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Chi-Town Showdown 03


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: Lady Veronica is shown backstage arguing with King Krusher)

LADY VERONICA: "Krusher it says I'm here to interview Jarod Poe and I'm not doing it."


LADY V: "Did you see what happended last time. Not only did he put his hands
on me, but the man just plans scares me. I think he has serious mental
problems. All this talk of the beast...be my victim...and his fasination
with pain. He's nuts."

K.K.: "Look you wanted the job...it's your job...just do it. If the guys puts
his hands on you again I will take care of him. If you find him scary...well
you're not alone."

(Lady V stomps her feet and walks off to Poe's dressing room. She knocks on the open door of Poe's dressing room and the lights are off)

LADY V: "Jarod???...Jarod Poe?"

(She smiles and starts to walks away)

JAROD POE: (from the darkness) "Come in...come into the darkness."

(Lady V walks towards the door of the room and reaches for the light. As it
comes on Jarod is seen kneeling his back facing her)

LADY V: "Jarod Poe tonight you have to step into the ring in a guantlet match
for the television title..."

(As she speakes Jarod stands up with his arm outstrectched. He walks towards
her and in the camera a metal object pierces him arm from one side to the
other. Lady V is stunned at the sight..she remains silient)

J.P.: "I know your horrified. right now your wondering what kind of maniac I
am. What kind of man would willing stick this sharpended spoke through his
arm. Well I'll tell you."

(The camera zooms in as it focuses on the object prtruding from his arm)

J.P.: "See..no blood...no pain. And why? my pure will. It's is my will over my body that controls the pain..controls the blood. It's is something most
people...yourself included cannot understand. You are like all the
others...you can't understand the pleasure that is pain. Well I do...I've
been there and I embrace it."

(Lady V goes to speak, but Jarod places his finger over her lips)

J.P.: "SSSSHHHHH!!!! Don't speak...you see if I'm willing to put my own body
through this kind of pain then what chance do any of the others stand. Do
they think I'm really scared of thier hollow threats of pan and punishment.
I of all people know they are false. Ah, but here is mine. Tonight each man
will be my victim...each man will be feed to the beast. When all is said and
done I will be standing tall...and for my victims."

(Jarod stares at his arm and the blood starts to trickle)

J.P: "Well for them...the blood and pain will flow like a river."

(Jarod slowly pulls the spoke from his arm as Lady V stands frozen in
horror. He takes his hand and wipes away the blood. He takes his open and
bloody palm and licks the blood from it Jarod flicks his bloody serpent like
tongue at Lady V and she runs away. Jarod turns to the camera and smiles)

J.P.: "Was it something I said?"

(Just then a commotion is heard and the cameraman backs out of Poe's dressing room and down the hall, Troy Martinez and John Skieler can be seen arguing. The cameraman moves closer to pick up the words)

TROY MARTINEZ: "You think you're some kind of hotshot coming out like that after my match and challenging me? Who do you think you are?"

JOHN SKIELER: "Well my name's John Skieler in case you haven't figured it out yet."

T.M.: "I'm well aware of that, smart guy! I'll make sure Krusher signs a match between us real soon, and after that, your tongue won't be so loose!"

J.S.: "Whatever, vampire boy."

(Martinez fumes and turns to storm off, but Skieler immediately attacks him from behind. Skieler blasts him in the back of the head and sends Martinez headfirst into a ventilation unit, leaving a dent in the metal covering. Martinez lays unconscious as Skieler stands over him, grinning)

J.S.: "Now let's see if you can remember my name after that."

(CUT-TO: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman at the announcer's table)

TONY ROSS: "Well it looks like Troy Martinez didn't take too kindly to John Skieler's arrival in GLCW after his match last week, and decided to make it known! But it backfired on him as Skieler viciously attacked him from behind! Looks like we have a rivalry in the making here!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Skieler said that Martinez was small potatoes compared to some of the other veterans here in GLCW, but I certainly wouldn't say that. But Skieler one-upped him right there and that issue has just become a bit more heated!"

T.R.: "And before that we saw Jarod Poe scare the begeezus out of Lady Veronica! Poe certainly enjoys inflicting pain upon himself and I guess that helps him in his matches here in GLCW!"

R.W.: "Well, when he does things like that, he is expanding his threshold for pain, at least that's what I think it is. Regardless, Poe is double-tough and I see him as an early favorite in the GLCW TV Title Gauntlet Match."

T.R.: "Speaking of that, the Gauntlet match will be our next event here at Chi-Town Showdown, and let's take it back to Lady V, who has hopefully composed herself! She is with 'Showtime' Steven James!"

