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Chi-Town Showdown 04


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: Matt Faley stands with the fishbowl as Al Marinaro reaches in and pulls out one of the two remaining pieces of paper and hands it to Faley)

MATT FALEY: "Steven James next opponent will be, JAROD POE!!"

(CUE-UP: "Shadow Man" by W.A.S.P. The crowd pops as Jarod Poe comes out from behind the curtain, wearing black leather pants and black boots, with his body covered in tribal tattoos. He stares out at the crowd intermittently as he walks to the ring)

TONY ROSS: "Jarod Poe is Steven James' next opponent here, and before the commercial break James dumped the Jobber out of the ring, giving Jobber some time to rest and the advantage of going to the back of the line! James immediately goes after Poe out of frustration with some big rights and lefts, but Poe shrugs them off and knees him in the stomach! He whips James in and almost tears his head off with a clothesline! That drew some ohhs and ahhs from the fans here in Chicago!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Poe looks like he is built from solid steel, that is solid steel covered in tattoos. I still can't believe what he did to his arm earlier in the show!"

T.R.: "The man could quite possibly be nuts! Poe seems to be pretty calm here as he pulls James up and hits a high vertical suplex, holding him up for a while before dropping him down hard! Poe slides right over for the cover!! 1....2...No! James got a shoulder up! Poe is grinding his knee into the face of James now, and that is a great way to break a nose!"

R.W.: "One thing to watch out for is Gridlock, Tony! They have already taken out James' friend Brett Irvine and who knows when they may come after Steven James!"

T.R.: "Indeed, and Brett Irvine had to retire because of that incident! Poe drags James to his feet and whips him in and hits a thunderous powerslam!! Poe pulls him right back up and goes for a powerbomb but James fights his way out of it and lands on top of Poe!! 1....2...Almost a pin there!! Poe looks surprised as he gets to his feet and rushes James but gets arm dragged for his troubles! James goes to the corner to catch his breath and Poe rushes him with a body block but hits noting but turnbuckle and James comes around and rolls him up!! 1.....2.....Poe kicks out!!"

R.W.: "Poe only knows one speed, and that is forward, and sometimes his relentless attack backfires on him, as it did there! He needs to slow down a bit and try to outsmart James here!"

T.R.: "James pulls him up and hits a nice snap suplex! James drops a few kness on Poe's head and he heads up top! James mounts the turnbuckles and leaps!! Swandive headbutt!! Poe rolls out of the way!! James hits nothing but mat!! Poe slowly gets up and and goes after James! He pulls James up and hits the Poison Dart press slam!! Poe drags him up again, and hooks him!! Oh my!! The Fading Light underhook piledriver!! Forget it!! 1....2....3!! Poe pins James after that lethal move!!"

R.W.: "James gave one hell of a try but Poe is just too relentless and focused on his attack! Poe probably has the Masked Blazer in the back of his mind and is thinking about how he attacked him earlier which makes his killer instint that much stronger!"

T.R.: "Steven James is helped out of the ring by Al Marinaro and in a few short moments we will see Poe's next opponent, who has to be Angel Castillo since we know Jobber will go last!"

(Matt Faley climbs into the ring)

M.F.: "Jarod Poe's next opponent is, ANGEL CASTILLO!!"

(CUE-UP: "Pure Trauma" by Downset. Angel Catsillo comes down to the ring with Sly Sterling in tow. Sterling takes every opportunity he can to talk about how great Castillo is to the fans at ringside, as Castillo sneers at the fans along the railing. He is in no hurry to get into the ring as he gets to the apron and starts yelling at Poe from the outside)

T.R.: "The Generalisimo of the Latin explosion as Sly Sterling likes to call him is taking his time entering the ring, and Marinaro is yelling at him to get in now! Poe keeps making attempts to kick Castillo which causes him to back off! Sterling is yelling at Poe to get back! Castillo slowly climbs onto the apron and as soon as he gets in, Poe rushes him like a bull and Castillo gets gored!!"

R.W.: "Didn't I say he was relentless?"

T.R.: "Indeed you did! Poe pounds away on Castillo here with clubbing forearms to the back! He headbutts Castillo in the back of the head and shoves him into the turnbuckles! Castillo bounces off backwards and Poe hits him with an atomic drop!! Castillo cries out in pain and rolls out of the ring into the waiting arms of Sly Sterling!! And Sterling is rubbing Castillo's spine to make it better! Awwww! The crowd obviously isnt too thrilled with this!"

R.W.: "And this is just serving to make Poe angrier, which might make him lose his concentration but it's something I wouldn't chance!"

