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Chi-Town Showdown 02


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: The Chicago skyline, from ground level at the UIC Pavillion, one and a half miles west. The camera pans from the skyline to the east to the western horizon over the city, as lightning flickers in the distance. What is probably the last thunderstorm of 2002 in the Windy City is about to move in with gusty winds and very heavy rainfall. CUT-TO: The inside of the UIC Pavillion as the camera shows Jon Savage close to ringside, with a snack tray held by a strap around his neck. On the tray is popcorn, peanuts, and crackerjacks. Savage seems to be arguing with a fan who was apparently short-changed. The argument gets heated as "Change" by the Deftones cues up. Savage and the rest of the crowd look to the curtain to see who it is. Two figures in cloaks emerge and walk slowly to the ring. They climb in and the shorter of the two men grabs a mic)

MAN IN CLOAK #1 "The entire world was warned. You were warned that he was coming. And now that he has arrived (The larger of the men begins to walk toward the center of the ring) there is NOTHING that ANYONE can do to stop this force. This ENTROPY!!!"

(Entropy pulls back his hood to reveal himself)

"Gaze your eyes upon this BEAST! Jon Savage, he's not here to show you that it isn't the GLCW front offices that have doomed you. No Jon Savage, he's here to show you that you, yourself are the drive for your loss. Jon Savage, ENTROPY will slowly but surely begin to attack your mind, your senses and then Jon Savage when you least expect it, ENTROPY will settle in and DESTROY you."

(The other man pulls his hood off to reveal himself as Jasin Bondage. Several fans pop in recognition)

"And Mr. Savage, my friend. I'm here to ensure that anyone who manages to get themselves between ENTROPY and you will find themselves locked into the ORIGINAL SIN. Mr. Savage, the game begins. Mr. Savage, ENTROPY is here to rid the GLCW of you. Mr. Savage be prepared to open your mind to new experiences... ENTROPY has arrived. Now he too will walks amongst you... and now that he does... do the nightmares end... and the living hell begin."

(CUE-UP "Change" by the Deftones as Entropy and Bondage exit the ring. CUT-TO: Jon Savage stares at the departing men in shock)

TONY ROSS: "Well, it looks like our mystery promo from last week has been answered! Jasin Bondage has arrived in GLCW and he has brought Entropy with him, and he's made a direct challenge to Jon Savage! And Savage looks like he has seen a ghost! Entropy is a very imposing figure!"

RICK WISEMAN: "It looks like Bondage has himself quite a find in Entropy, and we'll see how Jon Savage handles this challenge. At this point, he doesn't look too happy, but I figure getting back into the ring would be a hell of a lot better than selling popcorn!"

T.R.: "Good point! As you know fans, Jon Savage lost his match to Maelstrom last week, and one of the agreed stipulations was that Savage had to sell snacks to the fans if he lost and that is exactly what he's doing tonight! I give him credit for following through on his stipulation! Fans, let's take it up to Matt!"

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "In our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Down With the Sickness" by Disturbed) "From Scotch Plains, New Jersey, weighing in at 227lbs., 'LOST CAUSE' CHRIS O'NEILL!!"

(The crowd boos loudly as O'Neill emerges from behind the curtain and walks to the ring scowling at the fans and just emanating a general bad attitude. He has his hair dyed bright red and wears black skater pants with white boots. He climbs into the ring and pretty much tells the fans to go stick it)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Shapes of Things" by the Jeff Healy Band) "From Montreal, Quebec, weighing in at 245lbs., JEAN RABESQUE!!"

(The crowd roars as Rabesue emerges from the locker room, wearing long black tights. He slaps a bunch of hands on the way to the ring, stops at ringside and points in at O'Neill and shouts insults at him)

T.R.: "Fans if you watched last week, you'll remember that Jean Rabesque made his surprise GLCW debut and O'Neill tried to spoil it by sending him a bag of money as a 'retirement fund' for Rabesque! Don't ask me where he got the money to give away but apparently he's got a stash somewhere if he can throw it away like that!"

R.W.: "Anything to make a point I guess."

T.R.: "Well, Rabesque took that point and attacked O'Neill as he was trying to leave the castle Hall in Racine, and here we are! And Rabesque goes right after O'Neill and 'Lost Cause' just casually rolls out of the ring and makes sure his dyed red hair is still in place! O'Neill does a cocky walk as he jaws with a few fans at ringside and Rabesque is screaming at him to get in the ring!"

R.W.: "Well I'll give O'Neill some credit here, he's frustrating Rabesque early and that is going to throw him off his game plan!"

