb onto the chair!! Good Lord!! They do the same to Rabesque!! This is brutal!! Get some security out here!!"

R.W.: "It looks like Anarky has joined this group of men hell bent on destroying Maelstrom and Rabesque, and if Golem isn't going to help, what chance do they have!"

T.R.: "None, this is a massacre!!"

J.S.: "Oh man, I need some champagne after this!! What a night to come back for me! Thanks Manson, thanks Anarky, thanks Unholy Alliance! This is just for me you know!"

T.R.: "Shades, shut the hell up! We have two seriously injured men in there and finally a phalanx of security is here to break this up! Fans, Michael Manson, Anarky, Kraven and Flatliner have just decimated Maelstrom and Jean Rabesque after a wild six-man match that saw Golem walk out on his team after being mistakenly hit by Maelstrom! And Anarky has joined in on the post-match beating! Fans, we are out of time! Make sure you tune in to Riptide next week from Milwaukee to see how this gets sorted out and find out what is next! For Rick Wiseman and Jake Shades, this is Tony Ross signing off from Cleveland!"

(The camera shows Manson, Anarky, and the UA being rounded up and herded out of the ring as the garbage rains down upon them. The last shot shows Maelstrom and Rabesque both lying on the mat, unconscious from the severe beating that happened moments before. Fadeout)

This has been a Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Production
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2003

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