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Cleveland Riptide 05


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: The camera sweeps the packed Agora Theater, showing even more signs, including "SHADES NEEDS AN ENEMA", "DEPORT CASTILLO", and "WHERE ALL DA WHITE WOMEN?" CUEUP: "Cochise" by Audioslave. The fans begin to cheer as the lights flicker on and off. "Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells comes out wearing a pair of blue jeans and a light blue polo shirt. Looking in the best condition ever, he puts his hands on his waist with a confused look on his face then proceeds to the ring. He leaps over the top rope and grabs the microphone and the music slowly stops. The crowd begins to get louder as the 'RAGE' chants begin. Wells tries to speak but the crowd keeps on going. A few moments later he begins)

JARED WELLS: "I don't get it man! What's the deal with you guys? I mean, you people actually remember me? (More "Rage" chants from the crowd) I didn't expect to show up tonight to be honest with you. But overall I didn't expect my wrestling career to resume in 2003. I know I have a bad reputation in the back locker room. Over the years I've been pretty much a pain to promoters and to the wrestling business. I started to develop an ego after my first world title reign. In the WWL, I didn't want anybody, and I mean anybody to steal my spotlight. There were times I got really jealous and just quit. I quit wrestling about a hundred times man. Just over dumb crap. There was a time when I went through drug addiction. I almost ended my life a couple of times. But the weird thing was, no matter how bad of a guy I was you people were cheering me on! (CROWD CLAPS) I mean we went from that lovable guy named 'RAGE 'o FIRE' the people's WWL CHAMPION to a sick demented pervert in d-XXX. No matter what I was doing, or who I was teaming up with you people stuck with me each and every way. For that I thank you guys! (CROWD CHEERS) I wanted to retire! I thought for sure after I quit my tiny stint with the WWL, my career would be over man! NAH! If you'd ask me today why I'm coming back.......simply for the fans! I'm tired of being called names back stage....I'm tired of being greedy......I'm tired of the reputation that I built. In fact, starting tonight I want a clean slate. I don't care about my past, nor do I care about the money. I'm proud to say I'm a member of the GLCW. I will start at the very bottom and chop my way to the top. That beautiful thing we built in 1995 called 'RAGE 'o FIRE' is back dude......You people asked for it, YOU GOT IT! I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm ready for the challenge. I looked up and down the roster and I see some new young talent, and I see some old faces. But I want everybody in the back to listen up......This might be my only shot to get back to the top. It does not matter who I face because with all these crazy people out here watching my back, there is NO WAY I can be stopped. And once again.......

THE......TIME..........HAS.........COME..........(throws down the mic as the crowd finishes the line) TOOOO RRAAAAAAGGGGEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

(CUEUP: "Cochise" by Audioslave as Wells exits through the curtain with arms raised)

TONY ROSS: "Well, we knew Jared Wells was going to be here tonight but I did not expect him to say what he did! It took a lot of guts and a lot of class to admit his mistakes from the past, and I have to commend him for that!"

RICK WISEMAN: "The fans seemed to have forgiven him for any past indiscretions, but what we saw up there was a man putting his heart on the line and letting us know where he stands."

JAKE SHADES: "And I suppose you two chimps believe that crap, right? I give that ass-head two weeks before he starts crying about something and quits! He's a spoiled prima-donna who always got what he wanted in life and when the going gets tough, HE gets going! It's gonna be fun to watch him break down again!"

T.R.: "Well you are entitled to your opinions, Shades, however wrong they may be! Let's take it up to Matt for the next match!"

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Killin' Floor" by Body Count) "From Detroit, Michigan, at a combined weight of 600lbs., RAZE AND NUKE!! GRIDLOCK!! They are accompanied by Sly Sterling!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Gridlock comes out wearing their usual black leather and chain ensembles, with Sterling leading the way. Raze and Nuke snarl and growl at the people at ringside, intimidating everyone in eyesight. They get to the ring and stand on the apron and both let out a primordial war cry as Sterling looks on smiling)

M.F.: "And their opponents,"

(CUE-UP: "Just Another Day" by Vivian Romero. Just then the big screen turns on and a video is shown, with both members of Martial Law standing in front of the Agora Theater as the fans react)

RYAN YOUNGBLOOD: "Raze? Nuke? Sly? Haha, you three surprise me. Raze, it's good to hear from you. I'm glad one member of Gridlock actually has speaking skills. And it's great you're taking initiative- wanting to give us that message."

