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Chronic Collizion


Jan 1, 2000
THE CHRONIC COLLIZION!! (formerly the Crimson Calling)

Tag Team Info

Name: CHRONIC COLLIZION!! (formerly the Crimson Calling) -- the talent demands they be billed exactly like this, though "CC" is also acceptable

Members: "The Escape Artist" Erik Black and "The Raging Russian" Ivan Dalkichev

Alignment: Tweener

Combined Weight: 738 lbs.

Hails From: Indianapolis, IN

Entrance Music: "10001110101" by Clutch

Entrance Description:
(The sound of a flicking lighter... water bubbling... and obnoxious COUGHING heralds the intro to "10001110101" by Clutch. As the music swings into its first bluesy hard rock riff, "The Raging Russian" Ivan Dalkichev storms onto the stage, downing the last of his bottle of vodka, which he immediately SMASHES on the ground and beats his chest with his fist, roaring to the audience! Slinking through the mist behind him is "The Escape Artist" Erik Black, a plume of smoke escaping his lips and holding up “GEEZER” for the fans to see!)

(The pair come face to face at the top of the ramp, flashing each other thumbs up, and make their way down. Dalkichev strides with Norrisean intensity, heading straight for the ring in a drunken stupor, while Black remains in tow, dancing to the music and playing to the fans.)

(As they come to the ring, the hulking Dalkichev scales the apron, staggering slightly, and steps over the top rope to enter the squared circle. Black slides inside after him, walking around the ring on his knees while pumping up the audience. At the end of their set, Dalkichev drops to his knees in the center of the ring, holding his arms out to his sides. Black takes position behind him and holds his arms up in a V formation. When viewed from straight on, they form a five-pointed shape similar to a cannabis leaf!)

Finisher: The Chronic Crasher - (Ivan positions the opponent on his shoulders in the typical Electric Chair Drop position. Black, meanwhile, boosts himself to the top rope. Dalkichev brings the unlucky opponent close, and Black hooks him sweeping him off the shoulders of the 7 foot tall Ivan Dalkichev and slamming him to the mat with a Super Rock Bottom.)

Double-Team Moves:
High-Velocity Chokeslam (A stalling chokeslam from Dalkichev that is spike by Black as he runs, jumps, and helps bring him down)

"ZOMG!" - (This move is applied while Dalkichev is in the ring and Black is standing on the apron. Ivan whips the opponent into the ropes and puts him into the air with an elevated back-body drop when he returns. At the same time, Erik boosts himself to the top rope and springs into the ring, catching the opponent mid-air and dropping him into a sit-down powerbomb. This is usually followed with the commentators shouting "OH MY GOD" repeatedly, hence the name.)

Elevated Fist-Drop (Dalkichev boosts Black into the air with a Gorilla Press. Black connects with a fist drop on his way back down.)

As a regular spot during matches, Erik will at any point provoke an opponent into chasing him in, out of, and around the ring, until he ultimately passes by Ivan, where the opponent runs straight into a powerful clothesline, chokeslam, Yakuza kick, or any other high impact move. Erik comes back to taunt over the fallen opponent.

Titles Held:
MCW Tag Team Titles
EPW Tag Team Titles

The story behind the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! (formerly the Crimson Calling) is that of triumph and tragedy...

The duo of Erik Black and Ivan Dalkichev first met in the indie Japan leage RFWKYO (yeah, I made that up). During their early years in Japan, the two formed a solid friendship, eventually teaming together under the names Pan and Atlas where they had some moderate success.

At the turn of the century, reknown millionaire Nathan Fear took notice of the two and hoped to bring them into the state as a unstoppable tag team force. The two were initially billed as "Hammer and Sickle", running a Communist angle in light of Dalkichev's Russian heritage and Fear's Socialist political platform. While they toured extensively in various indie promotions, Fear, as their manager, was unable to break them into the big leagues.

Their big break came as MCW announced they were seeking tag teams to fill the tag team division of their roster. Fear reintroduced his team as the Crimson Calling. The pair of Black and Dalkichev succeeded in winning the MCW Tag Team titles by beating the Monsta Boyz, before losing the belts to the same team later that year. After the federation went on hiatus, the Crimson Calling were of several names to be released.

