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Cleveland Riptide 06


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: The locker room area. The scene is hectic as several security guys block the camera from what is going on. The rent-a-cops part and a shouting match is ensuing between "Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells and Larry Tact. Apparently Tact has confronted Wells in the locker room hallway)

LARRY TACT: "Look at you...making like you've never left. As if nothing has
happened; from the time you left to now, the time you return. Sure, you had
some words for the yes-men and the leeches in the crowd to go home happy
hearing. You told them what they all wanted to hear. But you didn't tell
them what's most important, and that's the truth. You didn't bother to tell
them about all the backstage crap you put the boys through, 'back in the
day.' You didn't bother to remind them of just how much of a jackass you
were...hmph, probably still are. Instead you went out there and gave them
garbage....and even worse...they ate it all up. Like rats in a gutter, they
got washed down to the sewers by your flood of trash. To them it's a
'glorious return.' And it's obvious that some people in this promotion
think of you coming back as that, too, otherwise you're sorry carcass
wouldn't be here. But you know what? Let them think that. Let the fans
take you back, like the fickle rats they are. I'll be glad to see the day
when you fall, AGAIN. All the other people who came in just around the same
time as you? They'll be speeding by you. I WILL be speeding by you. Eventually, you'll try and stop one of us, and you'll get what you deserve...you'll receive a HUMBLING. And that's when you'll realize...you just can't make back to the top, Jared. And that's what it's all about for a backstage leech like you, isn't it? Oh yes..I'll be very happy to see the day when you step into the ring, in front of all your 'fans,' and with the GLCW hierarchy watching...as you announce that you're crawling BACK into retirement..AGAIN."

(Tact turns and walks off while Wells scowls angrily at him walking away. CUT-TO: The announce table)

TONY ROSS: "Wow, Tact certainly had a mouthful for Wells! Could Tact be jealous of all the attention Wells is getting upon his return to wrestling?"

JAKE SHADES: "No, Tact is just pissed off that a whiny no-talent like Wells is even getting a spot in GLCW while truly talented guys like Tact have to watch pukes like him waltz right in thinking they own the world! I don't blame Tact at all!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Or it could be that Tact is just really insecure."

J.S.: "Whatever your puny mind likes to believe, Dick."

T.R.: "Ok fans, let's take it over to Lady V!"

(CUT TO: Lady Veronica standing in a hallway)

LADY VERONICA: "Fans, I am standing outside of Jared Justice's locker room where he has been quarantined and in a minute I'm going to try to get a word with him about his match tonight with Larry Tact."

(Lady Veronica opens the door and walks in. The room is dimly lit by candles)

LADY V: "Jared, I'm Lady Veronica. I was just wondering if I could have a brief word with you."

(Jared Justice is sitting on a bench flicking a lighter and staring at the flame. He stands up and looks a bit upset)

JARED JUSTICE: "I think you forgot to knock."

LADY V: "I'm..."

(Lady V takes a step back.)

J.J. "It's ok, just don't forget to do so next time. Now, what is it that you wanted to ask me?"

LADY V: "Well, you are going to be facing a very formidable opponent in Larry Tact this week. He's a man that takes great pride in his wrestling ability. You are not a technical wrestler in the same sense that he is and I was wondering if you are prepared to match him hold for hold."

J.J.: "Larry Tact and I come from very different schools of thought. His idea of a good match is one with a lot of holds and counterholds. I prefer to just physical decimate someone. I am not going to match him hold for hold. I intend to physical eradicate him in a way that Troy Martinez would very much enjoy."

LADY V: "Is there any truth the rumors that you've been under intense psychiatric care before coming to the GLCW? And that you are diagnosed as psychotic with a tendency towards pyromania??

J.J: "What, is enjoying things such as candlelight.......birthday candles......fireworks.....bonfires......smoldering flesh.....a bad thing?? People can say what they want. I'm not a bad guy. People won't miss Michael Manson when he's gone....will they?"

(Jared Justice walks out as Lady Veronica is left speechless.)

LADY V: "Um....take it away, Matt."

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Karma" by Diffuser) "From Manhattan, New York, weighing in at 252lbs., LARRY TACT!!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Tact emerges from the curtain, especially after his scene with Wells. Tact wears long black tights with blue streaks down the sides. He just sneers at the crowd and walks to the ring, rolls in, and gets loose)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Firestarter" (Empirion Mix) by Prodigy) "From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 308lbs., JARED JUSTICE!!"

(The crowd mostly cheers as Justice comes out, with a slightly maniacal look in his eyes. He wears black pants with red trim. He stares out at the crowd as he walks to the ring, then stops and stares at Tact for a moment, before sliding in and attacking)

T.R.: "Look out!! Justice wastes no time in going after Tact and he's plastering him with big rights and lefts! Tact tries to defend himself but the larger Justice just continues to clobber him! Justice with a single leg takedown and he stomps the midsection of Tact! Tact fights for air as Justice brings him to his feet and dumps him out of the ring! Tact smacks the floor and Justice is right out after him!"