STEVE SLAYER: "What message?"

R.Y.: "You remember- he was crying because nobody respects them- he doesn't appreciate being 'written off'.

S.S.: "OHHH! That was right before he ripped the sign off the wall!! What STRENGTH!!! I couldn't believe it, he ripped the sign right from the wall!"

R.Y.: "An amazing feat it was.. An amazing feat.. Lets talk about another amazing feat.. Right now, you two are probably wondering 'When are these two going to get out here so we can lose gracefully?' Well, turn around, theres a little surprise for you!"

(Gridlock turns around and Martial Law is in the ring behind them, having snuck out of the crowd. The crowd cheers in approval)

T.R.: "Whoah, what a way for Martial Law to debut here on Riptide! They attack Gridlock from behind while they were watching the video!"

J.S.: "Who the hell are these clowns coming in here like that and sneaking up on Gridlock? And who did they service to get that video up on the board? King Krusher must be pretty liberal about things like that!"

T.R.: "Well regardless what's done is done and Ryan Youngblood and Steven Slayer have Gridlock on the run! They clear the ring, including Sly Sterling! The crowd is certainly approving of this! Youngblood and Slayer high-five on the outside as Gridlock regroups! Nuke, Raze and Sly have a huddle on the outside, and is this really necessary?"

J.S.: "Let's see how orientated you are if I attack you from behind, Ross!"

T.R.: "Don't do me any favors, Jake!"

R.W.: "As crafty as that stunt by Martial Law was, I can't see Gridlock being out of it for too long, these guys are just way too mean and tough to stay down."

T.R.: "Gridlock climbs back into the ring and Sterling is just lambasting the referee about that pre-match attack, but he won't have any of it! Nuke will start it off with Youngblood and Nuke looks like he's ready to kill somebody! Nuke charges for a collar and elbow tie up and instead knees Youngblood in the gut and begins pounding away at his back!"

R.W.: "But Martial Law is by no means a small team! Youngblood weighs in at 300lbs and Slayer is at 260lbs., so they match up pretty well with Gridlock."

T.R.: "Yes, but Gridlock has that lethal mean streak that you have to watch out for! Nuke is just pummeling Youngblood to the mat! Nuke pulls him up by the hair and rocks him with a huge uppercut! Youngblood is staggered into the corner and Nuke goes in shoulder-first and knocks the wind out of him! Nuke hooks Youngblood and hits an overhead throw suplex!! My God what strength!"

R.W.: "There you see Nuke posing for the crowd but he really needs to stay on Youngblood because that guy isn't going to stay down long either."

J.S.: "If he knew what's best for him he would have just stayed in the locker room!"

T.R.; "Youngblood is in a daze as Nuke approaches him but he's able to back Nuke off with a few shots to the gut! Youngblood gets to his feet and kicks Nuke in the gut and rams Nuke's face off his knee! Nuke staggers back holding his nose in pain and Youngblood floors him with a huge boot! Wow!! The crowd responds!"

R.W.: "Gridlock is certainly not used to facing a team who is of the same stature as them, so they may have some problems adapting here."

T.R.: "Youngblood grabs Nuke and takes him down with a huge short clothesline!! A cover!! 1.....2....No!! Nuke goes crawling for the corner but Youngblood stomps his back a few times! He drags Nuke back by the leg and tags in Steven Slayer, the smaller of the two men in Martial Law! Slayer comes in but Nuke is able to get up and go to his corner and tag in Raze! Now both of the smaller halves of the two teams are in and Raze tries to intimidate Slayer with some flexing! Slayer will have none of that and he dropkicks Raze right in the face!"

R.W.; "We saw at their debut match in Hammond that Slayer is very agile for his size and is capable of executing some high flying moves. Gridlock definitely needs to ground him."

J.S.: "They're gonna ground him all right, ground him up into fresh chuck steak!"