They quickly found work again, joining the ranks of the budding Empire Pro Wrestling. There, they quickly dominated the tag division and became the federation's first crowned Tag Team Champions. Eventually, Fear came into conflict with the front office when ownership changed from John Miller to renowned professional wrestling superstar, Dan Ryan. For undisclosed reasons, the Calling's contract was not renewed, and the duo was forced to forfeit their titles.

Shortly thereafter, Nathan Fear was admitted to St. Alfonso's Mental Treatment Center in Indianapolis following a severe nervous breakdown which took a toll on his sanity. Without a manager, Black and Dalkichev, never the sharpest knives in the shed, were forced to find new jobs.

Black tried his luck again in indie feds, but couldn't reclaim the same success he had as a singles wrestler, mostly due to his inferior size. Since 2005, he's been working as a shift manager at the Pizza Hut in Broadripple.

Dalkichev put his natural gifts to use in the adult film industry. He was touted as being the next best thing to pornography since Peter North, but the industry quickly lost interest in him with the sudden rise in popularity of Viking porn, fronted by Olvir Arsvinnar.

With their spirits broken, the two squandered what was left of their professional wrestling earnings into substance abuse. Erik Black smoked his pain away with a never-ending supply of dope, while Ivan resorted to alcohol.

But upon seeing the time was ripe for an explosive return to professional wrestling, a new interest piqued inside the fallen heroes. Leaving behind the chains of their former manager (and bogged down by a bunch of copyright infringement), they reunified under the new name of CHRONIC COLLIZION!! (formerly the Crimson Calling), with only one goal in mind...

The EPW Tag Team Titles.

Oh yeah, *****... it's on.


Singles Info

Name: "The Escape Artist" Erik Black

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 233 lbs.

Image: Though smaller than the average wrestler, Black has a well-toned physique (in spite of years of a steady diet of beef jerky and Funyuns). His skin tone is pallid, and he has ample body hair on his chest and lower arms. He also sports a thick beard to compliment his shaggy brown hair. His holds a plethora of tattoos. A few notables: On his right arm, a tribute to Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive" (dead face within woman's stretched mouth) is displayed on his shoulder. His lower left arm bears a sickle across the forearm. His backpiece is a goat's head.

In the ring, Black sports a pair of loose-fitting pants, colored either red or black, along with matching wrist bands and boots. The letters "CC" are threaded on the sides.

Singles Finishers:
Cottonmouth - (A unique submission hold. Black starts behind the opponent, kicking him in the back of the legs to put him down on his knees. He then hooks the left arm in a quarter-nelson and uses his hand to hold back the opponent's head. With his right hand, he forms a V shape with his fingers and jams them into the opponent's mandible, pulling back. Kind of like an inverted variation of the Mandible Claw mixed with a stretch hold to prevent the opponent from escaping.)

The Steamroller - (A reverse senton splash. Black scales the turnbuckle and jumps backwards, crashing onto the opponent back-first, and rolling back onto his feet.)

Style: Mix of martial arts and high flying.

Other Moves:
The Buzzkiller - (Implant DDT for smaller opponents, a la Edge.)
420 Splash (Like a 450 splash, but minus 30 degrees)
Standing Sidekick
One-handed Bulldog
Spinning Heel Kick
Running STO
Victory Roll Pin
Dragon Screw into a Side Leglock
Missile Dropkick (off top rope, springboard, slingshooting over ropes, what have you)
Tornado DDT
Northern Lights Suplex (w/ bridge pin)
Standing Moonsault
Armdrag over shoulder into a Legdrop over the arm while it's still in his hands
Various martial arts punching and kicking combinations

Wrestles As: Black plays the dirty rat of the tag team duo. Against any larger opponent, he typically doesn't stand a chance. As a result, Black gains his advantages by attacking opponents while their backs are turned (usually when they have their hands full with his heavy-set tag partner). Black also takes advantage of opponents after they've been weakened by his partner.