T.R.: "And that's why you're out here with me! Castillo rolls back in only to receive a steady diet of kicks to the ribs! Poe is just hell bent on pummeling Castillo and to get closer to that TV Title! Poe drags him to his feet and Castillo gets an eye rake in! Castillo bounces off the ropes and drops Poe with a huge forearm to the jaw! castillo looks out to the crowd and they respond with a cascade of boos! Castillo kicks Poe in the ribs a few times and pulls him to his feet! Two big European uppercuts followed by a roundhouse kicks sends Poe into the corner where Castillo charges him with a shoulder down low! Castillo rams him a few more times but Poe has had enough of this and he grabs castillo and hits a spinning gutwrench suplex out of the corner!!"

R.W.: "It seems like Poe was more irritated than hurt after all that, and he just threw Castillo away like yesterday's newspaper stack!"

T.R.: "Poe stalks Castillo, pulls him up and turns him around! He grabs Castillo's arms and wraps them around his own neck and thrusts him down forward onto his face!! Poe calls that the Daisy Cutter and goes for the pin!! 1....2....No!! Castillo barely kicks out! Sterling is up on the apron now and yelling at Poe, and Poe charges him and knocks him right off the apron!! Poe yells something down at him but Castillo gets up and grabs Poe from behind and hits a back suplex!"

R.W.: "It seems that Poe was just too fired up to let Sterling go, so he had to knock him off the apron, and that cost him!"

T.R.: "Castillo pulls him up and rams his head into the turnbuckle several times! Castillo sits up on the top turnbuckle and leaps as Poe staggers back! Poe catches him in a bearhug!! He plows Castillo into the turnbuckles backfirst and that just about knocked all the wind out of Castillo!! Poe sits him back onto the turnbuckle, spins him around, and hits the Sudden Impact release back suplex off the top!! Holy cow what impact!! Poe covers!! 1.....2.....3!! Poe defeats Castillo and he has taken out two men on his way to the TV Title! And The Jobber is next!"

R.W.: "The crowd is really getting behind Poe here, especially after that win over Angel Castillo, but can he sustain his attack against the Jobber, who is somewhat rested after being thrown out of the ring?"

T.R.: "Well, The Jobber may be hurt after that spill he took, so that may even everything out!"

(Sly Sterling helps Castillo out of the ring as Poe stares Sterling down, causing him to hustle Castillo out of there. Matt Faley climbs into the ring)'

MATT FALEY: "And now, the final matchup in the Gauntlet! The man who gets the next pinfall or submission is the new GLCW Television Champion! Jarod Poe's opponent is THE JOBBER!!"

(The Jobber jogs down to ringside to the usual boos)

T.R.: "Here comes Jobber and here comes Poe! Poe is wasting no time attacking Jobber as he slides into the ring! Poe stomping away at him!"

R.W.: "I'm surprised that the Jobber rushed in to meet Poe after the streak Poe has built here! He must be very eager to make up for that loss last week!"

T.R.: "Poe is really pummeling him here and Poe must be getting tired, as Jobber is his third straight opponent! Poe picks him up and slams him right back down and drops an elbow! Poe bounces the bakc of Jobber's head off the mat a few times before pulling him back up! Poe whips him in and nails him with a big clothesline! Poe is in a zone now!"

R.W.: "Jobber is going to have to use every trick in the book to pull this one out the way Poe is going here!"

T.R.: "Poe hits a cradle suplex!! 1....2...No!! Jobber is able to kick out! Poe drops a knee right into the Jobber's gut! He yanks The Jobber up and whips him in! Poe ducks down and takes a big kick to the face! Jobber collapses to the mat to collect himself after kicking a field goal with Poe's face!"

R.W.: "Jobber has the most experience in this match and it showed right there as he capitalized on Jobber's mistake!"

T.R.: "Jobber takes a few breaths, gets to his feet and drags Poe up and nails a dragon screw leg whip, the same move he used on Nick Kurtel to start working the knee! Looks like Jobber will use the same plan with Poe here as he stomps away at Poe's knee! Jobber pulls Poe's leg over to the ropes and drapes it over and drops down a few times on it with his rearend! 220lbs. coming down on that knee can't be too fun!"

R.W.: "Much of Poe's arsenal is power based and it would really hard for him to perform a lot of his moves with a bum knee, and the Jobber is trying to ensure that Poe does not throw him around in this match anymore!"

T.R.: "The Jobber grabs the ankle of Poe and begins to twist, putting a lot of torque on that knee and ankle, as Poe tries to reverse it to no avail! Jobber twists even harder!"