T.R.: "O'Neill turns to the crowd for some more arguing and Rabesque has had enough of this and reaches over and grabs O'Neill by the hair!! He pulls him up to the apron, turns him around and flips him into the ring!! Rabesque puts the boots to O'Neill as the fans cheer him on! O'Neill rolls back out again!! But this time he grabs Rabesque by the boots and trips him up!"

R.W.: "Good move by the rookie to end that flurry by Rabesque!"

T.R.: "O'Neill rolls back in and drives a few knees into the head of Rabesque! He pulls the Montreal native up by his hair and slaps the veteran right in the face! Rabesque slaps him right back and knees him in the gut! Rabesque picks him up for a scoop slam and drives him down, but O'Neill holds on for a small package!! 1.....2.....No!! He almost had the veteran there! Rabesque gets right to his feet and walks into an O'Neill dropkick! O'Neill applies a chinlock to wear Rabesque down!"

R.W.: "This kid is starting to impress me, he's keeping Rabesque off his feet which is a smart thing to do! O'Neill needs to protect his legs at all costs because you know Rabesque can slap that figure four on from anywhere!"

T.R.: "O'Neill applies the pressure as he yells out at the fans who are heckling him non-stop! Rabesque forces his way to his feet and elbows out of it! Rabesque has him stunned and he runs to the ropes, comes off and O'Neill catches him with a huge powerslam!! Wow!! O'Neill is slow to cover as he was busy yelling at the fans! 1.....2....No!! Rabesque escapes!"

R.W.: "O'Neill is letting the crowd get to him and he simply cannot be distracted if he has any inclination to win this match."

T.R.: "O'Neill pulls Rabesque up and runs him headfirst into the turnbuckles! O'Neill hits him in the gut a few times and then whips him into the opposite corner! O'Neill charges after him and catches a boot right in the face from Rabesque! Rabesque with a quick rollup!! 1....2....No!! Rabesque tried to get him by surprise there but no dice! O'Neill gets up and walks into an arm drag from Rabesque! O'Neill rolls out of the ring to collect himself!"

R.W.: "Good time to take a breather but Rabesque is right out after him!"

T.R.: "O'Neill runs around the ring and rolls in quickly and catches Rabesque on his way in! O'Neill stomps him with some stiff boots! O'Neill pulls him up and hits a sit-out chokeslam!! O'Neill mounts the second turnbuckle and hits a legdrop!! 1....2....Kickout!! O'Neill smells victory here as he goes right back up to then top!! But Rabesque is up!! O'Neill leaps with an axehandle but Rabesque catches him the breadbasket with a huge shot!"

R.W.: "O'Neill landed awkwardly there, Tony! It looks like he may have twisted the knee when he hit the mat!"

T.R.: "Yep, O'Neill is having trouble getting up here as Rabesque smells blood! Rabesque kicks the leg out from under him! And now Rabesque with a step over toe hold on O'Neill's injured knee, and O'Neill yells out in pain! Rabesque has him right where he wants him!"

R.W.: "O'Neill is in serious trouble, and I don't think even his youthful exhuberance is going to help him now."

T.R.: "Rabesque keeps twisting that knee and the fans here in Chicago want him to break it! O'Neill reaches the ropes and the hold is broken! Rabesque drags him to his feet but O'Neill is able to get an eye rake in! O'Neill tries to lift Rabesque up but his knee buckles and Rabesque falls on him and hooks the leg!! 1....2....No!!"

R.W.: "Huge mistake there by O'Neill! The last thing he needs to be doing now is try to lift 245lbs., and that could be the beginning of the end!"

T.R.: "Rabesque with a single leg takedown, and he goes for the figure four but O'Neill kicks him away with his good leg! O'Neill still has a lot of fight left in him! O'Neill is able to get to his feet and ducks a Rabesque clothesline! O'Neill kicks him in the gut and tries to go for a piledriver but Rabesque blocks and flips him back! Rabesque immediately goes for the Figure Four as the crowd erupts!!"

R.W.: "He's got him right in the middle of the ring, Tony!"

T.R.: "O'Neill has nowhere to go as he screams out in pain and slams his hands on the mat!! He is in agony here as Rabesque has that hold locked on like a vice! O'Neill's shoulders lay on the mat and Dave Powell counts!! 1...2...No!! O'Neill gets his shoulder up and he's slapping himself in the face, trying not to black out!! he won't quit either!! He's fighting as hard as he can, and he tries to reach Rabesque to slap him but he can't! There's no way to escape!! O'Neill slumps to the mat again and Powell counts!! 1....2....3!! That's it!! O'Neill blacked out and was counted out!"

R.W.: "He fought it as hard as he could for as long as he could, but there's not much you can do when you're caught in the middle of the ring like that! Rabesque and his veteran skill wins out in the end!"