When going up to somebody face to face, Black usually plays keep away and taunts from a distance to raise his opponent's ire. He adds on to this by consistently reversing takedowns and slipping out of holds, due to his smaller size and flexibility (this is where he derived the name "Escape Artist"). Of course, once an opponent catches him in a single powerful move, it's usually enough to put him down for a while. Black may get tossed around like a rag doll a time or two, but is notorious for regaining momentum with the occasional low blow or poke to the eye.

In terms of personality, imagine any scrawny cheating heel (Owen Hart, Chris Sabin, Sean Waltman) who is usually half out of his mind from years of taking bong hits. Black isn't the typical pothead that gets slower with exposure. It does, however, make him think of illogical and grandiose schemes, which usually lead him and Ivan into trouble.

Erik regularly carries a stainless steel "smoking pipe" which he lovingly refers to as "Geezer", and takes it to the ring with him at every match. When desperate, he'll usually look to use Geezer as a weapon.


Name: "The Raging Russian" Ivan Dalkichev

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 496 lbs.

Image: Titanic. Can any more be said? Ivan is a colossal block of flesh, pink-skinned and constantly doused in perspiration. His eyes are blue like frozen hope on the Siberian tundra, complimenting fiery blonde hair that glows like the sun over Kremlin. Like his partner, Ivan's body is a canvas of many works of art, only depicting more symbolic imagery in dragons and ancient Hindu gods. Notably, he has a tattoo of a hammer over his right forearm and the words "Glory to Mother Russia" written in Russian around his left bicep.

Ivan's ring gear consists of a black singlet with red trimming (or sometimes vice versa) with matching pads and boots. He tapes up his wrists before matches.

Singles Finishers:
Drunken Russian Driver - (Begins in standing leg-scissor head-lock. Ivan grabs the opponent around the waist and hoists him over his shoulder, a la Canadian Backbreaker. Ivan walks them to the center of the ring and drives them head-first into the mat with a sit-down piledriver.)

The Iron Curtain - (Very effective submission on smaller opponents. Ivan traps the opponent in a standing facelock with his forearm under the opponent's neck. Then he spins around while keeping his arms locked around the opponent's neck, turning both himself and the opponent back to back. Then, Ivan leans forward, using the forearm beneath the neck to lift the opponent off the mat and onto his broad back in an agonizing chokehold. With this lock in place, his partner Erik usually comes in to take a few shots at the opponent's exposed body.)

TEABAG!!! - (Not so much a finisher as it is a post-match taunt to opponents, but can also be used as a pin. Ivan stands over the opponent while he's laying face-up, and squats down over his face, as though his genitals were resting on his opponent's forehead. This is not only an insult, but an effective pin as the opponent must lift nearly 500 pounds pressing down on their face.)

Style: Power!

Other Moves:
On very rare occassions, Ivan will go for a top rope body splash
Sambo Suplex
Sidewalk Slam
Verticle Suplex
Running Powerslam
Receives a shot to the back... then slowly turns around as though it were nothing but a tap on his shoulder... angry glare... then DECAPITATING Clothesline!!
Atomic Legdrop
Corner Body Splash
Gutwrench Powerbomb
Chokes opponent with boot in corner
Running Headbutt
Yakuza Kick
Quick Falling Powerslam on running opponent
Gorilla Press

Wrestles As: While Black is the rogueish cheater, Ivan represents the Yokozuna to his partner's Owen Hart. Ivan's ring strategy is that of brute power and unstoppable force. His fists fly through the air like devastating wrecking balls, though his size provides in added speed hindrance. Regular moves from smaller opponents are sometimes ineffective and usually bounce right off of him.

Dalkichev plays a tank role in the tag duo, as the man who spends his time in the ring absorbing shots from the opposing team and overpowering, thus giving his partner an easy opportunity to damage their opponents even more. He isn't without his weaknesses, however: he is obviously slow, and his legs have had problems in recent years due to his weight.

Perhaps Ivan's greatest weakness (or perhaps his greatest strength) is his alcoholism. Ivan is not unknown to be seen swaggering on the apron or shuffling through the ring while in action. Though intoxicated and with his senses thus diminished, Ivan gains a driving rage and tolerance to pain increase.

Think of any powerhouse heel with an IQ comparable to a sponge and an urge to smash or make love to anything that moves.

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