R.W.: "This is the first match for both of these guys here on Riptide and Justice is wasting no time in making an impression on everyone, including Tact! Tact doesn't know what hit him!"

J.S.: "If I was jacked up on whatever this hop-head takes, I would be beating the crap out of everyone, too! Doesn't GLCW test anybody??"

T.R.: "If that was the case, you wouldn't be here Shades! Justice picks Tact up and drops him neck first onto the railing! Tact gasps for air as Justice is staying on the attack! Justice runs him into the steps and they go flying! He rolls Tact into the ring and covers!! 1......2.....No! Tact is able to kick out but he is in serious trouble here!"

J.S.: "Give him some time to adapt to this maniac's style and he'll be all right!"

T.R.: "Justice pulls him up and whips Tact in, and drills him with a reverse elbow! He drags Tact to the corner and holds the ropes as he stomps a mudhole in Tact's mid-section! Justice climbs the second turnbuckle and drops down rear end first, but Tact rolls out of the way and out of the ring! Justice rolls out after him but Tact meets him with some vicious chops! He rakes Justice's eyes and rams him face first into the post!"

J.S.: "See I told you! I hate being right all the time, it gets boring."

R.W.: "Last week at Massive Assault we saw Justice try to attack Michael Manson in his locker room with a blowtorch, but was unsuccessful! Word is that Justice is heavily medicated, and if that's the case, I'd hate to see him when he's not on calming drugs!"

J.S.: "Calming drugs, my ass! This guy is a grade-A cokehead if I ever saw one! He's practically foaming at the mouth!"

T.R.: "Tact rolls into the ring and tries to catch his breath as Justice favors his head outside the ring! That was quite a shot he took! Tact manages to get to his feet and catches Justice on the way in with some stiff boots! Justice gets to his feet just in time to meet a Tact forearm! Tact backs him into the ropes and whips him in! Justice reverses! Tact comes off the ropes with a body press!! Down goes Justice!! 1......2.....Kicked out! Tact right back on top of Justice with a chinlock, and now he's going to try and wear the big man down!"

J.S.: "Might as well try and cut off some of the blood going to that brain of his, not that there is anywhere for the blood to go up there!"

R.W.: "On that show a few days ago in Hammond, Indiana, Tact wrestled a great match with Nemesis, showing his skills in stunning fashion. He won the match, and let's see if he can get a streak going here."

T.R.: "Justice gets to his feet with the chinlock still on, and he tries elbowing his way out and succeeds! He comes off the ropes but Tact takes him down with a leg sweep! Tact goes right back to the chinlock but Justice is too close to the ropes and he grabs on!"

J.S.: "The first and only smart thing you will see Justice do this match!"

T.R.: "Both men are up now and Justice takes a swing and misses! Tact pushes him off the ropes into a rollup!! 1......2....No!! Justice is up and he walks into a Tact armdrag! He got the 300 pounder over! Tact now slaps on an abdominal stretch! He holds it, and then flips Justice with a T-Bone suplex! Wow! tact showing some strength here! Justice looks to be getting even angrier as he gets to his feet and he charges Tact! Tact kicks him in the gut and tries a belly to belly suplex but Justice blocks and head butts him! Tact staggers back and Justice grabs him and hits a powerbomb!! What impact!! They're near the ropes and Justice kicks him out of the ring instead of just pinning him!"

J.S.: "What do you expect from a crack-addict, Ross? He probably doesn't even know why he's here and he's gonna start looking to see if Tact has a wallet on him!"

R.W.: "Justice is reaching under the ring for something!"

T.R.: "Oh my God!! It's a blowtorch!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! He just lit that thing up and a huge fireball came out but I think it missed Tact!! Tact dove out of the way but he may have been singed!! Referee Al Marinaro calls for the bell and that's going to be it, he's DQing Justice! Justice is just standing there with the blowtorch as security moves in to subdue him! Wow!"

J.S.: "And he had better be arrested or there is no justice in GLCW, pardon the pun! He could have killed Tact here, but I'm sure Krusher will just slap him on the wrist since he's after Manson!"

T.R.: "Well, I don't know if he's going to be arrested but security is taking him away! Tact is down on the floor and I think he may have been singed and he's being checked on! We have a good camera view there and Tact's face looks OK so I think he's down more out of shock than anything!"

R.W.: "Justice just proved to the entire wrestling world that he is definitely not stable and is capable of anything. Although we have seen fire thrown here in GLCW by the Masked Blazer and Michael Manson, that was quite a fireball. It's lucky no one at ringside was hurt."

T.R.: "Well Manson was right about someone possibly getting hurt because that certainly was dangerous!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, by disqualification, LARRY TACT!!"

(CUE-UP: "Karma" by Diffuser)

T.R.: "Well Tact seems to be OK as he gets helped off the floor! Fans, we gotta take a break, we'll be back after this with the TV Title Match between The Jobber and Jarod Poe!"

(Fade to a commercial for GLCW's newest show, The Brutal Truth)

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