T.R.: "Looks like Jake found another tag team to cheerlead for besides the Unholy Alliance! Raze is in the corner and Slayer goes in swinging! Rights and lefts stun Raze and a spinning heel kick from Slayer sends Raze to the mat! Slayer is going up top! The 260 pounder leaps and nails a big knee to the head!! A cover!! 1.....2....Kickout!! Raze threw him off!"

R.W.: "Raze's kickout shows that he's got a lot left in him here."

T.R.: "Raze gets to his feet and ducks a Slayer clothesline, turns, kicks him and hits a snap DDT! What force!! Raze turns the tide just like that! Raze is slow to get up though, and he pulls Slayer to his feet and gouges him right in the eye! Rope burn along the ropes!! Raze runs Slayer's eyes right across the ropes and that just can't feel good!"

R.W.: "Why Gridlock needs to use eye gouges and rope burns is a mystery to me with their size and intensity."

J.S.: "Why not, Dick? It hurts just the same as any wrestling maneuever, it's just more fun to do!"

T.R.: "Raze brings Slayer to the corner and tags in Nuke! Nuke climbs in and bashes the shoulder of Slayer! Nuke hoists him up with ease and drills him with a shoulderbreaker! Now he drops a knee right onto that left shoulder!"

R.W.: "Looks like the 330lb. Nuke has picked a body part and he's going to work it."

T.R.: "Nuke pulls him off the mat and whips Slayer in! He goes for a shoulderblock but misses! Slayer dodges and tags in Youngblood! Youngblood is rested and he comes in swinging! Two three hundred pounders are going at it here and Youngblood staggers Nuke with some huge rights! Youngblood comes off the ropes and takes him down with a body block! That took some force!"

J.S.: "Come on Nuke, quit screwing around with these bums and get this over with! Sterling needs to get some order here!"

T.R.: "Youngblood drops an elbow and pulls Nuke up and goes for a chokeslam!! He calls for it but he can't lift Nuke! He's just too big! Nuke hammers him with an elbow and sends Youngblood to the mat with a shoulderbutt! Youngblood rolls to the corner and tags in Slayer! Slayer charges right into a sidewalk slam!! Nuke just about put him through the mat!! Nuke is really jacked about that move and he points to Raze and this could be the beginning of the end!"

J.S.: "Afterburn!!"

T.R.: "Nuke lifts Slayer up!! Jackhammer suplex!! Holy cow!! Nuke showing incredible strength here!! He tags in Raze! Nuke whips Slayer into the ropes, catches him in a bearhug and Raze comes from behind with a huge boot to the face and Nuke slams him right down from the force!! The Afterburn!! 1.......2......3!! Youngblood tried to make the save but he couldn't get there in time and he eats a big boot from Nuke! Gridlock gets the win here in Cleveland!"

R.W.: "Gridlock proving again that they are just too strong and too intense to be overcome, and I have to think that Kraven and Flatliner are keeping a close eye on these two, because it's only a matter of time before Gridlock challenges for the belts."

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, GRIDLOCK!!"

(CUE-UP: "Killin' Floor" by Body Count)

T.R.: "Sterling stands between Raze and Nuke and raises both their hands triumphantly as the fans rain the boos down upon them! Sterling definitely has two monsters in his charge here! Wait a minute! Slayer had rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair and was about to go back in after Gridlock, but Youngblood stopped him and said it was not worth it!"

J.S.: "What a sore loser! That idiot's brains must have been scrambled from that Afterburn!"

T.R.: "Well regardless, Youngblood stopped him! Fans, let's take it back to Lady V!"

(CUT-TO: Lady V is standing by with Jon Savage's manager, Johnny Wildside)

LADY VERONICA: "Guys, I'm standing by with Johnny Wildside, the manager of Jon Savage, and we have not seen Savage in a while. What has he been up to? Where has he been?"

JOHNNY WILDSIDE: "Well, something has happened with Savage...he's different...not the same. He's developed this killer instinct that I can't explain. He's become very distant and aloof to me and even I can't explain it, so I'm at a loss for words. All I have to say is that GLCW better watch out, that's for sure. Savage is back...."

(Wildside walks away from Lady V shaking his head. Lady V has a confused look on her face)

LADY V: "Apparently Jon Savage will be making his way back to GLCW a changed man fans. We'll be back after this message!"

(Fade to a commercial for the Green Bay house show)

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