T.R.: "The crowd shows their approval of Jean Rabesque here in Chicago! What the...."

(The lights in the arena go dark and a white light shines from the entrance way .. the light rotates so that a white circle is rotating in the background when a man enters through the curtain. He is wearing all white, with a robe, a la Lex Luger at Wrestlemania IX. As he is halfway down the aisle, the lights go up a little and the crowd can see who it is, and they pop in recognition. His bleached hair and blue eyes finally confirm that he was the man who was giving promos leading up to Chi-Town Showdown)

T.R.: "It's Sean Edmunds!! What is he doing here!? Has he joined GLCW too!?"

(He is holding a t-shirt. Rabesque is standing at the ropes looking at him. Edmunds ascends the steps and turns around to the crowd, but doesn't really pay attention to them as he slowly enters the ring. Edmunds gets a mic)

SEAN EDMUNDS: "I should have known that wherever there's a second rate mid-card, Jean Rabesque would be spearheading it. As I was sitting back at home, recuperating from some bad business deals and just watching the wrestling world I realized just how much I missed being in wrestling. Afterall, it's been almost 7 months now since I last stepped into the ring to wrestle. But its been much longer since I last stepped into the ring with you. We never got our chance in the World Wrestling League .. but I will not let this chance slip away."

(As Edmunds is talking Rabesque is slowly getting closer to him yelling obscenities at him)

EDMUNDS: "And as a token of my ... commitment to finally knocking you off that pedastal you've been grasping to hold on to. Here's a gift."

(Edmunds unrolls the shirt. On the front it says "JEAN RABESQUE" .. and then when he flips it it says "NO TALENT INCLUDED". Rabesque immediately becomes heated ... however before he can do anything Edmunds tosses the shirt in his face, kicks him in the stomach and gives him a running powerbomb. He then picks up Rabesque and signals for the Northern Lights Suplex. He hits it and leaves the ring, not even looking back at Rabesque)

T.R.: "Sean Edmunds has now made his presence known in GLCW by taking out Jean Rabesque! I think we have a pattern forming here, first the Blazer, now Edmunds! Edmunds hit him with his Northern Lights Suplex after throwing that shirt in his face, and it looks like Edmunds found his first target!"

R.W.: "Well, I don't think Edmunds has ever beaten Rabesque in the past and now he's looking to rectify that! Rabesque is always a target wherever he goes!"

T.R.: "And Chris O'Neill is up and he limps over by Rabesque, and he seems to be checking on him! It looks like O'Neill has gained some respect for Rabesque here and he helps him up and what the hell!!?? I should have known better!! O'Neill just sucker punched Rabesque in the worst display of sportsmanship I have ever seen! O'Neill tries to outdo the Masked Blazer's disgusting act from last week! What a jerk!"

(O'Neill calls for the mic)

CHRIS O'NEILL: "Jean, this is not done, this is not done by a long shot! I took you to the limit, I took you to the brink of hell. Next time you will see hell, with me as you tour guide. I promise you that!!"

(O'Neill whips the mic out of the ring)

R.W.: "Well nobody ever said O'Neill was a boy scout, so now it looks like Rabesque has both O'Neill and Edmunds to worry about, and keep in mind that Rabesque was involved in an altercation last week with the Unholy Alliance, and I'm sure they will be looking for revenge!"

T.R.: "OK fans, let's take it back to Lady V standing by with Angel Castillo!"

(CUT-TO Lady V standing in front of the GLCW banner with Angel Castillo)

LADY VERONICA: "Angel Castillo, you're getting ready for your match for the GLCW television title, two of your 5 opponents you have faced before. Any thoughts before the match? Do you have any fear of losing to The Jobber again?"

ANGEL CASTILLO: "Señorita, you under estimate me, of cou--"

(Sly Sterling enters and quickly places himself between the mic and Castillo)

SLY STERLING: "Save your tongue, my latino legend in the making. Yes, Lady Veronica, my that is such a sexy name..."

LADY V: "I don't date people who are oilier and greasier than a polish sausage on a hot day."

S.S.: "Ooooh, fiesty. But getting back to your question, to think, to even have any form of the thought exist in your mind that he is worried about losing to this band of nobodies and not claiming his rightful prize is simply naive. And I know that a level-headed, mature woman such as yourself knows better."

LADY V: "Ummm....yeah, so you think he will win?"

S.S.: "Lady, as a manager, I don't think things, I know things, and this fine specimen of a man before you, the very epitome of everything right in a wrestler, the GENERALISIMO of the latin explosion, shall leave this arena carrying the GLCW television belt. I bid you good day."

(Sterling exits and Castillo is a still a bit stunned from Sterlings abrupt appearance. Fade to commercial)

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