R.W.: "Poe has the size and power advantage so The Jobber would be best served to keep Poe on the mat and on the defensive as much as he can!"

T.R.: "Jobber holds the leg as he rolls out of the ring and then he rams it off the apron! He does it again! Now he pulls Poe over to the corner and he rams his knee off the steel post! And now he's bending the knee around the post as Al Marinaro lays the count on him! Great strategy by Jobber but he can only do it for 10 seconds!"

R.W.: "And he just barely beat the count in!"

T.R.: "The Jobber used the full ten count to abuse that leg on the post! Poe is fighting to get to his feet but he cant put any weight on that leg! Jobber comes in with a single leg takedown, and now he's got a half crab locked in! Even though this move is used to hurt the back, this can't be comfortable on the knee!"

R.W.: "Look at the expression on Poe's face as he tries to fight out of the hold, it looks as if he's trying his hardest to block out the pain and he seems to be succeeding!"

T.R.: "Poe uses his leg strength to break the hold! Jobber tries to go right back to the attack and gets kicked in his knee for his trouble! Poe uses the ropes to get up and rushes Jobber with a shoulderblock! Poe is really favoring that knee though! He can hardly stand on it! Poe pulls Jobber up and whips him in and he gives him a big boot to the face with his good leg!"

R.W.: "As I was saying before, Poe's offense is severely limited with an injured knee, and there you see why!"

T.R.: "Poe just tried to lift Jobber but his knee gave out! But Poe throws him off at the two count! Poe back to his feet and he avoids a Jobber dropkick! He pulls Jobber up and hammers him with forearms and pushes him into the corner! Poe shoulder rams him a few times and then mounts Jobber on the top rope! He's going to go for the Sudden Impact suplex! No!! Jobber punches him away and leaps off with a flying clothesline!! A cover!! 1....2....nO!! We almost had our first TV Champion there!"

R.W.: "It looks like the time Jobber got to rest is really helping him out here as well as the match goes along."

T.R.: "Jobber pulls him up and Poe tries to kick him but Jobber catches it and Poe kicks him with the free leg!! And that hurt Poe's injured knee as he landed hard on the mat on it when he came down! Poe is trying to block out the pain as he gets to his feet and pulls Jobber up! He hoists him up and he might be going for the Death Valley Driver as he struggles to keep his balance on that injured knee, but Jobber slips down the back, pushes him into the ropes and rolls him up!! 1....2...No!! Both men are up quickly and Poe rushes into a Jobber kick to the gut and he hits the Tiger Driver!! And Jobber holds him down for the pin!! 1....2....3!!! The Jobber wins it!! The Jobber is the first GLCW TV Champion!! And this crowd does not like it!"

R.W.: "Well at least the Jobber didn't cheat to win this time as he was able to punish Poe's knee to help him win the match! I'll give him all the credit in the world for this huge win but the fans do not like it!"

T.R.: "The Jobber wanted to make up for last week's loss and he does so here at Chi-Town Showdown in a big way! There you see Al Marinaro award him the belt and he holds it high up in the air as the boos rain down! The Jobber with a hard fought victory over Jarod Poe to win the Gauntlet Match but take nothing away from Poe as he beat two men just to get to this point!"

R.W.: "I'm sure we will see these two men lock up again in the future, but until then, The Jobber is the new Television Champion!"

T.R.: "Fans as Jobber leaves the ring, we have received word that there is a problem in the back! Let's take it back to Lady V!"

(CUT-TO: Lady Veronica is standing outside of King Krusher's office)

LADY VERONICA: "Tony and Rick, I'm standing by King Krusher's office and it appears that K.K. has been either drugged or knocked out by someone! There are no signs of struggle and no bruises or marks of any kind on K.K., and he was found face down at his desk! The coffee he is drinking is being tested and paramedics have drawn blood to see if they can find any answers! Krusher is not responding to attempts to revive him and is in a deep state of unconsciousness, though he doesn't seem to be in any real danger as of yet. President Scott Malec has ordered a full scale investigation and every GLCW employee is being interviewed to get information. If we get any more information we will let you know. Back to you guys."

(CUT-TO: Tony and Rick back at the announcers table)

T.R.: "As if there is any doubt who is behind this stunt! You know Michael Manson has a hand in this!"

R.W.: "Well I won't speculate on it until we get some more information. Manson did request Krusher to referee the match so maybe this is his way of screwing with everybody in GLCW by taking him out as well. Whoever did it will have serious hell to pay, that is for sure."

T.R.: "All right fans, we'll be back after this word with the Four-Way Tag Team Elimination match to determine the first Great Lakes Tag Team Champions!"

(Fade to commercial)

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