(CUT-TO: Lady V is standing in front of the GLCW banner with Steven James)

LADY V: "Thanks guys, right now I'm joined by Showtime Steven James, Mr. James, I have to ask you, many of your opponents have stated that you don't pose a threat to them and that you can't give them a challenge, how do you respond to that?"

STEVEN JAMES: "Lady V, come on now, is that what you really wanted to ask me? Come on, why stop kidding ourselves? You see I know you try to sneak peaks at me in the shower. That's why you always stop me for an interview right outside my locker room, because you love seeing the water drip from my body as it runs over my muscles. (James flexes his right arm muscles to which Lady V shows a flirty smile) Isn't that right V Lady?"

LADY V: "Uuummm, how do you feel about facing against...uumm, Angel... what's his name again?"

S.J. "Castillo?"

LADY V: "Yeah, him, how do you feel?"

S.J. "Well, lets just say I can't wait to get my hands on him and beat him down within an inch of his miserable life...you want my number don't you?"

LADY V: "Uuumm, your number? (starts to wipe sweat from her forehead) Well, i mean..ye.."

S.J.: "Ha ha ha, I'll tell you what, I'm gonna go win a title and I'll see you later. Oh and Missy V?"

Lady V: "Yes?"

SJ: "It's Showtime."

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Our next match is the Gauntlet Match to determine the GLCW Television Champion! The rules are simple...two men are drawn randomly to start the match. When one man is pinned, submits, or is disqualified, the next man in line is drawn. This continues until there is one man standing! If any competitor is involuntarily thrown out of the ring, he will go to the back of the line! So without further ado, referee Al Marinaro will draw the first two combatants!"

(Al Marinaro is in the ring with a fishbowl with 6 folded pieces of paper in it. Faley holds the bowl while Marinaro reaches in and pulls out the first name and hands it to Faley)

M.F.: "The first competitor is NICK KURTEL!!"

(CUE-UP: "Breakdown" by Tantric. Nick Kurtel emerges from the curtain after a few moments and walks calmly to the ring, sometimes looking out at the crowd who is cheering for him. He is wearing red tights and boots. He climbs into the ring as Al Marinaro draws the next piece of paper out and hands it to Matt Faley)

M.F.: "And his opponent, THE JOBBER!!"

(CUE-UP: "Lawnmower" by Worthless United. The Jobber walks out to a big negative reaction, and he replies by simply staring at the crowd as if they all had the Black Plague. He is wearing long black tights and black boots. He rolls into the ring and stares at Kurtel)

T.R.: "We are set to go here in the first match of the Gauntlet, as the Jobber takes on Nick Kurtel! This is kind of a disadvantage since in order to win the TV Title, both of these men have to go through four other men beyond this!"

R.W.: "Or they can get thrown out of the ring and go to the back of the line!"

T.R.: "And that would be quite an advantage! It's a good way to keep the action in the ring! The Jobber and Kurtel lock up, and Kurtel gets a side headlock and The Jobber immediately back suplexes out of it! Kurtel favors his neck as he gets up and Jobber clotheslines him down! The Jobber stomps him a few times before dropping a high fistdrop! The Jobber pulls him up and hooks him, double underhook suplex, nicely done!"

R.W.: "Kurtel doesn't seem as focused as he usually does. It's been documented that he has had a lot of family problems and this may have been an especially hard week for him since he doesn't seem to be concentrating."

T.R.: "The Jobber now has a bow and arrow lock on Kurtel, and he's driving that knee into the back of Kurtel as he yells out in pain! Kurtel gets a leg on the rope and the hold is broken! Kurtel gets to his feet and The Jobber attacks with knees, but Kurtel blocks a kick and shoves Jobber back to the mat! Kurtel hits a quick somersault splash!! Kurtel pulls him up and goes for a swinging neckbreaker, but its blocked! Jobber turns it into a suplex and he nails Kurtel with it!"

R.W.: "The Jobber is coming off a disappointing loss to Golem in the GLCW Title tournament, and he is especially focused on making up for that loss last week! He claims that was his first loss in two years!"

T.R.: "I'll have to check the record book on that, but that would be quite an accomplishment to go that long without a loss! Jobber with a dragon screw leg whip, and that snapped that knee hard! Jobber grabs Kurtel in a bearhug and drops him right back onto the ropes for stun gun! Kurtel is fighting for air here! Jobber pulls him up and hits some stiff kicks onto the knee! Kurtel goes down and Jobber pulls him right back up and comes off the ropes and dropkicks Kurtel right in the kneecaps and he goes down hard! The Jobber pulls him up and hooks him for the Tiger Driver and he nails him!! And now he locks in a step over toe hold and he's really wrenching that knee! Look at Jobber viciously twist that knee! And Kurtel taps out and that is it! The Jobber will go on in the Gauntlet Match!"

R.W.: "Kurtel just seemed to be off in another world, and like I said before, he may have a lot on his mind. Bt regardless you can't come into a wrestli g match with that state of mind, especially against the Jobber!"

T.R.: "Kurtel rolls out of the ring and Al Marinaro gets the fishbowl to find out The Jobber's next opponent! Let's see who it will be!"

(Marinaro reaches in and pulls out a name and hands it to Matt Faley at ringside)

M.F.: "The Jobber's opponent will be, 'THE ERADICATOR' TROY MARTINEZ!!"

(CUE-UP: "Narcosynthesis" by Nevermore. The crowd cheers upon hearing Martinez' name, but no one appears. After a few moments, a concerned looking Karen Jewello, Martinez' valet, comes out and walks quickly to ringside. She goes to Matt Faley and tells him something)

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Troy Martinez has suffered a severe concussion due to the attack by John Skieler, so he will not be able to participate in tonight's match!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Jewello quickly makes her way to the back to check on Martinez. Marinaro shrugs and pulls another name out of the fishbowl)

M.F.: "Let's try this again! The Jobber's next opponent is, 'SHOWTIME' STEVEN JAMES!!"

(CUE-UP: "The Final Countdown" by Europe. The crowd cheers again and this time Steven James emerges from the curtain and smiles and raises his arms to the crowd. He wears long blue and yellow tights with a jagged design. He slaps several hands on his way to the ring and when he gets to ringside he points at the Jobber, and the Jobber just waves him off)

T.R.: "It seems that Troy Martinez was a lot more hurt than we originally thought and he is unable to compete tonight with a severe concussion! I know that is not going to sit too well with him and when he recovers, there will be hell to pay for John Skieler!"

R.W.: "That is if Martinez even waits to recover!"

T.R.: "Ok so now we have The Jobber and Steven James in the next match! The two men are in the middle of the ring exchanging words and James punches him right in the mouth and Jobber fires back but its blocked and James kicks him in the gut and hits a big bulldog as the fans respond in force! James seems to be really fired up tonight as he pulls Jobber up and hits a scoop slam fired by an elbowdrop! James pulls him up, hooks him, and hits a big belly to belly suplex and a cover!! 1....2...No!!"

R.W.: "James is really stoked here but he needs to calm down a bit since you really do not want to expend a lot of energy in a match like this!"

T.R.: "James is on top of the Jobber and whaling away at him! Jobber is able to get a thumb to the eye in and rolls out from underneath James! The Jobber rushes him with a shoulderblock! He comes off the ropes for a big kneedrop but nobody home! James avoids that, gets up and hip tosses Jobber down! James with a legdrop and a cover!! 1...2....No!! Jobber kicks out! James pulls him up and whips him into the corner and charges in with a big body splash!! Jobber falls to the mat and James goes up top!! He waits for Jobber to get up and launches himself!! Huge missile dropkick off the top!! James is over and covers!! 1.....2....NO!! James really thought he had him there!"

R.W.: "And he's arguing the count and you just can't take your concentration of Jobber for one second!"

T.R.: "Steven James is really pumped up right now and he's arguing heatedly with Marinaro as he wanted that pinfall! Jobber rolls over and hits James with a low blow!! James doubles over in pain as the Jobber collects himself and gets to his feet! He hits James with a big uppercut and brings him to the corner! The Jobber sets himself on the top and grabs James by the neck and he's gonna go for a tornado DDT!! No!! James blocks it and shoves him off the turnbuckles!! The Jobber falls off, hits the apron and then the floor!! The Jobber has fallen out of the ring and that means he goes to the back of the line!!"

R.W.: "Big break for the Jobber here! He seems to have hurt himself pretty badly on that fall and James is kicking himself in the rearend for allowing that to happen! Now The Jobber gets to rest and wait for the last man standing! James just got too hyped up and forgot about that rule!"

T.R.: "James is definitely not happy with himself in there! Fans, we have to take a break as the Jobber collects himself and leaves the ring area! We will be right back with Steven James' next opponent here at Chi-Town Showdown!"

(Steven James is shown slapping the top rope in frustration. Fade to commercial)

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